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This story has been told here for three years and despite multiple requests by our Producer that they refute our claims and debunk our growing pile of evidence on camera neither Barrie MP Patrick Brown, nor Mark Lang, nor Martin Convery have mustered the courage to defend their “good” names. In fact Mark Lang refused to support his claims as made while under oath in a court of law and Barrie MP Patrick Brown ran and hid when they saw us coming. Darren Roskam filed civil action trying to take us down, but his claim was dismissed when he failed to back up his vacuous allegations as ordered by the court, and he was ordered to pay our Producer $2,500.00 in costs.

For details regarding ownership of this story please click any link labelled "our Producer". If you wish to know the truth about our Producer please review his commercial website or corresponding Facebook page and consider who but a pillar of our community would be asked to present an award bearing their business name at an event that is held for and attended by Barrie’s leaders of business and enterprise, including the Mayor of Barrie? Meanwhile our Producer's media company is being featured on an entrepreneurial program produced by Rogers TV as an example of innovative and successful business in Barrie. We are certainly not hiding.

Is it not time for the lies and propaganda of these publicly funded hypocrites to end and the truth to be exposed?

    Darren Roskam, a two times court labelled libelist and vexatious litigant who speaks for Lang, Convery, and Patrick Brown.

Mark Lang, the President Of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, has admitted guilt.

The Ontario Federation of SnowMobile Clubs OFSC and Snow Goer Magazine

Martin Convery, a partner in Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, blindly followed the lead of Mark Lang and added his name to the charges.
Patrick Brown, Conservative MP for Barrie. Does he run Simcoe - Hazzard - County like a Boss Hogg?

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Barrie Police Services Constable Jason Nevill Commits Brutal Assault

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Justice Finally Served In Hazzard County

On Friday, June 21, 2013 Ontario Court Judge Lorne Chester entered a verdict of GUILTY against long-time Barrie Police Services Constable Jason Nevill; convicting the violent thug of assault causing bodily harm, obstruction of justice, and fabricating evidence.

His victim, Jason Stern, and the socially conscious citizens of Barrie breathed a collectively sigh of relief.

At the time of the assault, Nevill claimed in official reports that Stern had been intoxicated and that the then 25 year old man had attempted to knee or kick the officer in the groin; however, ALL charges against Stern were dropped by the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County after the defence attorney subpoenaed surveillance video from Bayfield Mall which showed clearly that Nevill had attacked Stern without provocation.

Inexplicably, the officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services ‘forgot’ to collect that evidence even though video from the mall’s surveillance cameras had been used to prosecute other cases.

That video also showed how the 230 lb Nevill, a self-admitted fan of mixed martial arts, used advanced combat training to viciously beat the man half his size, and how he had continued the assault even after his victim had been handcuffed and had passed out from smashing his head on the concrete; where Stern left a pool of blood that other officers later made ‘go away’ with buckets of water in a transparent attempt to cover up the crimes for their buddy.

What we want to know is are those other officers also going to be charged with obstruction of justice and destroying evidence, and if not why?

Ontario Court Judge Lorne Chester took about an hour to read his verdict, at which time he noted “They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This video is worth thousands of words,” and “(Nevill) may have been capable of belief if the mall video did not exist.” That statement by a judge leads us to wonder how many times officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services have manufactured falsified evidence in order to attain a conviction against innocent victims.

How many innocent citizens are currently stewing in the Penetanguishene Super-jail for want of surveillance video, and how many lives have been destroyed by the word of an officer like Jason Nevill?

Judge Chester stated that he had watched the Bayfield Mall surveillance video “hundreds of times”. It is therefore not very surprising that he entered a verdict of GUILTY against the violent abuser of authority who was recorded “rag-dolling” 25-year-old Jason Stern, and jumping on him, and handcuffing him, and punching him in the head, even after the much smaller man lay bleeding on the pavement.

Why do we continue to accept this kind of brutal abuse of authority as legitimate law enforcement in a country where our citizens' rights are supposed to be protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

As can be seen in the video, other officers of the Barrie Police Services showed up during and immediately after the vicious assault by one of their own, and they could see the damage being done by Nevill against an injured man, yet NONE of them took ANY action to quell the assault by their buddy. All they did is stand by and watch, and then corroborate Nevill’s story so they could frame Jason Stern for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest; the result of which would most likely have been a two year stay in the Penetanguishene Super-jail.

ALL of those officers were clearly are quite willing to destroy evidence and falsify records to protect one of their own, so shouldn’t a review be initiated into ALL suspicious convictions?

During the trial the representative for the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County noted that Jason Stern had done nothing more than exercise his right to remain silent, as is guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, by refusing to surrender the name of a friend who had been accused of damaging a Styrofoam Christmas ornament worth about a dollar. This kind of disdain, as demonstrated by officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services when dealing with the rights of citizens, as are guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, is exactly what our documentary is about . . .

. . . and, sadly, the stories told by Jason Stern and our producer are FAR from isolated incidents.

That almost backwoods hillbilly ‘this is how it’s done around here’ mentality, as maintained by many officers of the Barrie Police Services, is the reason this region has been dubbed ‘Hazzard County’ by the Appellate Courts of Toronto.

You need look no further than the April 10, 2013 acquittal of Constables Kevin Calleja, Nathan Bowman and Marco Coniglione of the Barrie Police Services who were accused of forcing their way into the home of Michael Ullman, a 64-year-old retired engineer, without a warrant; at which time he claimed the officers kicked, kneed and punched him without provocation following a family disagreement with his sister on July 6, 2009.

The decision in that case to acquit the officers flew in the face of the evidence presented by the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County, represented by Robin Flummerflet, who submitted photos that showed Ullman's body covered in welts and bruises. Ullman also suffered a broken arm. Flummerflet also played a video that showed Ullman being dragged into the police station crying out in pain due to his broken arm being hand cuffed behind his back. Despite the ‘open’ concept of our criminal justice system, the Hazzard County judge ruled that the media could not have access to the video. Given the interest generated by the Nevill video, that was found by the victim’s lawyer and distributed by the media via the Internet, it is little wonder that a Hazzard County judge would not want the Ullman video getting out to the public.

Clearly it doesn’t take much in Hazzard County to provoke an officer to abuse your rights, or to viciously assault you, and to frame you with the help of their buddies in order to cover up their own crimes.

The conviction against this long-serving ‘colourful’ officer of the Barrie Police Services was long overdue, but it is not enough to satisfy the thirst for justice that is now building in Barrie; partially as a result of this story. The assault, and the extensive media coverage, might have resulted in a conviction against Nevill, and rightfully so, but he was helped by two security guards who held the victim down while Nevill punched and kneed his way to glory, and other officers worked collaboratively with Nevill to frame Jason Stern for assaulting a police officer and for obstruction of justice; neither of which ever occurred, according to the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County.

If it was not for that surveillance video, which the officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services ‘forgot’ to present to the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County, an innocent man would most likely have been convicted of multiple crimes and sent to Penetanguishene Super-jail; based solely on the testimony of a now convicted violent criminal and the corroboration of his buddies in the Barrie Police Services.

It is our hope that this criminal conviction of a once respected officer of the Barrie Police Services will stimulate local judges to at least question the truth of the word of those officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services . . .

. . . who are all too often trusted on face value and seldom questioned by officials in Hazzard County.

    Have you or somebody you know been the victim of "Hazzard County" justice at the hands of
a local politician, or the Barrie Police Services, or the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County?
Please contact our studio at 705-252-8734 or email


Five Points Media

Watch the full size video here.

Constable Jason Nevill of the Barrie Police was caught on video brutally assaulting a handcuffed and defenceless Barrie citizen. Then his buddies covered it up.

Watch the full size video here.

Did former Conservative MPP Rod Jackson hire Darren Roskam to attack another party's candidate through gay bashing?

Watch the full size video here.

Patrick Brown was recorded on video threatening that a Barrie resident 'belonged in jail' because he asked questions that the MP for Barrie just didn't want to answer.

Watch the full video here.

Darren Roskam, the 'Libertarian' candidate and strong supporter of both Patrick Brown and Rod Jackson, was recorded with a sunglasses camera outside court after failing to coerce money from our producer.

Watch the full size video here.

Mark Neelin, Chief of the Barrie Police Services, was forced to plead for the support of the community after several of his officers were charged with various violent crimes.

Watch the full size video here.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown claimed to be "Fully Accountable" to his constituents as he knowingly lied to their children, yet when we approached him, he ran and hid in a kitchen.

Watch the full size video here.

We attempted to interview Mark Lang, the publisher of the Harper Government supported Snow Goer Magazine, but he refused to support his allegations, and ran.

Our producer confronted Patrick Brown, the 'Honourable' MP for Barrie The 'servant of the people' seemed surprised by uncontrolled media in Barrie The 'Honourable' MP for Barrie denied knowing Mark Lang & Martin Convery Did Patrick Brown lie, or is that what politicians call 'Implausible Deniability'? Does he really give this much tax payer money to his buddies so often he forgets? Not wanting to answer our questions, Patrick Brown ran and hid in the kitchen And this 'Honourable' career politician evaded our camera . . . . . . by hiding behind the pots and pans. How old are you Patrick? Our producer followed him, asking the tough questions Patrick called on his handlers - get him boys, and I want that video Mike Montague said insurance banned media from the kitchen - selected media We continued to question our MP through the window Patrick Brown had no place to hide Patrick's assistant, former City Councillor Alison Eadie, blocked us Big Mike Montague demanded we pay to stay. But other media didn't have to. Alison Eadie denied receiving any of our four faxed interview requests The 'Honourable' Patrick Brown then hid from us behind his assistant's skirts Big Mike Montague and 'backup' said we had to leave. Why? Patrick found time for the local puppet 'media' Just no time for those he cannot control or edit They won't ask tough questions Later they will let him edit what he said They get to go into the kitchen - the insurance rules are selective Unable to intimidate, Big Mike Montague calls in the veterans Our producer served his country too. Guilt didn't work so they call the cops Big Mike Montague calls in the Barrie Police Services Supporters block our 'get away'. Way too much 'COPS'. Our producer doesn't run Half the department shows up. We are neither surprised nor impressed That's him officer. The awful man whose been exercising his rights Yeah; let's keep this quiet ok. Patrick just needs to censor the video. He had the nerve to ask his MP questions. Its embarrassing Barrie Police confirm our producer's rights. No crime was committed here. 'Most Dangerous Criminal' walks away with the video. Score one for democracy.

When we reconfigure this website

We tried to question Barrie MP Patrick Brown about his involvement, but he ran and hid amongst the pots and pans before calling on large 'supporters' and the Barrie Police Services.

Our Latest News

March 6, 2015

A Message To Conservatives

Barrie MP Patrick Brown has serious skeletons in his closet that can be used against him by both his personal opponents and those who stand against the Conservative Party. It is also easily established by our ever increasing readership (see articles in the latest news column) that a lot of tax payers in Ontario care about what it is that Barrie MP Patrick Brown is so aggressively trying to censor from sources like Wikipedia and mainstream media (also see several articles below). It is also a fact that Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his minions have done everything they can from threats of violence to frivolous civil action to try to shut down this story, but every court has sided with us, and we will not be intimidated. It is Barrie MP Patrick Brown who is afraid of us, as is demonstrated by his run and hide tactics and his inability to stand up and face our evidence in a recorded interview or in a court of law.

Only those who have something to hide do so, and secrets in politics are a weakness to be exploited.

A few days ago our Producer emailed both Christine Elliott and Monte McNaughton offering our help . . .

Click here for details

March 6, 2015

Patrick Brown's Skeletons Pulled Out Of The Closet

It doesn’t matter if his enemies are other potential leaders for the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, or opposing politicians, or unions, or special interest groups with an axe to grind against the upstart wannabe leader Patrick Brown. They are all coming here in ever increasing numbers every day as the word is out now, finally, that we have the goods on the self-absorbed and totally services-for-sale backbencher who wants to be Premier of Ontario.

All it is going to take now is for mainstream media to review the content of this story, which they are clearly doing now in ever increasing numbers.

Evidently Barrie MP Patrick Brown thought his silver spoon would make him immune from the exposure caused by his behind-closed-doors dealings as MP of Barrie, Ontario aka Hazzard County. However, you would think he would have taken the hint as one after another of the friends he helped five years ago through an abuse the authority of our criminal justice system have been ultimately decimated as a result of public opinion as caused by this article.

It's like watching your buddies on the front line being taken out one after another by a sniper and you being too stupid to duck.

Meanwhile, Brown’s self-identified henchman and propaganda puppet Darren Roskam has been exposed through various legal actions to be not only a repeated liar and abuser of our civil court system, but also a bottom-feeder living amongst the lowest forms of life in our society who is now so desperate to attain some shred of public notoriety that he is actually suing the 74 year old mother of our Producer, who the self-admitted rider of Welfare admits he has never even met.

Did Barrie MP Patrick Brown really believe that his perception of being “the cream” would really permit him to rise so much above those he conspired with, or that he would float above the controversy of his own actions?

Mark Lang is no longer boasting about being the producer / director of television programming and publisher of SnowGoer Magazine. That evidently is in the past as by his own admission he has turned his back on the once mighty Digital Video Productions to eke out a living selling light bulbs to factories.

Meanwhile Martin Convery is said to be looking at early retirement as the business he built with Lang has crumbled and collapsed around them.

It took them 15 years to build that business but only three to lose it, as their clients drew weary of tall tales and sad stories that were used as excuses as to why Mark Lang and Martin Convery were so reluctant to file civil action against our Producer who they claimed was libelling them. Who enters into any contract with a company whose directors feel a beating with a baseball bat is justified when they simply refuse to honour their own word?

Mark Lang’s own testimony as made under oath in the Ontario Court of Justice, is as irreparably damaging to their reputations as it is to Barrie MP Patrick Brown.

Meanwhile, one time supporter and henchman Darren Roskam has failed repeatedly to convince any court that our Producer has EVER libelled him or anybody else; and the wannabe lawyer, publisher, and politician is now nothing more than a laughing stock of those who live in the town he wants to rule, as stories of love letters from Darren Roskam to our Producer and feces smeared revenge cards have made Darren Roskam the brunt of more jokes than he ever wants to hear.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s decision to hide is not so much a matter of choice as one of self-preservation as those he thought trusted him have now seen the truth in our telling of this story and the presentation of our irrefutable evidence.

March 5, 2015

Censorship Is One Sided

It took all of about ten seconds for Barrie MP Patrick Brown's cyber minions to delete our message of "Why are you restricting the party faithful from knowing about ?" from the comments section of Patrick Brown's propaganda Facebook page at

Please, go have a look.

Unlike Patrick Brown and his American supported minions, who blocked us from posting any more comments on his publicly accessible Facebook (doesn't that speak volumes) we are not even suggesting that you restrict your right to access or his; in fact we are happy to pave the road for you to view his side and for three years we have been asking Barrie MP Patrick Brown to explain his actions on camera or in a court of law.

Why is Patrick Brown so determined to hide the truth of his past abuses of authority, when our Producer, who Brown's friends claimed unsuccessfully is a criminal, is openly identifying himself and what he is doing?

March 5, 2015

Not Bending But Breaking The Needle

Most of our traffic comes at night, as those with an interest in this story can only access the details in a limited way or not at all while at work. Nonetheless, by 7:30pm on Thursday, March 5, 2015 we had completely decimated all previous records for both readership and page views as set only a few days ago.

We would like to take credit, but we honestly can’t.

It would be easy to say it is because of a new post on the Toronto Star about how the Barrie Examiner censored our right of access to mainstream media; however, we know that Christine Elliott and Monte McNaughton are spreading the word and links to our videos to whoever will listen as there is a clear pipeline of information from the most recent updates on this story to their respective ridings of Whitby and Lambton-Kent-Middlesex aka London. We frankly don’t care which of them wins, as long as it is not Barrie MP Patrick Brown.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown has an Achilles' heel and evidently his opponents are seeing the soft spot.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown is revealing himself to be an egomaniac who cannot stand ANYBODY speaking ill of him or questioning his accomplishments. This is best demonstrated by an article published by the CBC which notes in detail how Barrie MP Patrick Brown needs to have the ability to edit and delete commentary published about him by professional journalists, and how his office and supporters ensure that he has that ability.

These narcissistic tendencies are now working against Barrie MP Patrick Brown, as people don’t like to be denied the right to know facts that might affect their lives.

Nonetheless, Barrie MP Patrick Brown continues to use tactics of censorship, especially in his home riding, as is demonstrated by the decision today by the Barrie Examiner to follow along with B101 of Corus Entertainment, who have admitted they permitted Barrie MP Patrick Brown or one of his cronies to censor and edit what is said about him or made available to the public.

Thankfully the Toronto Star and several other publications will not let Barrie MP Patrick Brown tell them what they will publish, which is ensuring that our readership continues to grow as is appropriate for any democracy.

Our readership has now reached the point where the only people who can pull the plug on this story is us, which we have no reason to do, as concerned citizens across Canada are now posting our stories on social media and spreading the word through email (see article "Now This Is What We Are Talking About" below in the Latest News Column).

Thank God or Darwin (no offence; just covering our bases ;-) for those who have helped us spread the word.

March 5, 2015

Barrie Examiner Censors Comments Supporting This Story

The Barrie Examiner, the local paper for Barrie MP Patrick Brown, chose today to delete comments left by a member of our team posing as a reader of that newspaper who supports our story, and in doing so that newspaper now shares the stigma of B101; a radio station belonging to Corus Entertainment that we exposed a few weeks ago after management admitted they were folding to threats from outside influences that we believe are advertisers who can pull the strings of media in Barrie by threatening to withdraw their spots or ads if the independent news provider does not kowtow to their demands.

The Examiner all but apologized for taking the action, and they flip flopped back and forth on what to do, but in the end they folded to what was likely economic sanctions, and in doing so the Barrie Examiner became the newest hypocrites of our story.

This is the series of events:

Click here for details

March 5, 2015

Now This Is What We Are Talking About

For those who doubted our claims of public support, we direct you to the linked screen grab which shows a cross section of a short period of our readership earlier today. We have altered nothing other than to conceal the IP addresses of our readers in order to ensure their safety and to inhibit reprisal action against them.

We wouldn’t want anybody being added serendipitously to the new terrorists and not-friends-of-harper list.

As can be seen, our seeding of mainstream media and the sharing of this story via Facebook and other social media is in full swing; resulting in hundreds, and we do mean hundreds, of new readers finding this story every day.

This can be easily established by nothing more than checking the frequency of the visits shown.

We have not maintained the Hazzard County Facebook page for some time as we are moving this article to the 5 Points Media website (currently under construction) and frankly we do not have time to post stuff on two Facebook pages and this website and the responsive design cell phone version that will replace it. So, they are not coming to the website from our Facebook.

We have a business to run outside of this story, and as such our time is just as valuable as anybody else’s.

What this screen grab shows clearly is that normal citizens of our democracy are sharing this story, and finding it on mainstream media, and they are sharing the truth with their friends, family, and work colleagues through social media and emails, just like we asked them to (see below).

Thank you to all of those who are supporting our right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press that are Fundamental Freedoms granted to ALL Canadians under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Together we can stop Barrie MP Patrick Brown from censoring the truth of his own actions and maybe force him to face our cameras or our evidence in court as we have been demanding him to do for three years.

March 5, 2015

Public Now Providing Evidence

During the past few days we have received multiple links to videos and other evidence that show the true nature of Barrie MP Patrick Brown. One of them, which was posted publicly, was from a Toronto Star commenter who directed us to a video of Barrie MP Patrick Brown soliciting party memberships from new immigrants, which he seemed to be doing by promising them whatever they wanted to hear.

We thank all those who have helped us, and we are always open to receiving any other materials that we can use to continue telling this important story.

March 5, 2015

Public Now Spreading The Word

Our call has been heard, and the torch is now being carried by dozens of concerned citizens who are passing on the details of this story through email, social media, and water cooler conversations. We know this because through our traffic tracking system we can tell when a person from any specific area or business IP address visits, and then shortly after dozens more do likewise from the same region or office; often from places nowhere near large enough to warrant random traffic of that calibre.

Our Hazzard County website used to be one of the slowest we monitored, but now it is busier than every commercial website we analyse for a variety of clients; which range from doctors to huge manufacturers.

Our readership is more than tenfold of what it was two weeks ago, and the reason is our readers, who we are now relaying this story to others via social media and email after we attracted their interest through direct seeding of mainstream media articles about Brown’s campaign for leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party.

Whenever he speaks so do we.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his cronies tried to silence the truth by censoring Wikipedia, with the result being that people of all walks of life, race, creed, religion, and gender identity are now saying NO to being told what they have a right to know about. They are telling their friends, family, and others, who are then telling others through the single click of a mouse or a keyboard. Our social media campaign, working in conjunction with our newest videos and the responsive design cell phone friendly website, will do the rest.

Our page read count now exceeds triple digits before our Producer gets his first cup of coffee, which is pretty damned early, and we are now getting more hits before 6:00am than we used to get all day.

Mainstream media is also now taking a much bigger interest in our story, as during the past few days several of Canada’s biggest news services have been coming, and coming back, and coming back for more; hitting one article, cross referencing to another, and then back again.

That is not random hit and run, as we had seen in the past, but genuine interest generated by our increase in traffic and our posts in the comments section of mainstream media.

Some have accused this website of being a rant, which is a criticism that originates mostly from concerned Conservatives, and we admit that over a three year period it has become confusing in places, but we are now updating the responsive design version of this story and will be updating all of the major articles. Regardless, not only is our readership up by a factor of ten when discussing visits, our page count is also off the charts, as those with a desire to know the truth are review our materials, cross reference our links, and reading more pages.

Thank you to all of our readers who are spreading the truth of this story.

March 4, 2015

Mitt Romney Offers A Lesson To Patrick Brown

We started telling this story almost five years ago, and since then those supporting Barrie MP Patrick Brown, which include the all too often abusive officers of the Barrie Police Services, have tried everything from arrest and incarceration under false pretences, which a court ruled was a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to various forms of censorship, frivolous and easily defeated civil action, threats of violence through the use of baseball bats, as recorded during testimony in a court of law, and even a threat by a supporter who suggested he was going to burn our studio to the ground if we did not stop telling the truth.

Both the criminal and civil courts have sided consistently with us, and despite the huff, puff, and bluff of those serving Barrie MP Patrick Brown, we are still the only ones standing behind what we say.

We have no doubt that Barrie MP Patrick Brown knows the story of his right wing political counterpart to the south; one time Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. In that case, Romney shot himself in the foot by showing total contempt for 47% of the American population, and his comments were recorded by a lowly bartender during a fund-raiser.

That video, which went viral online and through mainstream media services of every stripe, essentially ended Romney’s campaign for the White House.

Click here for details

March 4, 2015

We are finding ourselves feeling nostalgic for the time when 100 page visits in a day was a huge deal.

Now that and more happens any day that ends with a “y”.

Thanks again to Darren Roskam for the great idea that has led to us reaching ten times as many people; who are now telling their friends; who are emailing their colleagues; who are posting links to our story on their Facebook that is followed and liked by their families and everybody they know.

All of whom are voters :)

March 4, 2015

Big Brother Is Back

Once again, this morning, we were visited repeatedly by the fine upstanding federal agents at the Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services; aka, Big Brother for the Harper Government. That Service is the online information gathering unit for various government services, which hunts out information on terrorists, threats to the country . . .

 . . . and anybody who dares speak out against any member of the Conservative Harper government.

The reason for their visit sits right in the middle of the screen grab we have provided, where you can see people are finding our story through Wikipedia which Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his cronies are now censoring (see articles below in this column).

So far Barrie MP Patrick Brown or his people have censored the truth at least five times.

This is certainly not the only link to us from that supposedly open sourced reference, but it is one of only a few that sneaked through today despite the all-consuming campaign by supporters of Barrie MP Patrick Brown who have pulled every possible trick to stop you from learning the truth.

We are not intimidated by repeat visits from government agencies nor by censorship undertaken by those who serve Barrie MP Patrick Brown, and we ask all readers to exercise their rights by telling others about this story via email and social media.

Make yourself heard while you can,
or accept that forever more you will always be ignored.

March 4, 2015

Goose-Stepping Censorship Continues - For Now

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms says that ALL Canadians have the right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press, but just try exercising it in our democracy under the Harper government. Since 9:00am this morning we have been censored no less than five times on the Wikipedia article (and see also below), and now we have been temporarily frozen out by complaints from a flood of unidentified hit and hide supporters of Barrie MP Patrick Brown who claim without substance that our posts, which did nothing but direct people to this article, are defamatory libel.

All you have to ask yourself is why is Barrie MP Patrick Brown spending so much time and effort trying to censor our ability to tell this story, when all he has to do is face our evidence on camera or in a court of law?

Fortunately our readers have heard our call and they are actively posting links on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, and they are emailing a link to this story to their friends, colleagues, and family members. Once again we are being flooded by direct traffic which is coming to us through targeted links and not via searches on Google or the other search engines.

We will not be silenced, and you as tax payers should not stand for being told what you are allowed to know by a government that is supposed to be answerable to us.

March 4, 2015

Censorship Is The First Step

The easiest and most effective means of fighting censorship, as we are now experiencing at Wikipedia (also see the update posted directly below), is to spread the word through means that cannot be controlled by those who want to silence the truth.

We are ALL guaranteed Freedom of Speech under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and NOBODY has the right to censor what you or we say; as long as you tell the truth, which we have done here.

We are not hiding, but Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his friends clearly are, and their answer to not wanting to face our evidence is to silence the story which is a direct attack on democracy.

Please, loyal readers, do your part now and post the details of this story on Facebook, promote it through Twitter, or email the link to your friends. You have a right to read this story if you want to, just like the German people had a right to read books until the Nazis started burning them all. Censorship is the first tool of any dictator or totalitarian government, and although we are not saying we are there, we hope, it is a slippery slope that must be addressed early, before it is too late.

Please spread the word of this story so we can all force Barrie MP Patrick Brown to stand up and discuss our allegations on camera or in a court of law, as he has run and hidden for far too long.

We don’t care if you are a supporter of Christine Elliott or Monte McNaughton, or if you are Liberal, NDP, or whatever party you might support. This story is about suppression of the truth as undertaken by corrupt politics and abuse of the authority of our criminal justice system.

None of us can afford to let it just fade into history.

March 4, 2015

Wikipedia Censored Again

It didn’t take long, as by 8:30 this morning our addition to the Wikipedia page about Barrie MP Patrick Brown had been once again censored. In the commentary the person who took it out, identified only as DMedd, noted “Removed prominently-displayed section of dubious slander written by an obvious crackpot” to which MattK noted about DMedd's new posts “The new paragraphs were blatantly pro-Brown and anti-Christine Elliott (this isn't even the Christine Elliott article)”.

Well, DMedd, who is the crackpot; the person with the evidence that your lord and master is afraid of, or your leader who is too intimidated by that evidence to stand up and refute what we are saying about him?

It is interesting how Conservatives like DMedd feel the need to throw slurs and to censor the truth as told by others. We did not delete any of his content nor make derogatory comments about him. We did not in any way interfere with his right to Freedom of Speech as is guaranteed to ALL Canadians under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Nonetheless, this right wing publisher of Patrick Brown propaganda evidently feels fully justified committing blatant censorship and slander.

That is hardly surprising as Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his buddies at Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, have felt no guilt while resorting to tactics like false arrest and imprisonment, slander, censorship, and even threatening our Producer with assault using baseball bats. Their goal has been singularly focused; to shut down this story by any means at their disposal. In fact, the only thing they haven't tried is to discuss their actions on camera, or in a court of law; either of which we openly welcome.

Our story has been online for more than three years and Barrie MP Patrick Brown has consistently run and hidden whenever he sees us coming with our evidence.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown also tried to abuse the authority of the Barrie Police Services to seize the video we recorded of him at a public event, and let’s not forget that we caught this man who would be king lying to school children and for no real reason. Meanwhile another respected citizen recorded Barrie MP Patrick Brown threatening to put him in jail for daring to ask questions about a City of Barrie electoral irregularity that his eminence did not want to answer.

It could not be more obvious who DMedd works for or why he removed our comments, as we can show that according to our traffic analysis tools he never even looked at the “crackpot’s” story.

We will continue to add that information to the publicly accessible and supposedly neutral Wikipedia, as we have already done this morning. Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his cronies might want this article to disappear, but clearly it is hurting his campaign, as is obvious from the effect it has had on the business owned by Mark Lang and Martin Convery, which had been the go-to business for video production service in Barrie for 15 years.

That title now belongs to the media company owned by the "crackpot"; a man who is garnering more public support every day and more readers to his story because he has shown he will not be intimidated or silenced by Patrick Brown or those who serve him.

March 4, 2015

Barrie MP Patrick Brown Censors Wikipedia

Yesterday, Tuesday, March 3, 2013, we added a paragraph to the Wikipedia page about Barrie MP Patrick Brown, as is our right under the Fundamental Freedoms of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press as protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Those rights also extend to the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, as it is in that country that Wikipedia is hosted.

Within hours of our submission Barrie MP Patrick Brown or one of his cronies had censored that entry by deleting all references to what we had added.

Click here for details

March 3, 2015

Thanks To Darren Roskam For Inspiring Our Record Numbers

As can be seen from the attached screen grab, captured at around 3:45 pm today, or about half way through our day, the high readership trend is continuing as we tap avenues to the public by seeding mainstream media reports about Barrie MP Patrick Brown with details of our story. Then, those with an interest pass on our story to their friends, colleagues, family, and any groups they belong to through social media, email, and plain old fashioned word of mouth.

We should have thought about this months ago, and we have Darren Roskam to thank for the idea that lead to our newfound national notoriety.

We can admit when we are wrong. For three years we counted on Google and the other search engines to spread our story to the people who have a right to know. Meanwhile, we should have been taking this story directly to them as we are doing now with phenomenal success.

Darren Roskam put us onto the idea when he made the mistake of sending vacuous drivel to members of the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce who had been nominated for business achievement awards.

Roskam failed to succeed with those members of the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce because he seems unable to communicate without oozing hatred, vitriol, and childish taunts onto whoever he tries to recruit to his side; the result of which caused those he contacted to support us. For example, in an affidavit written by Darren Roskam in support of his most recent frivolous lawsuit the two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and vexatious litigant included personal rants like “Exhibit L for loser” in reference to our Producer.

Roskam then went on to drone on with unsupported allegations of child abuse, brutality, elder abuse, and other groundless accusations that have no evidence of any kind to support them.

Such wild and unsupported allegations serve only as a means for this self-admitted rider of Welfare to vent his frustration that is caused by envy that is focused at the man he calls his “nemesis”; who has beaten Roskam repeatedly in court and has done better in every aspect of life than the poor, pathetic little wannabe will ever accomplish. Darren Roskam uses every trick in the book to try to impress others, claiming to be a publisher and a politician and some kind of legal expert, but in reality he has admitted that he is a disgrace even to his own family, and he confessed in court to "sponging off my family" (page 3, paragraph 4).

Nonetheless, we thank Darren Roskam for the idea of going directly to those with an interest in this story, which is working out very well for us as we do not rant, but effectively whet their appetites for more.

March 3, 2015

Poor Spelling Notwithstanding

Even horrid spelling offers no escape from scrutiny for Barrie MP Patrick Brown, as this morning one reader sought us out by typing “Patrik Brown hazerd county” into Google, and we still came up page one, numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9.

With spelling like that he must have gone to school during a time of Conservative cutbacks in public education ;-)

March 3, 2015

Exposed Libelist and Texan Investment Firm Check Out Hazzard County

We were visited yesterday, Monday, February 2, 2015, literally hundreds of times, as has occurred several times during the month of February. Given our newfound notoriety we cannot say we are surprised that our story was visited by both a libelist who tried and failed to break the ties between us and one of Canada’s largest media groups, and also various visitors from corporate America who seem to have a vested interest in whether Barrie MP Patrick Brown becomes one day Premier of Ontario. Those visitors, amongst a few hundred others, were drawn to this story like moths to a flame immediately after Barrie MP Patrick Brown announced his success in selling 40,000 memberships to the Ontario Progressive Conservatives.

That sale, which will likely to be revealed as questionable, certainly stirred the pot, but it is a long time until May, and our little video of Barrie MP Patrick Brown running and hiding from our evidence is soon to be released.

Click here for details

March 3, 2015

Majority Of Readers Want More Information

This morning, by 9:00am, two thirds of all visitors to the Hypocrisy in Hazzard County website also visited the website of our Producer’s commercial branding company. Those visitors specifically targeted our Producer’s credentials, the details of his charity work and the Community and Charity Message Board he built at his own expense to help benevolent organizations. Finally, they sought out specifics about the award that was presented last year by the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce and the City of Barrie that was named after his business and presented by our Producer and the television program produced Rogers TV about his innovative enterprise.

That pattern shows serious interest in our story and a desire to understand if this story is true, and not just the empty accusations of the fictitious “conspiracy nut” that was manufactured by those we are exposing.

Our Producer has worked since 1988 in video production for news and documentaries, and he was the Deputy Editor of a national European newspaper that was owned by the Washington Times. Since then he has run three production companies and has produced documentaries about subjects ranging from Native land claims to the story of a 15 year old girl who swam Lake Ontario to raise money to support a five year old boy with Leukemia.

That is not the resume of a conspiracy nut or an extortionist, or any of the other fantasies concocted by Barrie MP Patrick Brown, Mark Lang, and Martin Convery, who will not stand up and tell their side.

We are hiding NOTHING about who we are or what we are doing, including our other business interests, our address, our phone number and all other contact information; however, sadly, it is now apparent that those serving Barrie MP Patrick Brown have sunk so low as to threaten financial sanctions against charities and benevolent organizations who dare to accept the selfless assistance offered by our Producer.

It isn’t taking much for people to figure out who is telling the truth and who is covering up the wrong that they did.

March 3, 2015

And Here They Come

Some might have used words like fluke and blip to describe our phenomenal rise in readership on Sunday, March 2, 2015, but then the very next day we did it again. We didn’t quite make the same numbers, but then on Monday people have to work and deal with school etc. We were less than 7% lower than Sunday, our busiest day ever.

Given that we now know how to seed the interest quite effectively through mainstream media comment pages we are sure to see this forming into a pattern rather than an anomaly.

The numbers this morning have started very strong, with as many people visiting this story by 7:00am today as we used to see all day. We expect that trend to maintain as we continue to work on the responsive design smart phone and tablet friendly version of this story that will allow commuters to read on their way to and from work. We had to put that project on the back burner for a while as our website design team was overwhelmed with a deadline driven commercial project. Be assured it is coming.

The funny part is that Barrie MP Patrick Brown is giving us the access as a result of his vaudeville stunts like drafting Wayne Gretzky and claiming questionable numbers regarding PC membership recruitment.

As can clearly be seen here, in this screen grab from our website traffic analysis tool, yesterday we came within a breath of matching Sunday’s previously unprecedented results, as those who came the first day spread the word on social media and on the comments pages of mainstream media like the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail.

We then nudged the process by posting our own comments on those widely read national papers and on Facebook.

We are also fairly confident in saying that although Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s stunts might fool the masses on a short-term basis, those opposing him, like those supporting Christine Elliott and Monte McNaughton, are now pointing the party faithful to Hazzard County so they can see for themselves who this man really is.

There are no friends in politics,
even when representing the same party.

The release of our video showing Barrie MP Patrick Brown running and hiding behind the pots and pans to avoid our evidence of his own wrongdoing will likely make it to air across Canada on both mainstream news and social media. The timing on that will be very important, and we welcome the input of anybody opposing Barrie MP Patrick Brown as to when they think is best.

After the release of that video by us, we will be happy to make the raw footage available to any media or political group that can use it to stop Brown's self-serving grab for personal power that he is undertaking while being paid to serve as our federal Member of Parliament in Barrie.

March 2, 2015

Mainstream Media Now Used To Promote Hazzard County

We predicted this would happen several months ago, due mostly to Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s campaign for leadership of the Ontario PCs and also the possibility of a federal election, and we are happy to see that the good people of our amazing democracy have not let us down. Yesterday, a Sunday, hundreds upon hundreds of new readers came to our story for the first time, all directed here by links on mainstream and social media as posted by free thinking citizens of this great democracy.

On February 18 we were swamped by hundreds coming from a single Facebook post, and then again on the 23rd due to a single comment made on the Toronto Star, and then again yesterday, which was our busiest day ever.

Click here for details

March 1, 2015

Post Script

Thanks to the feedback of a supporter and regular reader, we think we now have more to think about when considering the validity of the allegation that spawn our article entitled “Are Charities the Newest Victims Of Patrick Brown’s Censorship Campaign?”

Suddenly, and inexplicably, the ONLY charity that still seems eager to take advantage of our Community and Charity Message Board and utilize the offer of our Producer's promotional and media services is the one charity in Barrie that receives absolutely NO money from the federal government of Canada. As such, they cannot be corrupted by the influence of Barrie MP Patrick Brown or his cronies who serve him and the Harper government.

Is that not a just a little too obvious?

Click here for details

March 1, 2015

Are Charities the Newest Victims Of Patrick Brown’s Censorship Campaign?

Most people who have been following this story know that our Producer is a very strong and personally active advocate for helping charities of every kind. For those who don’t, you can see here that in addition to providing free media services to a wide range of philanthropic ventures and organizations, our Producer is also the only entrepreneur in the City of Barrie who has paid for the construction a custom charity sign that he donates the use of to all benevolent and not-for-profit community oriented groups. That sign, which can be seen daily by 20,000 drivers, pedestrians and users of public transportation, has been used during 2014 by at least twenty charities and benevolent groups to promote their fund-raisers and events, and to inspire public awareness and interest.

Sadly, according to one reliable source within that community, the word is out that if any charity or not-for-profit posts anything on that sign they will find themselves on the bottom of the list for federal support.

Click here for details

March 1, 2015

Midnight Spike

Our Producer was up late on Saturday night for an overseas video conference and was surprised to see that a flood of new visitors had hit this story since midnight, including double digit readership that was on the website at 2:30 am.

More than ninety percent of our traffic hits this story between noon and nine in the evening, Eastern Standard Time, so this was very unusual to say the least.

A quick look at our visitor analysis log showed that the visitors were coming in from all areas of Ontario, hitting mostly pages about Barrie MP Patrick Brown and the Barrie Police Services. Evidently somebody was stirring the pot in a major way, sending out links to a large group of people, as only about five percent of visitors were coming to us through search engines.

Somebody out there is emailing links directly to interested parties, who are passing on the news to friends and colleagues.

This many hits within such a short time in the middle of the night is any indication of new or renewed interest in this story and perhaps the introduction of a new ally.

If this is an indication of what is to come then all we can say is keep it coming.

February 28, 2015

Is Roskam Now Fawning Over A Male Police Officer?

We have to admit that we did consider the perverted angle when publishing yesterday’s article, Roskam Cyber-Creeps Cop, about how Barrie’s most famous defamatory libelist sent to our Producer several images of a young male constable of the Barrie Police Services as some vain twisted means of “intimidation”; however, a comment by a reader made us think.

Could Darren Roskam now be jumping once again in his well-established pattern of obsessive infatuation over straight men he can never have?

Click here for details

February 27, 2015

Roskam Cyber-Creeps Cop

Just when we think Darren Roskam can’t do anything weirder, creepier, or more unintelligent, he surprises even us. This morning our Producer woke up to find amongst his morning business emails a weird little note from Darren Roskam that contained a whole lot of pictures that would establish to any real law enforcement officer that the two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and vexatious litigant is now cyber stalking a police officer of the Barrie Police Services.

<Click here for our evidence>

Can anybody explain to us why this clearly dangerous and mentally ill social parasite is still walking the streets of our city, and why it is that Chief Kimberley Greenwood will not detain him for psych tests?

Click here for details

February 26, 2015

Darren’s Drivel Denotes Desperation

Darren Roskam, the two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and court branded vexatious litigant who serves as the only spokesman for Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his friends at Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, is not the most reality-rooted individual, but his most recent abbreviated email, dated February 25, 2015, spoke volumes.

It was the cry of a little man who thought he was finally on the winning team, who would “utterly destroy” his “nemesis” but who has become the primary reason why those he serves have all crashed and burned.

Click here for details

February 26, 2015

A Few Stats About Our YouTube Videos

Several of these videos were updated, replacing the original version. These numbers only refer to the modified re-edit. It is also common knowledge that the YouTube counter misses a lot of hits, so these number should be used only as a reference to relative popularity as opposed to an indication of the actual number of viewers.

Another federal election is coming, and we are ready!

February 25, 2015

Google Meets Big Brother As Federal Agents Revisit Hazzard County

Well, it appears that the Harper government has nothing better to do with our tax dollars than repeatedly send federal agents to our website through the offices of the Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services. Yesterday we noticed their muddy footprints on our doorstep, once again, but this time they came via the link to our story in a comment about the Toronto Star article about Patrick Brown recruiting Wayne Gretzky.

We have nothing to hide!

Click here for details

February 24, 2015

Somebody is Researching Mark Lang

Tonight somebody from Iroquois Falls, Ontario came to Hazzard County repeatedly looking for the truth about Mark Lang, the newly re-invented light bulb salesman who is now too embarrassed to identify himself as President / Producer at Digital Video Productions and Publisher of Snow Goer Magazine.

They visited several pages, including the one in which we detailed how Mark Lang intended to "resolve" the issue of his broken word by letting his adult sons beat our Producer with baseball bats.

Details of Mark Lang's disturbing violent plot are here.

We sincerely hope that this visitor was intent on finding the truth about this now exposed friend of Barrie MP Patrick Brown, who knowingly abused the authority of our criminal justice system and that of the Barrie Police Services in order to evade paying a paltry sum to our Producer for breaking his word.

Seriously, who would enter into any contract with somebody who would sink so low as to use such heinous violence just to avoid having to honour their own word?

Click here for details

February 24, 2015

Patrick Brown Page Updated

The busiest page on this website, by far, is the one dedicated to Barrie MP Patrick Brown; so, today we started the update process. More will come soon.

Click here for details

February 24, 2015

Patrick Brown Campaign is Dying as the Truth is Spread

During this past week we have seen two of the highest days for readership ever, and it is clear that the trend will likely continue and grow as more people who are interested in the Ontario PC leadership race learn of our story and share the truth about Barrie MP Patrick Brown through Facebook and other social media.

Our most recent spike, which represents our highest readership numbers EVER, came yesterday from a comment posted by a single person regarding an article in the Toronto Star.

Click here for details

February 14, 2014

There Is Just Way Too Much American Interest

One of the trends we have noticed here recently is the number of American visitors coming to Hazzard County. At first we thought they had found us by mistake, such as somebody looking for details about the old TV show or somebody with a similar name, but that is simply not the case. Our new visitors, from all parts of our neighbour to the south, are perusing pages of every kind, and they are staying here for long periods of time. Perhaps more importantly, they are forwarding copied links to the newest pages to other Americans who are coming in directly from both hidden and public corporate connections, and not via Google or the other search engines.

Many of our new US readers are representatives of large American corporations who would benefit from doing business in Ontario on their own terms with Barrie MP Patrick Brown as the Premier.

Click here for details

February 13, 2015

Non-Deniability Breeds Credibility with Majority

The truth is self-supporting and it does not need deception or evasion to bolster its validity. People in our high tech and media saturated society are fully able to tell when somebody is lying and somebody else is telling the truth. From an early age we learn that the guilty run and hide while the strong and honest stand their ground and fight for what they believe in. That simple philosophy of human nature has been ingrained into us all by books, movies, action hero cartoons, and every other media you can imagine since the day we were born. However, for some reason Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his cronies appear think this is an Orwellian novel, where the government can tell us black is white, and everything you see here is an illusion; just because they don't want you thinking about the truth.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown chooses to treat his constituents like idiots while we honour them as intelligent, which is why our readership is ever-increasing, and he is bringing up the rear in the Ontario PC leadership race.

Click here for details

February 5, 2015

Was B101 Bought or Bullied?

Legal counsel at Corus Entertainment were informed yesterday that at least one ‘Director’ at B101 has apparently been coerced by propaganda and/or libel against our Producer, and that we had every intention of letting their listeners know just how easily this trusted bastion of ‘legitimate’ journalism is swayed to the whims of advertisers who support Barrie MP Patrick Brown and the Harper government.

We are also considering a complaint to the CRTC, as not only were their actions hypocritical, they were economically motivated for political purposes, and media in Canada are supposed to be politically neutral.

Click here for details

January 27, 2015

Parliament Drops By Once Again

An unidentified visitor dropped into Hazzard County this morning from the Houses of Parliament in Ottawa. We can only assume the visitor was from an opposition party as the Conservatives are clearly being instructed not to visit this story unless they do so through a proxy server. That is why we suddenly started becoming popular in Brazil, Italy, and a bunch of countries we had to look up, because for such small populations that clearly had their own problems our story about small town Canada sure was drawing a lot of interest.

Proxy servers, like those used by visiting Conservatives, are computers set up by dubious individuals who want to make it possible for criminals and online perverts to surf the web with impunity.

There is little doubt now that those who we are exposing are getting the message that with time and consistency people will come to know the truth. This is best presented by the recent change of status by Mark Lang, who no longer identifies himself as President / Producer at Digital Video Productions and Publisher of Snow Goer Magazine, but has been forced to lower his status to that of light bulb salesman for a new aspiring business that he apparently hoped to open under the radar.

Sorry Mark, but you did wrong, and you have shown NO remorse for your actions, so we are going to ensure that anybody who is thinking about doing business with you knows who you really are.

We know that our determination to tell this story of abuse of authority has become a very real bone of contention for Barrie MP Patrick Brown, who according to recent polls is taking up the rear in the race for leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives. If Barrie MP Patrick Brown had done his job, instead of doing unethical favours for his political allies and then hiding from his actions, perhaps his political career would not be now such a source of interest and entertainment for those opposing him and he would not now be such a source of embarrassment to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

It is our intent to maintain and continue in the reporting of this story, either alone or with the help of a larger media company; stopping only after Darren Roskam is in jail and Barrie MP Patrick Brown is no longer paid to serve the public in ANY capacity.

January 27, 2015

Darren Roskam Now Whimpering For Mercy

On the weekend we received yet another lame email from Darren Roskam, the unofficial but only spokesman for Barrie MP Patrick Brown. However, his latest correspondence was completely devoid of the Welfare rider’s usual diatribe of senseless drivel and self-indulgent rhetoric. There were none of the usual oh-so-boring self-promoting rants and prognostications of our Producer’s pending peril. There was also no threats of lawsuits or demands of action. There was only one weak-ass line of text, begging very meekly “take down the libel”; which is a request that cannot be filled as two courts have agreed that none of those who we are exposing through our documentary have been able to show that any libel exists in this story. It is in fact Barrie MP Patrick Brown's strongest supporter and loudest advocate who bears the title of being a two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and vexatious litigant.

Darren Roskam's latest email was not only subdued but downright submissive;
as if sent like a white flag posted in utter defeat.

Click here for details

January 23, 2015

Mark Lang's Ultimate Disgrace

On Tuesday, January 20, 2015 our story was hit once again by the federal government of Canada, which is now becoming a common event as those in power have tried every agency possible as a means of trying to coerce us to stop reporting on the wrongdoings and ongoing cowardice of Barrie MP Patrick Brown; which are reflecting badly on Prime Minister Shephen Harper and the Conservative Party.

What got our attention was the identity tag on the agency which lead to our learning of Mark Lang's ultimate disgrace.

Click here for details

January 21, 2015

Our Readers Say "Welcome Back"!!

We just proved the old adage that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” as our brief withdrawal and then return to reporting on this story caused a dramatic return of established readers who we had not seen for many weeks or months and an influx of new; making yesterday, Tuesday, January 20, 2015, the busiest day on this story in about a year.

We were getting to be like what the CN Tower is to Toronto residents, who have never gone up because it will always be there and they can see it later.

We have to admit we were getting tired of standing alone in the darkness with what felt like nothing more than a candle, but the recent interest expressed in this story by mainstream media and the sudden backlash to our announcement of passing the baton really got our motors running again.

Evidently you, our readers, want us to continue as we have in the past, but sadly for Barrie MP Patrick Brown, Mark Lang, Martin Convery, and Darren Roskam, those days are done.

We are still taking the lead in reporting this story, as we have consistently from the beginning, but we are going to work with those who expressed interest in this story, and we will be sending out Press Releases regarding any significant event to every major news service in Canada, and every large or small news outlet we can find in Ontario. We will also be working in collaboration with political groups, activists, and anybody and everybody else who might have a desire to spread the truth of this story.

It is no coincidence that our most frequent visitors come from the constituency bases of those who are competing with Barrie MP Patrick Brown for leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives.

We will also be posting here every week the email we send to Barrie MP Patrick Brown asking him for an interview on camera so he can face our evidence against him. We have already asked him four times in writing to speak with us on camera and to denounce our allegations against him, but he has refused to acknowledge our correspondence. He also ran away and hid in the kitchen when we confronted him with our evidence at a public event. We will also be carbon copying all of those emails to Prime Minister Shephen Harper, and to a selection of his political opponents, both federal and provincial, and to local, Toronto, and national media.

Let’s see how long Barrie MP Patrick Brown can ignore us with that many eyes on him.

January 20, 2015

Propaganda Weak and Pathetic

We don’t believe in coincidence, and with good reason. Yesterday morning, on the same day that we announced that we were returning to reporting on this story, we received a call from a Barrie radio station with whom our Producer had co-sponsored the Barrie’s Best Band Showdown charity fundraising event. The reason for the call was to question the authenticity of an unsupported allegation made in an email in which the complainant alleged without providing any collaboration that our Producer had reneged on the prizes awarded to three local bands.

The email was reported to have been sent to them by a man who had been emailing our Producer during the past week, goading him not to forward the story to a larger media group for national distribution.

Click here for details

January 19, 2015

Well, if nothing else the suggestion of passing on this story to others (see article below) got a reaction, and it was considerable! As a result we have decided to continue telling this story from the front lines, as we have for three years, but we will be doing so now through a collaborative effort with other interested parties who want to spread the word about Barrie MP Patrick Brown and those few friends who he truly serves.

The biggest concern was that we had sold out to those we are reporting about, which has not and never would happen.

Click here for details

January 5, 2015

Hazzard Real Estate Hits The Market?

We would like to thank all of our new and returning readers for their continued interest in this story. Your loyalty and enthusiastic desire to spread the truth of this transparent abuse of authority by local government officials and their minions within the Barrie Police Services has attracted the attention of mainstream media, politicians of every ilk, activist groups, and more of the general public . . .

. . . so much so that we are now considering a possible offer to buy us out.

Click here for details

December 17, 2014

We Will Be Back Soon

We want at this time to wish all of our readers a very Merry Christmas, and to let you know that there will be no new stories for a few days as we are concentrating now on moving the story to, where the new responsive design website will attract more readers who wish to review our stories on their cell phones and tablets while commuting etc.

It is a big job as although we have deleted about 40 pages of dated and now unneeded material, we need to update all remaining materials, and completely reformat all sixty something remaining pages for the responsive format.

The process is not simply a matter of moving the files, but one of editing the content and renaming the pages for better organic Search Engine Optimization, creating drop down menus and cross content links for better navigation, assigning a forwarding script for all of the 106 previously existing pages so that we do not lose our existing SEO, and re-cropping all of the images for the new responsive format.

In the end it will be worth it, as already we are increasing our readership by between 5 and 10% daily, and quite frankly our current website is NOT cell phone friendly.

The pages on this website will soon forward you automatically to their appropriate counterparts on The process is invisible and seamless to the visitor and the search engines.

Please stand by,
as we are not going anywhere,
and we will see you all again soon.

Visit to monitor our progress.

December 17, 2014

Taking The Story To Those With A Right To Know

Those who are financing Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s campaign to eventually become Premier of Ontario are watching us as much as we track those who are visiting our website. We know this because of the sudden appearance of the proxy server hits from Brazil and Italy and Spain etc. that unexpectedly popped up around the time that Barrie MP Patrick Brown declared his candidacy.

We also know that those same visitors are downloading this entire story and storing it for off-line browsing rather than letting us know what they are looking at here.

This serendipitous surveillance should not come as a surprise to anybody, as we are after all talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars in official support and more like millions passing through clandestine meetings, as it is expensive even for massive corporations to buy the seat of a business-friendly leader in the top seat of Ontario’s government.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown appears unable to manage the authority he has in a small town like Barrie, where he runs and hides from the likes of us, so what will he do in the big chair, where his level of authority is infinitely greater?

Click here for details

December 16, 2014

The Big Question

Readership of this story continues to climb day by day because of one simple question: Why have those who we are accusing NOT challenged a single thing we have said about them throughout three long years of reporting this story?

It is not rocket science, and more people are starting to realize that only those with something to hide do so.

It is also not lost on many that the ONLY legal challenge to this story, undertaken by Darren Roskam, was shot down by a court of law when the complainant could not or would not provide what the court demanded, resulting in that court ordering Barrie MP Patrick Brown's propaganda puppet Darren Roskam to pay our Producer $2,500.00 in court cost, which is a high rate of compensation for a court to order payable to a layman who is self-represented.

It is also a fact that Darren Roskam scuttled his own civil action IMMEDIATELY after our Producer advised the court he would be subpoenaing the testimony of Barrie MP Patrick Brown, Mark Lang, and Martin Convery who he demanded be summonsed to face his evidence.

December 16, 2014

Big Bang Blip

Darren Roskam’s constant attempts to curtail our efforts via reprehensible and often disgusting tactics of coercion would be annoying if he just wasn’t so good for our readership and Search Engine Optimization. Of course it is not his intent, but Darren Roskam screws up so often and so badly when trying to ‘expose’ our Producer’s very public and open involvement in this story that you would think he was trying to improve our readership.

It’s like watching a kid standing at the side of a circus ring yelling at everybody frantically that the horse is actually two men in a costume; like he just discovered something worthy of you paying him attention.

We have no hard statistics, but we would estimate that our fully supported stories about Darren Roskam sending feces covered postcards, and love letters to our Producer, and his latest lame attempt to intimidate by suing our Producer’s mother who he has never even met, are responsible for at least 50% of new readership, as one disgusted person emails the link to this story to their colleagues and friends who then do likewise.

Click here for details

December 15, 2014

Storm Predicted for Hazzard County

Yesterday, Sunday, December 14, 2014, was the busiest day on this website for more than six months, and the reason is obvious. In the article “Is MP Patrick Brown Protecting Darren Roskam Because of Blackmail?” we asked quite simply if our Member of Parliament, Patrick Brown, is being coerced to abuse his influence to protect Darren Roskam; a two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2), and vexatious litigant who is a well-known instigator of harassment against a variety of innocent people, businesses and even charities and also the publisher of defamatory libel for purposes of extortion. We also offered Barrie MP Patrick Brown the opportunity to counter our hypothesis on camera, and to face our evidence, with the offer being made by us that if we are wrong about ANYTHING we have said in this article at ANY time during the past three years we will voluntarily redact any mistaken information and apologize publicly.

So far we have not heard from Barrie MP Patrick Brown nor any of his staff, which will lead many voters to draw their own conclusions as to the validity of our supposition that Barrie MP Patrick Brown is hiding something very secret about his personal life that Darren Roskam has used to blackmail him.

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December 15, 2014

Monday Meltdown

We think it is safe to say that our most recent article, asking “Is MP Patrick Brown Protecting Darren Roskam Because of Blackmail?” has caused more than just a little concern for the propaganda puppet, as during the past 24 hours Darren Roskam has logged onto this story more than 30 times, and he has reviewed at least 79 pages.

We have no doubt Darren Roskam wishes he could hop in a time machine and remove from the Internet the defamatory libel he published about our Producer that started this now five year long story.

Feedback on the article “Is MP Patrick Brown Protecting Darren Roskam Because of Blackmail?” has been so far completely supportive and strong, with yesterday being the busiest day for traffic in several months regardless of the fact it was Sunday, a traditionally quiet day, and just ten days before Christmas.

Clearly we are not the only ones concerned with why an obvious criminal is free to walk our streets with impunity.

Karma is coming back strong on Barrie’s most infamous liar and extortionist, who as a result of this story all of Barrie and beyond now knows was removed from the Barrie YMCA for “acting inappropriately in a children’s area”. When they learn all that he has done it is likely even the Libertarian party will want nothing to do with Darren Roskam during the next federal election and you can’t sink much lower than that.

This is an issue much bigger than Hazzard County because if Patrick Brown becomes the leader of the Ontario Conservatives and potentially gets the job of Premier will a lowlife like Roskam continue to hold such influence on a provincial scale due to blackmail?

In addition to criminal prosecution, as was inferred is coming by Barrie Police Services Chief Kimberley Greenwood, Darren Roskam will also soon be facing fully supported allegations of vexatious litigation as filed by several of his victims in the Superior Court, an appropriate ruling of will take away his ability to harass people through frivolous lawsuits.

Finally, a motion to the Superior Court seeking an order to ban the online libelist from using the Internet will be the trifecta of Darren Roskam’s total humiliation;
but the police will likely demand that also in order to protect future potential victims from being defamed.

With no more Internet through which to defame people, and no ability to sue, and no further claims that he is a politician, maybe Darren Roskam will finally vacate his fantasy life and fill his hours by getting a job . . . but then that pending criminal conviction for harassment and extortion by libel would get in the way of anything more than menial physical labour.

Well, there is always Welfare, and clearly Darren Roskam doesn’t mind abusing that option for years.

Our prediction is that Darren Roskam has angered, annoyed, financially harmed, and generally pissed off so many people that his future is a sleeping bag, in a gutter, where he can sue the rats and the bugs that will serve as his new minions, while he panhandles outside Tim Horton’s while boring passersby with stories about how he used to be the president of a group of media companies, and a real politician, and the publisher of “Barrie’s Best Magazine”.

Do you hear that sound Darren?
That is the rush of air as everybody who used to be worried about you attacking them online turns their backs and walks away from you laughing.

December 14, 2014

Reader Emails Always Welcome

The email below was sent to us anonymously through our commercial website's Contact Us form in response to our newest article: “Is MP Patrick Brown Protecting Darren Roskam Because of Blackmail?”

"You handled the Patrick Brown issue with class and respect for all of us. Thank you. I know more about the pocket emperor than most people in Barrie. Enough said because I must keep my cards to my chest. I am sorry because I support what you are trying to do but we must respect privacy more than most. You probably don’t remember me but we met at one of the events you covered for David. Keep up the good work."

We thank you for your courage.

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December 14, 2014

We Think We Hit A Nerve

Between 12:39pm and 3:02pm this afternoon, Darren Roskam read the article "Is MP Patrick Brown Protecting Darren Roskam Because of Blackmail?" no less than five distinct times.

That means he came back every 26 minutes during that less than two and a half hour time period.

That kind of obsession is indicative of panic, as perhaps we have just let the cat out of the bag that Darren Roskam has been using for too many years to get away with transparent acts of fraud and extortion by libel.

Blackmail only works when nobody but you knows the secret, and payback afterwards can be very costly.

December 14, 2014

Is MP Patrick Brown Protecting Darren Roskam Because of Blackmail?

On Saturday, December 13, 2014 a new reader found our story by typing into Google the questionable search pattern “Patrick Brown likes it in the ass” (click link or see printout below). Throughout the day and evening thereafter we were hit repeatedly by a plethora of new readers from the Barrie and surrounding area as that reader, who apparently has his own issues with Barrie MP Patrick Brown, emailed the link to many others who felt similarly inclined to check us out.

Then they told two friends, who told two more etc. etc.

Despite its vulgar nature, the search request did get us to thinking, and after a review of the keywords used to find this story throughout the past six months we saw a pattern forming that had never before caught our attention.

This led us to ask, could Barrie MP Patrick Brown's association with and protection of Darren Roskam be forced upon him by blackmail?

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December 13, 2014

Barrie Chamber of Commerce Gala Page Hits #1

Well, it's official. The page on our Producer's commercial website about the honour bestowed upon his company by having an award named after them at the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Gala is now the most visited page EVER on that commercial website, which has been in existence for more than three years, however that specific page has only been around for about three weeks.

What is more interesting is that 94% of those visiting that page have come to it from this story.

We truly hope this gives Barrie MP Patrick Brown, and his buddies Mark Lang and Martin Convery a feeling of scope as to how many people are reading this story, and how many of them know you are transparently lying when regurgitating your empty stories of a con-artist and liar, who you are clearly afraid to face which is why you run and hide rather than standing up for what you did.

It is little wonder as to why the Privy Council, advisors to the Prime Minister, are clearly researching this story, with special focus on Barrie MP Patrick Brown's propaganda puppet, Darren Roskam.

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December 12, 2014

Hitting Our Mark

We are happy to be able to confirm that our Search Engine Optimization is working very well; in fact better than we had hoped for given the time frame since the upgrades, with 91.23% of readers coming from Ontario, and the rest trailing far behind such as 3.51% from British Columbia, 3.16% from Quebec, 1.40% from Alberta, etc.

Our goal is to expose the illegal abuse of authority by Barrie MP Patrick Brown here in Ontario where he wants to rule the provincial Progressive Conservatives, and we are hitting hard close to home.

December 12, 2014

The Rat We Smelled

Well, we just confirmed that the weirdness noted directly below, in the article entitled "MSN Bot Hits New Article Within Minutes of Posting" was NOT a weird coincidence.

Coincidence is walking down a street and bumping into an old friend; collusion is when one convenient happenstance after another works only in the favour of those it is happening to.

The article we called "Privy Council Focuses On The Propaganda Puppet" that is located on the previously deactivated web-page "patrick brown parliament comes courting again.html", has NEVER been hit by ANY search engine bot or spider during the past 18 months, since before we had installed the IPNoid service that we use to monitor traffic.

That particular page was a dead rerouter, meaning it had no search engine friendly code and it served ONLY to redirect visitors to another page.

We woke the page up and recoded it only as a means of limiting page numbers, as it had sat there dormant for all that time and as such we knew there was no Search Engine Optimization advantage, and a potential disadvantage, to leaving it where it was.

So, apparently we are NOT 'paranoid'!!

Now we know that we were quite justified in our earlier noted supposition that 'somebody' is downloading this website and all updates for other interested parties to read off-line or via another online source, which means we are having quite the impact.

The covert download was most likely set up by a tech for the Conservative Party or some government agency.

Apparently Prime Minister Stephen Harper has responded to our letter by telling his loyal minions not to inflate our visitor logs by coming to this website for the latest updates about their boy in trouble, Barrie MP Patrick Brown.

We have no complaints about that as all that blue was clogging up the plumbing and bringing down property values, and we are only interested in reaching real people which we are doing just fine without their 'help'.

December 11, 2014

MSN Bot Hits New Article Within Minutes of Posting

We are not even going to pretend to know if this is the weirdest coincidence we have ever heard of or if it has meaning, but last night at 8:40pm, just minutes after we updated the content of the article we called "Privy Council Focuses On The Propaganda Puppet" that is located on the previously deactivated web-page "patrick brown parliament comes courting again.html" a device calling itself the MSN (Microsoft) search engine research robot / spider for the Bing search engine suddenly hit that page, absorbing all of the new material as if it knew something was suddenly there.

It went nowhere else and touched no other pages.

If we were the paranoid type we might want to question if that bot was truly from Microsoft or if it was a badly disguised something else that has been monitoring the website for changes and then downloading them for certain people to read off-line.

Either way, it was just plain weird.

December 11, 2014

Privy Council Focuses On The Propaganda Puppet

The Privy Council, advisors to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Cabinet, once again visited Hazzard County this morning, and they were interested in only two things, our posting of the letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the truth about Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s propaganda puppet; the two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2), and vexatious litigant Darren Adrian Roskam. (Click here for details.) The Privy Council had visited once before, on Monday, November 17, 2014, immediately after we wrote to Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking him to compel his underling, Barrie MP Patrick Brown, to do the right thing and answer a few questions about our three year old allegations of abuse of authority and to face up to our evidence against him.

Of course the deluded Darren Roskam will see this as something that makes him important, but in truth if Prime Minister Stephen Harper is concerned about how Patrick Brown's propaganda puppet can possible hurt his personal image and that of the Conservative Party his mission will be to skin a scapegoat.

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December 10, 2014

Local Media Might Turn a Blind Eye, However . . .

Bill Cosby is now accused of having gotten away for decades with sexually assaulting women in a closed off world where everybody knew what he was doing but they could say nothing because of who he is. If a journalist spoke out he or she was shut down because exposing the truth might affect advertising revenue, and if a victim tried to go public she was scorned and warned by agents and those she worked for to just stay quiet or it would be the end of her career in the entertainment industry. Well, in Cosby’s case the story broke because of a comedian, who called the now 75 year old entertainer a “rapist” during his stand-up act. Soon others started murmuring and telling what they know, and now the performer’s reputation and future are nose-diving into peril.

All it took was one voice, on a stage, being said to a few hundred people and the ball started rolling.

Barrie’s media is maintained and therefore controlled by a few key players in the local business community; essentially all of whom are Conservative supporters who are able to blatantly censor local media as they are the only ones big enough to fuel the fires with advertising revenue. This fact was proven by the CBC, when one of their reporters was told by the Simcoe News that the supposedly independent and free newspaper permitted Barrie MP Patrick Brown to edit the content of a story about him after it had gone to press, going so far as to allow the Conservative MP to remove from the online version several potentially damaging quotes; and all because Barrie MP Patrick Brown said he did not say what was cited. Can you see the Toronto Star or the Globe and Mail giving Rob Ford the right to edit stories about him?

Well neither can we, and from the numbers now coming to and then returning to our story from outside Hazzard County we know it is only a matter of time before Barrie MP Patrick Brown is called to explain himself by somebody bigger than us who he cannot run away from.

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December 9, 2014

Sales Commission Owed To Darren Roskam ;-)

Our Producer has a policy within his business that if a member of his team brings in new business, in the form of a warm lead or a sale, they get a commission that by the standards of most businesses is quite generous.

If Darren Roskam was on our team our Producer would currently owe him a cool couple of grand ;-)

Darren Roskam tried to take us down by bombarding the nominees of the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Gala with propaganda about our Producer that was unsupported and just plain ridiculous. According to Darren Roskam, regardless of the fact that Mark Lang, Martin Convery, and Barrie MP Patrick Brown have never found the courage to challenge the validity of this story, and Darren Roskam has been deemed twice to be a defamatory libelist by a court of law (ruling 1) (ruling 2) . . .

. . . it is "really" our philanthropic Producer who is some kind of a con-man and a liar, and . . . oh yeah . . . a child abuser . . . and he eats puppies . . . and he is part of ISIS . . . or something equally frigging ridiculous.

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December 9, 2014

New Focus as Angry Citizens (and Voters) Flock to Hazzard County

It is safe to say that considerable concern has been shown these past few days regarding the website that is currently under construction at as those with a need to hide what they are doing are hitting every page repeatedly and checking every soon-to-be-telling link.

Early today, during the wee hours of the morning, one visitor hit 13 pages; and there are not yet currently that many pages on that website.

Of course there will be soon, and so much more in the way of videos, documentation, court transcripts and other empirical evidence; all of which will be both cell phone and tablet friendly as the new website is responsive in design. When our Producer switched his commercial website from standard HTML to responsive design we saw a 3x increase in traffic, and we have every reason to believe the same will happen here once those on the move can log in for the latest updates on a drama that some are calling “incredible, yet credible”.

The now muzzled Darren Roskam has been to Five Points repeatedly, but unless he has a TARDIS he is far from the only visitor, as hits are coming in from all over Ontario, and especially Ottawa, and from points east and west to both shores of our democracy.

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December 9, 2014

Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino Facing the Axe

So, what is it that makes Barrie MP Patrick Brown so special that he is invulnerable to attack by the opposition for transparently abusing his authority and that of our criminal justice system in order to protect the personal interests of his friends at Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, and then refusing for three years to face our allegations and our evidence?

The answer is NOTHING except exposure, and we have that well underway.

Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino has pissed off a lot of people, especially the veterans he is supposed to serve, and as Barrie MP Patrick Brown said himself at a time when we caught him lying to school children, Prime Minister Stephen Harper will NOT allow ANYBODY to damage his reputation or ‘good’ name. As such, when we launch our social media campaign to hundreds of thousands of voters across Ontario and we start emailing our evidence directly to ALL Members of Parliament and Provincial Parliament and EVERY news service, journalist, stringer, freelancer, and researcher we can find . . .

. . . well it might get messy for Barrie’s Conservative Golden Boy.

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December 8, 2014

We Even Beat Out The Prime Minister’s Office

Those who scoff at or denounce our new Search Engine Optimization technology need look no further than the screen grab below, which clearly shows that when “Stephen Harper Patrick Brown” is typed into Google, our article about the letter we sent to Prime Minister Stephen Harper exposing Barrie MP Patrick Brown ranks fifth on page one, ABOVE two articles containing the same search words that were posted by the office of the Prime Minister.

There is no more running and hiding for Mark Lang, Martin Convery, or Barrie MP Patrick Brown, as those with a need or desire to learn the truth of this story will find us now no matter what they do to silence the truth.

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December 8, 2014

New SEO Tools Prove Very Effective

We have been concentrating a bit too much lately on the reprehensible and disgusting jealousy and envy fuelled antics of Darren Adrian Roskam, so now we are once again going to work our way up the food chain, moving up from that bottom feeder to those who merely lurk in the shadows; those being Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, and their political ally Barrie MP Patrick Brown. In that light we have started the process with improved Search Engine Optimization that will be carried forward to the new smart phone and tablet friendly responsive design website that is currently being drafted at Those new techniques have already established solid results, and we have high hopes of further improved search engine rankings which will greatly increase readership.

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December 7, 2014

70 / 30 Split on Readership

Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, and their political ally Barrie MP Patrick Brown have now lost their war on misrepresenting reality, but they don’t yet know it. Despite the fact that we have been making consistent and fully supported allegations of criminal misconduct about them openly and in our own name for more than three years, NOT ONE of these men have shown the courage to face our evidence in order to deny ANY of our allegations.

There is a reason for that and everybody knows it.

As of this past month, November 2014, we reached the much coveted 70/30 split on readership, meaning that 70 out of every 100 readers were new, while the other 30 were returning to the articles. That does not mean that the returning visitors did so only one time, but that they returned again and again and brought with them about 2.5 friends each. Those new readers then brought a similar ratio, and as such our readership increase continues exponentially.

Credibility is earned, and not given freely to those who will not stand behind their actions.

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December 6, 2014

Darren Roskam "Commitment" Article Going Viral

Well, somebody out there seems intent on letting everybody in Barrie know that Darren Roskam has apparently lost his mind, as the article “Was Darren Roskam Committed for Psychiatric Assessment?” has been hit more times during the past twenty four hours than a sparring partner for Ruslan Chagaev.

This is no accident, as somebody is emailing out the link to everybody they know, who are passing it on.

Darren Roskam has made a career these past ten years of harassing, annoying, and bullying a lot of people in Barrie as a means of coercing them to give him money to leave them alone, and finally it is he who is getting what he deserves via the truth about him being told through this article.

Darren Roskam threatens to sue ANYBODY and EVERYBODY who challenges him or who refuses to give him whatever he feels he is owed for feigned offences, and after having defeated multiple such frivolous and vexatious lawsuits our Producer does not give a damn about any vacuous threat filed by Darren Roskam.

Bring it fat man, and make it a challenge this time!

That is no doubt as to why Darren Roskam is too cowardly to serve his latest ridiculous harassment motivated lawsuit against not only our Producer but also against his mother; a 74 year old grandmother and veteran who suffers from Parkinson’s disease who Darren Roskam has never even met but whom the self-admitted rider of Welfare is trying to use to intimidate our Producer to stop telling the truth of this story.

The “Commitment” article is rapidly approaching second place amongst the 100+ articles contained on this website, second only to the truth about Barrie MP Patrick Brown.

By his own admission, in an email to one of our team, Darren Roskam has a lot of enemies, and they are not only relishing in his recent apparent breakdown, they are sending us their court records, the derogatory and hate motivated emails they received from Darren Roskam, video files, and just about everything else needed to proceed against the two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and vexatious litigant both appropriate criminal prosecution and an order of the Superior Court of Justice that will ban the public nuisance from EVER filing a civil action against ANYBODY for ANY reason EVER again.

We certainly intend to accomplish much more than that from reporting this story, but the end of that fool's reign of cowardly online bullying and frivolous lawsuits will be a good start.

We can show that Darren Roskam has read the article “Was Darren Roskam Committed for Psychiatric Assessment?”; however, after more than 24 hours he has made no attempt to dissuade our conclusions, and he has offered no other explanations as to why he disappeared without explanation for the best part of a week, immediately after attacking the very well connected and influential Executive of the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce.

Roskam was completely dormant for six days, as if denied access to the Internet, and then came out spewing jealousy and envy the moment they let him out.

Darren Roskam was quick to attack our Producer and his team with transparent jealousy and envy, but in a delayed fashion six days after their success as honoured guests at the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Gala.

So, why did the high and mighty and oh-so-important Darren Roskam bury himself in a hole when confronted with where he was sequestered from the Internet for the best part of a week?

December 6, 2014

Five Points Media Going Online

As promised, we are now proceeding with the creation of a cell phone and tablet friendly responsive design website for Five Points Media, which is currently under construction at We could have created this website internally and posted it when it was done, but we maintain a policy of openness and we are welcoming feedback from the public via email at

All constructive criticism is welcome.

That website will soon take over the reporting of Hypocrisy in Hazzard County, and also the story of the environmental cover up and First Nations desecration that is reporting to have occurred at the Allandale Train Station.

Once the website for Five Points Media is finished we will be initiating a campaign of self-promotion and information via social media through which we will be reaching out to the public with details about both stories while seeking evidence and interviews in support of further investigation.

Please stand by.

December 5, 2014

Was Darren Roskam Committed for Psychiatric Assessment?

Darren Roskam has demonstrated clearly and repeatedly through his visits to our website, as monitored through our traffic analysis software, that he is totally obsessed with this article and the cold hard truths that we are making public about him. This is not speculation but fact as we can prove and show that Darren Roskam has visited Hazzard County 10, 15, and even more times than that in a single day using both his computer and his cell phone. Well, suddenly last Friday, November 28, 2014, at 09:47:22 AM Darren Roskam just disappeared, and so did his pattern of repeated visits so it is not like he was somewhere else logging in.

From that moment forward, for more than six days, we did not see Darren Roskam on this website a single time, nor did we receive a single hate fuelled email or threat.

That all changed last night, when Darren Roskam just as suddenly reverted back to “normal” and reappeared on our radar as inexplicably as when he disappeared, but the timing of Darren Roskam’s disappearance is potentially a story in itself. Given the erratic change of character, we have to ask if Darren Roskam’s change of heart was voluntary, or was Darren Roskam “formed” by the Barrie Police Services after he attacked the executive of the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce? Just as plausible, did his family feel renewed concern for Darren Roskam’s state of mental health enough to send him for a psych assessment based perhaps on the family history of mental illness?

Click here for details

December 4, 2014

Darren Roskam - Making Friends and Influencing People

We just noted through our visitor analysis tools that somebody from Ottawa found our story by typing “patrick brown leadership” into Google, and then stuck around to read eight of our more recent pages during about a half hour period of learning and study. This is not an uncommon occurrence these days, but the fact that they came from Ottawa, and their interest was the relationship between Barrie MP Patrick Brown and Darren Roskam, and also our letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper is rather interesting.

Just wait and see what happens when we send our evidence to every Member of Parliament and every Member of Provincial Parliament and the media after our new responsive design website goes online.

Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine can deny their association with Darren Roskam, as can Barrie MP Patrick Brown. However, Mark Lang admitted while under oath in a court of law that he and his partner knew the two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and had met or spoken with him before contacting Barrie MP Patrick Brown asking for a little subjugation through an abuse of the purpose and intent of our criminal justice system in order to evade civil liability for breach of contract. It is also a fact that Barrie MP Patrick Brown knows the court branded vexatious litigant, as in addition to posing for pictures with Darren Roskam, which ended up on a very supportive “opposing” party’s website, Barrie MP Patrick Brown also openly welcomed the self-admitted rider of Welfare to his press conference when announcing that he was running for leadership of the Provincial Progressive Conservatives.

In his press release Barrie MP Patrick Brown was careful to note that only friendly media that they approved would be welcome, which meant we were not getting past the door; however, for some reason a two times court labelled libelist was apparently on the "media" guest list.

The transparent association between Mark Lang, Martin Convery, Barrie MP Patrick Brown, and Darren Roskam cannot be good for business, which is why they are now looking eagerly to cut the strings and publicly sever their association, and from what we have learned Mark Lang, Martin Convery, and Barrie MP Patrick Brown are likely to send Darren Roskam, the weakest link, down the river without a paddle, as a scapegoat is needed now to deflect the truth of their own wrongdoings.

If the axe has not fallen already, it will soon.

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December 3, 2014

Credibility Confirmed

A few weeks ago the web-page associated with “our Producer” was one of the busiest on this website, as those with a need to know wanted to understand who it is that is taking on the system of corruption so directly and openly, while those we are exposing for abuse of authority, who are supposed to be trust worthy and “honourable”, are so clearly hiding and resorting to transparent bullying tactics in an attempt to silence this story.

Now the “our Producer” page is a desert on a plain of green grass as those who wanted to know “who” are now moving onto “how”, “why”, etc., which is exactly the way we wanted this story to develop.

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December 1, 2014

Returning Readership Increases Eightfold

As the end of November rolled by we took a look at our readership numbers during the past seven months, since installing the IPNoid counter system currently in use, and even we were a little surprised at the results.

Between May and November 2014 our return visitors have increased eightfold, our first time readers per month have almost doubled, our unique readers per month have increased by a factor of more than 150%, and our page views each month have almost tripled.

In a nutshell, more people are finding the story due to improved Search Engine Optimization and word of mouth, and they are telling their friends, and they are coming back for more on a regular basis, and they are reading more pages per visit.

Of course the propaganda puppet for Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine and their political ally Barrie MP Patrick Brown will deny this, but then he is still touting that our Producer is not running a real business and that he has no team when both were just honoured by the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce by having an award named after their company.

Yup, there is still a Flat Earth society too.

It is also a sad fact that Mark Lang, Martin Convery, and Barrie MP Patrick Brown appear to feel they can continue to hide from the repercussions of their abuse of authority, as undertaken to evade civil liability for breach of contract, while slinging mud through the services of a two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2); continuing as they have done for more than three years while the sky falls around them.

We have preferred to publicly identified ourselves to all readers of this article and openly challenged those men to take civil action to silence us if what we are saying here is not true.

Don’t you have to question why they haven’t done so, and have chosen instead to hide for three years?

November 29, 2014

Darren Roskam:
Reviled by the Respectable Society He Envies

Thursday, November 27, 2014 was the night of the Gala for the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce Barrie Business Awards, and as noted in earlier articles, our Producer and production team were there as honoured guests. Not only was our business a sponsor, as we had produced 36 individual introductory videos for the event, we were also there to present the Retail Business Excellence Award that this year had been named after our business.

That is no small milestone for a business that had only been a member of the Chamber for three years.

It was a wonderful evening that was attended by all of the movers and shakers in the City of Barrie business and political arenas, and attended by Mayor Jeff Lehman and several City Councillors. However, this year neither Mark Lang nor Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine nor their political ally Barrie MP Patrick Brown chose to make an appearance. Needless to say Darren Roskam did not show either, as Social Services will not pay the $125.00 for his ticket, and a crumpled, old, second-hand, Walmart quality suit from Goodwill just won’t cut it at a black tie event such as this gala. They all knew we would be there, and possibly armed with our evidence and a camera, so those who say they have done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide were once again huddled under their desks, where they have been hiding consistently for the past three years.

And they actually wonder why we are garnering greater support every day from those same people who used to believe in and support them.

When we arrived we learned from Chamber Board Members that Darren Roskam, the ONLY spokesman in this matter for Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine and Barrie MP Patrick Brown, had once again put his foot in it by choosing to attack some of those who volunteer to run the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce for the betterment of the City of Barrie; with whom he knows our Producer’s commercial business is closely associated. Again, Darren Roskam’s attack was unjustified, unsupported by evidence, and was cheaply done.

It was the rant of a fool told by an idiot
who is laughed at by every person of importance in the City of Barrie.

Click here for details

November 27, 2014

16 by 9

No, this is not an article about the technical specifications of High Definition Television, but a short note to report that by 9:00am this morning this online article had been visited by at least 16 individual and unique readers . . .

. . . 14 of whom were brand new visitors who were being exposed for the first time to this story of corruption and abuse of authority by specific politicians and police officers within the City of Barrie.

Although many were from the Barrie area, and some were Conservatives skulking in via proxy servers rerouted through such exotic places as the Ivory Coast and Lima, Provincia de Lima, many others were from Windsor, Guelph, Mississauga, Toronto, and other Ontario towns and cities that will be affected if Barrie MP Patrick Brown succeeds in his quest to lead the Provincial Progressive Conservative Party.

Those new readers came directly to us as if told exactly to where they needed to be.

Most of those who visited us for the first time this morning concentrated on Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s page, which they evidently found through a link in an email. We think that perhaps those competing with Barrie MP Patrick Brown for that leadership position are telling their friends who are telling their friends etc. about where to find the truth about the power abusing golden boy of Barrie Conservative politics.

We will be doing the same for Barrie voters with regards to next year's federal election.

PS: This article was not posted until November 29 due to an error in our automated posting system.

November 25, 2014

Hello all new and established readers. We are glad to see that your numbers are increasing daily as you spread the word of the truth and evidence of this story to your friends and neighbours; all of whom are voters.

This is just a short note to let you know that we have definitely NOT gone away.

Since our last post several things have happened, which we are working to substantiate before reporting, and we have been busy with some commercial work. Sorry, but we need to pay the bills like everybody else.

If anyone cares, and we don't, Roskam has made yet another lame threat regarding suing our Producer for the fifth time, and his mother, who Roskam has never even met, and we are enjoying watching his fantasy world crumbling around him more every day.

We will be posting here soon enough a guide for anybody who is being sued by Darren Roskam regarding how to deal with him in Small Claims Court, what judges have said about him, all of the past decisions against him, and what evidence his newest victims of judicial abuse will need to use to defeat him; as have so many others despite his self-serving drivel.

As is our right, and our duty, we will be happy to provide ALL of the evidence that will be needed to prove that Darren Roskam remains a vexatious litigant.

Oh yeah, much more important; we will be writing again to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Barrie MP Patrick Brown demanding an on-camera interview with Barrie's slippery MP, who seems to think he is only accountable to Conservative supporters. We will also be carbon copying that letter to every Member of Parliament, and every Member of Provincial Parliament, and every news service, reporter, freelancer, and stringer we can find across this great democracy we call Canada.

We will be posting the results of that little bombshell here for all to see very soon.

It's kind of what we do ;-)

November 23, 2014

By 5:00AM today, Sunday, November 23, 2014, the Hazzard County website had been visited during the wee hours of the morning by five distinct visitors, not including Darren Roskam . . .

. . . whose visits have been filtered out because Roskam checks out Hazzard County ten times a night (literally) which must make it hard to run his unregistered but important "Crowe Media Group" empire ;-)

To put that into perspective, traffic online is the quietest on Sunday night, and our commercial website had not been visited overnight a single time. Neither had any other commercial website that we monitor for SEO.

Three of the visitors came directly from Barrie and area, and two came via proxy servers in Japan and other countries where English is not prominent.

So, apparently, those who we are exposing, or those who are financially or otherwise supporting them, are spending much of their normal sleep time wedged behind their computers at night worrying about what we are going to expose next to our growing numbers of readers; especially with Roskam providing so much interesting material every time he tries and fails to intimidate our Producer.

It's like driving by a serious car accident;
you try not to but you peak at the carnage.

Even hardened supporters of Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine and Barrie MP Patrick Brown are visiting us again, and after they have enjoyed a laugh at Roskam's comical tough guy wannabe antics they start asking why it is that these "good" men, who they have supported in this matter for three years, are allowing Darren Roskam to continue making fools of them all.

Why have these "men" hidden for three years and why are they still doing so and allowing Roskam to be their only spokesman?

Roskam's most recent lame and pathetic fails at coercion have gone from humorous to maddening for those now reading this story, as who but the lowest of the low would even threaten to sue our Producer's 74 year old mother; a Parkinson's patient, grandmother, and veteran who Roskam has never even met, and why is Roskam simply too cowardly to serve his latest fifth civil claim against the old lady and our Producer, unless, as we have been saying all along, the only true purpose to the threat was to intimidate?

Many Conservative supporters are both seniors and veterans, and they are not likely to look kindly on Patrick Brown's propagandist attacking one of their own.

Then our readers, both established and new, move onto how Roskam mailed first love letters and then bizarre postcards covered in feces through the mail to our Producer; resulting in even the most hardened of friends and allies scratching their heads and asking why, if there is no substance to our claims, has Darren Roskam not been arrested by the Barrie Police Services as clearly mailing poo is crossing the line of criminal harassment.

It is likely that Mark Lang is thinking it's baseball season for Darren Roskam . . .

. . . and if you don't get the reference to that, read here how Mark Lang, the President of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine , admitted in court while under oath that this supposed "good man" conspired with his adult sons to beat our Producer with baseball bats after Mark Lang's plan, and that of his partner Martin Convery, to breach a contract and then intimidate the man they cheated through propaganda fell apart; which caused them to turn to Barrie MP Patrick Brown for help in stimulating interest from the Barrie Police Services to take illegal action to subjugate the man's Charter guaranteed rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. The Crown Attorney of Simcoe County chose to ignore that confession by Mark Lang and also several others, which could be viewed as obstruction of justice.

And those who we are exposing through this documentary are wondering why they are losing support, while after three years of consistently telling the same story those who once supported them now believe us.

November 22, 2014

Spiders, and Robots, and Google, Oh My

We have been playing with some new SEO (search engine optimization) techniques and software in preparation for the launch of the new responsive design Five Points Media website, and it is safe to say they are working.

Google has been all over our pages of late, sending their “robots” and “spiders” in ever increasing numbers to devour every update, name drop, and reference to evidence, which has resulted in a four times, or 400% increase in readership since just two weeks ago . . .

. . . after filtering out Roskam’s obsessive twenty visits a day to the same pages over and over again ;-)

New readers and old are now coming from all over Ontario and beyond, as clearly the latest lame tactics of intimidation being used by the propagandist Darren Roskam have a few confused, and more laughing. We also now have higher rankings on every search engine, and online database, and reference tool on the World Wide Web.

When we went away for a while so did Google and the other search engines as there was no new material.

Now our Latest News column, which is on every page, is being updated sometimes several times a day, and new pages are being created regularly . .

. . . both of which are like a flame to a moth for Google.

In spite of the lame psycho-babble efforts of Darren Roskam, a two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and court branded vexatious litigant, who has been “working” to convince our Producer to just stop reporting the truth through this story, we will be continuing in this practice right up until the launch of the new responsive design website and the social media campaign. It is not lost on us that Roskam's now whining emails started after we published how according to Chief Greenwood Roskam is again under investigation by the new and improved Barrie Police Services.

That's right Darren, there is a new sheriff in town, and she is not cut from the same cloth as those before her.

We will redouble our efforts following the rebirth of this story, by creating new landing pages containing a comprehensive overview video and keyword placement, and we will continue to promote this website, and that of Five Points Media, and the landing pages of various titles through our AddWeb online promotion system, which promotes the websites by creating more than 60,000 inbound links that are then read by search engines, business databases, and online reference websites worldwide which increases rankings.

That system is used with great success by our commercial branding and promotions company which includes specialists in online promotion and SEO.

That practice will continue for as long as it takes for public opinion and his financial backers to compel Barrie MP Patrick Brown to take responsibility for abusing his authority in order to help Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine by enlisting the services of specific corrupt detectives of the Barrie Police Services in order to evade civil liability for breach of contract.

It is safe to say that we have Google’s attention once again, as where a month ago we saw a Google robot or spider maybe once a week, now we are being hit, read, and databased at least twice a day, or more.

Our status can only grow now, as we are not going anywhere.

When Mark Lang and Martin Convery unethically and illegally solicited help from their political ally Barrie MP Patrick Brown, as was confessed to by Mark Lang while under oath in a court of law, they were dealing only with a recently divorced man who was working to rebuild his life, who seemed like an easy target for bullying.

Those confessions, which are on the record, are part of the reason why none of those we are exposing have taken ANY action to silence us.

Now they are facing the full force of a team of media experts with access to all of the tools and toys needed to ensure that their message is heard loud and clear across the province of Ontario, which Barrie MP Patrick Brown now hopes to lead following the next provincial election, as he sees himself becoming the next Premier of Ontario. Our mission now is to ensure that never happens.

The best way to curb Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s political aspirations is to let the people of Ontario know what he did, and to let them see how he has been hiding from his actions for more than three years.

The actions of Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s photo buddy and propagandist, Darren Roskam, which include suing a grandmother and veteran he has never met, and sending love letters and then feces covered postcards through the mail to our Producer are also likely to confuse voters, to say the least, and inspire media attention.

Quite frankly, it is a miracle that one of the large papers of the CBC has not taken this story and run with it, but there is time for that, and we know who to contact once our story is easier to understand through the new responsive design website.

Please stand by, as this story will continue to grow and reach more people every day.

November 22, 2014

Deception Draws Damage

We have learned that during the past 24-48 hours Darren Roskam has been on a rampage, emailing EVERYBODY he can think of from Chamber to PRIDE trying to generate support for his claims of victimization at the hands of the “evil conman” who is known across Barrie for his charity work and horrible “child abuser” who has shared here with the world a letter from his own children begging the court to allow them to live with him rather than their mother during their divorce.

Sadly, as is often the case when dealing with Roskam,
his malicious and unsupported libel backfired, again.

Not only is Darren Roskam now utterly destroying any last shreds of his remaining dignity he is also taking down with him the reputations of Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine and Barrie MP Patrick Brown, who had so far managed to hide their involvement in this story from at least some of the more influential people in Barrie through every possible means of censorship. Now in one blundering motion Darren Roskam has generated the exact wrong kind of exposure for those he serves and he has done it to exactly the wrong group of influential and well-connected people.

If this keeps up we are going to have to put Darren Roskam on the payroll.

Click here for details

November 21, 2014

Slightly Obsessed

Between midnight last night and 2:07PM today, Darren Roskam has visited this story no less than ten times, starting at 01:00:02AM and then coming back for more at 03:45:58AM, 04:12:51AM, 05:54:04AM, 11:29:51AM, 11:30:58AM, 12:56:05PM, 02:00:46PM, 02:01:15PM, and 02:07:49PM.

He also didn’t just fly by to look for updates. Our visitor log shows stopovers ranging from 20:03 minutes to 43:03 minutes, and a whole range of time periods in between.

The lord grand emperor of the Crowe Media Group sure does seem to have a lot of time on his hands to read and read again how he is being investigated for multiple crimes and likely headed to jail.

Maybe Roskam should focus some of that energy on finding a job instead of threatening to sue little old ladies he doesn’t even know and leaching off the system like a social parasite.

Of course that decision will likely be taken away from Darren Roskam very soon when he is charged with multiple criminal offences, hauled off to jail under a detention order, and made the special friend of whatever hardened criminal he ends up bunking with.

Those cells are pretty small and Roskam is very slow.

Then again, when taking into consideration the hearts and love stickers covered letter that Darren Roskam sent our Producer, it seems likely that the two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and court branded vexatious litigant will like that kind of relationship.

One thing is for sure; Darren Roskam won’t be sending any more feces covered postcards to anybody else, and he won’t be suing anybody else for a good long time.

Those who have been victimized by Darren Roskam throughout the past ten years will have the final laugh as Barrie’s most loathsome liar is locked up and treated like the criminal and bitch that he truly is.

November 21, 2014

Darren Roskam Criminal Investigation

Our article last night, about how Chief Kimberley Greenwood promised that a Sergeant of the Barrie Police Services is investigating Darren Roskam, seems to have the grotesque two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and court branded vexatious litigant nervous, as he was up all night reading that same story again, and again, and again at 01:00, 03:45, 04:12, and 05:54.

We think even Roskam knows it is unlikely that we will be updating between those times so why come back repeatedly to read the same stories unless he was trying vainly to will the content to change.

Click here for details

November 20, 2014

New Hope for the Barrie Police Services?

Our Producer was asked by the former NDP provincial candidate to help the local LGBT community by recording the Trans-gender Memorial Flag Raising at Barrie City Hall. John happily volunteered his services, as he is a strong advocate for societal equality, and in doing so he met for the first time Barrie Police Services Chief Kimberley Greenwood, who was there to show her support and that of the men and women under her command.

Our Producer had to admit that Chief Greenwood is an impressive change to the old cop mentality of former Chiefs of Police in Barrie.

Click here for details

November 20, 2014

Reverse Engineering

Darren Roskam evidently thought he would serve our Producer with a crippling blow by emailing lies to the nominees of the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce Awards. However, his plan has utterly backfired when confronted by hard evidence as those who might have possibly been concerned have now clicked our links to the court rulings against Darren Roskam for defamatory libel (ruling 1) (ruling 2) through which Darren Roskam was ordered to pay $17,000.00 in damages for publishing malicious unsubstantiated propaganda online about Barrie Green Party leader Erich Jacoby-Hawkins and a supporter of his party. Those visitors also clicked on the links to the ruling of vexatious litigation which is defined in legal texts as: “An individually who habitually or persistently engages in legal proceedings, without having a legitimate claim requiring resolution.”

So, the two times court labelled libelist tried to convince those who know our Producer that he is a bad man, while at the same time bragging about suing him for the fifth time, when the court has ruled that Roskam files frivolous lawsuits without justification.

Those in the Chamber are not dumb people, and they chat with and email each other, and they do business together, and the more Mark Lang and Martin Convery try to spread their tired old lines of manure the more people are going to connect the dots with what the two times “convicted” libelist tried to sell to their friends and colleagues in a scathing email through which the court judged vexatious litigant tried to convince the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce to cancel the membership of a company that is currently being honoured by having an award named after their business.

Is there really any wonder why our credibility is growing when Mark Lang, Martin Convery, and Barrie MP Patrick Brown continue to cower behind Darren Roskam; while running and hiding whenever they see us coming?

November 20, 2014

Darren Roskam's Chamber of Secrets

From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank Darren Roskam of Barrie Ontario, who as a result of his most recent failed attempt at intimidation has accomplished phenomenal results in enhancing our credibility and spreading the truth of our story to exactly the kind of influential people we are trying to reach.

All it took was one email from Barrie’s most loathed libelist to substantiate EVERYTHING we have said about him and those he is serving as a propagandist.

Yesterday we published the article “Darren Roskam – A Delusional Disgrace” in which we outlined how Roskam’s use of exactly this kind of groundless propaganda does nothing but destroy the reputations of those he serves, and how only desperate people like those we are working to expose would ever allow him to speak for them. Evidently our letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper earlier this week had more of an impact than we thought, or maybe it was our story about the visit from the Privy Council (see the Latest News column).

It doesn’t really matter which, but somebody is clearly in panic mode.

Click here for details

November 19, 2014

Darren Roskam - A Delusional Disgrace

Our recent letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the visit from the Privy Council appear to have stirred up a bit of concern as is demonstrated by the fact that yesterday was the busiest day seen by Hazzard County in a quite a long time. Those numbers were clearly affected also by our recent exposure of how those who we are exposing are now hiding behind a shared file server or emailed PDF version of this story in an attempt to conceal the number of people who are truly reading this story. See the article in the Latest News column dated November 18, 2014 entitled “Sneaky Peeky, We Caught You Looking”.

Yes, word is out that we are back on line, dispensing the facts, and reaping havoc on those who abuse their authority to the detriment of those they swore to serve.

This is perhaps best demonstrated by how Darren Roskam, the propagandist for Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine , and Barrie MP Patrick Brown, visited this story no less than eight times during a two and a half hour period last night, starting at 9:45 and ending at 12:22 this morning. Then, as if that was not enough, he waddled over to our Producer’s commercial website at 10:54, 02:07 and again at 03:29.

Click here for details

November 18, 2014

The Boys From Brazil Are Back

Well, as we noted below, in the article "Sneaky Peeky, We Caught You Looking" the proxy servers are popping back in now that we have revealed how those who we are exposing are once again playing hide and seek.

Why are they so determined to hide what they are doing if they haven't done anything wrong?

Tonight somebody from "Brazil" dropped by, as they have so many times before, using our old friend the network to convince us that they are from South America and not a member of the Conservative camp dropping in from down the street or from Ottawa.

Just how stupid do these people think we all are?

November 18, 2014

Olly Olly Oxen Free

Earlier today we exposed how somebody, likely from the Conservative camp, was downloading or leaching this article to a shared location, such as an internal server or to an email capable PDF format, which is why the proxy servers suddenly disappeared immediately after we had exposed their use and our Producer had emailed Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking that the mighty leader of our democracy compel Barrie MP Patrick Brown to answer some of our questions instead of hiding. (see "Sneaky Peeky, We Caught You Looking" directly below).

As you will see from the attached IPNoid report, it didn’t take long after we exposed their newest way to play hide and seek before suddenly the international interest from far off lands where they don’t even speak English started flooding in once again to Hazzard County.

This Portuguese fellow or lady was on our site for about 20 minutes. That is a lot of interest for somebody on the other side of the world to show in this very localized story.

One thing you can say about Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his buddies at Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine , they and their friends sure seem to like to hide.

Playtime is over boys!
It’s time to come inside as some of the adults want to talk with you about what you did.

November 18, 2014

Sneaky Peeky, We Caught You Looking

It is not lost on us that during the past few days there has been a rapid decline in the number of visits from proxy servers (see article in the Latest News column dated November 13, 2014) and now we know why.

And coincidently, it all happened around the time we emailed our concerns to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Somebody, likely from the Conservative camp, is visiting this website and downloading the entire story or at least the content from the most recent article and they are then spreading the word via email as a PDF file or as a post on an internal server where those with a desire to know can read it without increasing our readership numbers. It is called leaching, and it is common, but it doesn't save Prime Minister Stephen Harper from explaining the actions of his subordinate, Barrie MP Patrick Brown to those across the floor at the House of Commons when we send them all the details.

It was a nice try to hide the truth, again, and to try to dissuade our commitment, but our new website monitoring toys have revealed the details of this latest trick.

What is supposed to convince us that fewer people are visiting our story is in fact showing just how many truly are, and how scared Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his friends at Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine are to be known to read this article.

What they don’t seem to get, which our cyber-gurus do, is that although those who are hiding from us are currently able to print our pages to PDF from the Hazzard County website, they cannot do so from our Producer’s responsive design commercial website, and that domain is being hit just as often as before by mysterious proxy servers based in Madrid, the Philippines, India, Brazil, Italy, and just about everywhere else in the world.

What is it with these guys and hiding?
Why can’t Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his buddies just stand up and face our evidence?
Do they truly believe they are fooling anybody anymore?

November 18, 2014

Somebody Didn’t Get The Memo

As most of our readers now know, on Sunday, November 16, 2014 our Producer took the bull by the horns and stepped out from behind the transparent wall built around Hazzard County by writing directly to Prime Minister Stephen Harper; asking simply that the leader of our democratic nation compel Barrie MP Patrick Brown to answer a few questions about what we feel was an unconscionable criminal abuse of his authority as undertaken on his orders by specific detectives of the Barrie Police Services.

Less than 24 hours later we sort of got a response.

Click here for details

November 17, 2014

Barrie Voters Finding the Truth

How would you feel if you went onto Google to look up the office of your local Member of Parliament, but instead found a fully supported story about self-serving political patronage and abuse of authority?

How would you feel then when you learned that this story has been told consistently for more than three years, yet that "honourable" representative of the federal Conservative government has refused to stand up to disprove the allegations, and has instead tried to censor the truth from his constituents, while literally running and hiding when confronted with the evidence we have against him?

Well, that is what one Barrie resident found this morning, and he/she stuck around for nearly 20 minutes to read as much about Barrie MP Patrick Brown as we had to write, and then some. Details can be found here.

Out of respect for their right to privacy we deleted the last two numbers in the reader’s IP address.

It takes about nine to ten minutes at the most to read what we have written about Barrie MP Patrick Brown on his personal page of this story, yet our visitor today spent twice that long there; evidently reviewing the Latest News column, which appears on the right side of every page.

Through those updates the visitor would have learned how the man who Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his friends at Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine have been calling a “con-man” and “liar” throughout those three years is being honoured by the Chamber of Commerce who have named a business award after his business, and by Rogers who are producing a show about his unique and innovative business.

They would also have learned that our Producer, the only person who is not hiding in this story, is an internationally experienced news cameraman, the former Deputy Editor of a national European newspaper owned by the Washington Times, and a former Private Investigator and Corporate Security specialist who has been licensed repeatedly by the same Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services that govern the actions of police departments in Ontario.

This visitor is of course not the first or only local resident who found this story in passing, but they are the most recent. The duration of their visit suggests serious interest, and the likelihood is that they will email the link to friends and colleagues and/or post it on their Facebook or other social media.

As we have announced, starting in December 2014 and working through to next year’s federal election we will be posting on Facebook and other social media paid advertisements promoting the stories of Five Points Media, including Hypocrisy in Hazzard County and the story of the Allandale Train Station cover up.

Our focus will be Ontario, and specifically the Barrie area, but because of the way social media works, those advertisements will work their way across Canada.

Some would argue that it is a waste of time and money, as most Barrie residents simply don’t care about local politics, but we disagree, and it has been our experience that grass roots movements can cause serious change. You need look no further than Greenpeace of Amnesty International to see that is true and they did not have the advantage of the Internet or Social Media..

By January of next year tens of thousands of people across Ontario will know of this story as one person after another shares, likes, or emails the link, which will inevitably result in attention from the mainstream media, including those in Barrie, who will simply not be able to ignore the truth anymore no matter how much pressure is put on them by the established local power brokers, who are quickly losing their power on all fronts.

November 17, 2014

And the Libelist Leads Them In

Well, the attached visitor log from last night shows the pattern we have been seeing, as Darren Roskam, who supposedly isn’t working with Mark Lang, Martin Convery, and Barrie MP Patrick Brown, came to our story to find the letter we had sent to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and within a couple of minutes who popped in but the mysterious “Brazilian” who has been reading our story via hidden proxy servers from South America and all over the world; aka Barrie MP Patrick Brown?

This is not a one-time occurrence, but it is the one time so far that we have caught them both on the site at the same moment, as if Roskam saw the letter and called his boss to let him know.

Those who we are exposing know that we are monitoring on-site activity, so they have been careful about when they visit, how, and for how long, but it is not every day that we write to Prime Minister Stephen Harper to report on his underling Barrie MP Patrick Brown, and clearly our action caused a bit of a knee jerk..

The notice that we would be forwarding that email to hundreds of other politicians and media also likely caught some attention, as silence is golden to those we are exposing, and those days are clearly done.

That kind of sneaky deception is the reason why those who we are exposing are losing credibility while our determination to stand up for what we are saying, to sign our name to our actions and to take our story to the public is what is garnering for us support, backing, and credibility.

Only those who have reason to hide do so.

Every day our readership increases as the word spreads, which we know is happening as more readers come to us daily for the first time directly from links embedded into emails.

We think there are a few political rivals now smelling blood in the water
(metaphorically speaking of course ;-)

Meanwhile, Mark Lang, Martin Convery, and Barrie MP Patrick Brown sink further and further into hiding, Barrie Police Services Chief Kimberley Greenwood will not even reply to our correspondence, and lackey Darren Roskam has become so desperate to intimidate our Producer that he is sending feces covered postcards though the mail while claiming he is going to take the home of our Producer’s mother through yet another ridiculous lawsuit; the "threat" of which has backfired so badly that Roskam is too cowardly to even serve the paperwork on the 74 year old grandmother and veteran who suffers from Parkinson's disease.

Oh how the mighty have fallen!

November 16, 2014

Well, we think that the mountain of manure that has been spread these past three years by Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine and their political ally Barrie MP Patrick Brown is about to hit the fan, as we just sent an email to Prime Minister Stephen Harper . . .

. . . and we think it is likely that we will be forwarding it to a few hundred other politicians and journalists next week, but we will give Mr. Harper the benefit of the doubt.

Click here for the details.

Let's see what happens when our Prime Minister has to face responsibility for knowing that one of his "honourable" Members of Parliament has been spreading serious fertilizer on his constituents for the past three years while hiding behind a two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and court branded vexatious litigant who admitted he rode Welfare in order to publish his Conservative supporting "magazine" and who was removed from the YMCA for “acting inappropriately in a children’s area”.

Those who we are exposing call us con-artists and liars, yet they refuse to defend themselves or denounce our claims in front of our cameras or in a court of law.

The more they hide the better our credibility, and the greater our support, so by all means Mr. Harper, ignore our three years of public allegations against a Member of Parliament from your Conservative Party. You and those you truly serve might have been able to keep this story quiet and out of the papers so far, but don't count on that lasting.

Click here for the details.

November 15, 2014

Those who are interested in learning the truth about our Producer and his media company can learn the facts from Canada's largest communications company, Rogers TV.

That is of course working on the principle that you see the credibility and validity of that multi-million dollar national communications company over the "truth" of the "Golden Word" of Darren Roskam; a two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and court branded vexatious litigant who rode Welfare and who was removed from the YMCA for “acting inappropriately in a children’s area”.

Despite Roskam's frankly insane need to wallow in denial and deception, the Rogers feature about our very real and very quickly growing company can be seen on the Rogers Community Access channel on the following days at the following times.

  • Sunday, November 16 & 23, 2014
    at 19:00
  • Monday, November 17 & 24, 2014
    at 07:30, 08:30, 14:30 and 22:00  
  • Tuesday, November 18 & 25, 2014
    at 06:00, 08:30, 12:30, and 22:30
  • Wednesday, November 19 & 26, 2014
    at 07:30, 15:00, 18:30, and 20:00
  • Thursday, November 20 & 27, 2014
    at 06:00, 08:30, 12:30, 15:00, 20:00, and 21:30
  • Friday, November 21 & 28, 2014
    at 07:30, 10:30, and 20:30
  • Saturday, November 22 & 29, 2014
    at 06:00, 13:00, and 14:30
  • Sunday, November 23 & 30, 2014
    at 06:00, 13:30, and 15:00

According to Rogers, some of these times may be pre-empted by Holiday Programming, so we hope to be able to provide a link to the independently produced program here for all to see.

Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine and their political ally Barrie MP Patrick Brown may need to hide from the truth while ignoring our repeated requests that they challenge our claims either in a court of law or in front of our camera; however,.we have NOTHING to hide, which is why we are openly identifying ourselves while consistently telling the same story for more than three years while also candidly telling everybody where they can find all of the facts about us.

Is there any wonder as to why public opinion is now siding with us, or why our readership continues to grow?

November 14, 2014

We all now know the official propaganda being pumped out by Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine , and their political ally Barrie MP Patrick Brown, as spewed liberally by Darren Roskam; a two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and court branded vexatious litigant who rode Welfare and who was removed from the YMCA for “acting inappropriately in a children’s area”.

They will tell you that our story is nothing but lies and a con; but if that is so then why will they not stand up to defend their "good" names against our evidence?

More people are accessing our commercial website every day where they are learning the truth about our Producer, and they have seen with their own eyes all of the charity work we do.

It doesn't take much for them to see the truth.

As one reader pointed out, who else in Barrie has gone to the personal expense to mount a large free to use charity sign on their building, while volunteering to shoot documentaries about charitable fundraising events, while custom lighting their building for Autism awareness, while fundraising to help a deaf woman swim across two lakes to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis?

Those who continue to hide from us might have been able to fool some of the people for some of the time, but they cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

Some people, who were openly and even aggressively against us telling this story a couple of years ago, are now providing us with evidence and support of various kinds.

People are seeing now that we are not the bad guys; which makes it pretty obvious who is ;-)

As time has passed, and we have persisted in telling our story consistently, they have come to see the truth of who we are and that we are telling the truth about those who have engaged in a failed abuse of our criminal justice system, and search engine censorship, as confessed to by Mark Lang while under oath in a court of law, and even a pathetic campaign of propaganda that was based on the "Golden Word" of Darren Roskam; all of which was intended to silence us and to stop us from pursuing the truth.

While they have worked so hard to silence us, we ask only that you see the truth and evidence for yourself.

November 13, 2014

We Can Admit When We Are Wrong

Well, we are big enough to be happy to admit when we are wrong, and today we made a mistake. We got busy with work and did not continue to monitor the visitor logs of our websites and as a result we published an inaccurate statement.

Gladly, our wrong was a right for this story.

As can be seen from the attached visitor log, our earlier report about the visit by CTV Toronto did not do justice to their much more serious level of interest in the truth behind this story.

The CTV did not in fact visit just one page about our Producer's production company while looking for the truth, but did in fact visit four pages ;-)

Now that is NOT casual interest, but a genuine desire to understand who we are, how viable we are as a source, and why we have been telling this story consistently for nearly five years while those we have been accusing have hidden from our cameras and any possibility of civil action.

Seriously, if we have been lying then why are we not in jail or at the very least begging for mercy in a civil court?

The only person who has filed civil action is the Welfare riding miscreant Darren Roskam, who had nothing to lose, but he did lose, hands down, when a judge ordered him to pay our Producer $2,500.00 in court costs after Roskam was exposed for wasting everybody's time with a claim that he could not or would not support.

For those keeping score, that would be both the criminal justice system and the civil courts siding with our Producer when the evidence was presented.

You have to wonder just how cocky and confident Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Production / Snow Goer and their political ally Barrie MP Patrick Brown are feeling right now as the truth attracts media, who will soon be circling around their heads like vultures seeking carrion.

Our press releases and online news service submissions will commence then this website is revamped to responsive design, and we initiate our province wide social media campaign, which we have every confidence will spread quickly to the rest of Canada.

November 13, 2014

CTV Drops In To See Who We Really Are

CTV Toronto dropped in on our commercial website today, and they visited just one page: Who We Are.

It would appear that even the mainstream news services are getting the word that the stories told for the past three years by Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine and their political ally Barrie MP Patrick Brown are finally being scuttled by good old fashioned common sense and evidence.

After all, what kind of a purported “con-man” or “extortionist” tells “lies” online openly in his own name for five years about prominent people without being arrested or sued, and is then asked to give an award at a Chamber of Commerce and City of Barrie business gala while simultaneously being featured on a television show being produced by Rogers TV?

The hollow stories told by those we are exposing just don’t make sense, nor does their decision to hide behind the likes of Darren Roskam; a two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and court branded vexatious litigant who rode Welfare and who was removed from the YMCA for “acting inappropriately in a children’s area”.

Evidently those facts are clear, as CTV Toronto spent nearly 15 minutes poking around our various crew profiles, and looking over the pictures of our crew who Darren Roskam is still insisting does not exist . . .

. . . evidently confident in his ability to fool all of the people all of the time with his "Golden Word".

Of course the obvious question is if Roskam is clearly and transparently lying about that fact as part of his propaganda campaign in support of the Directors of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine and Barrie MP Patrick Brown, then what other line of manure are they collectively trying to fertilize us all with now?

November 13, 2014

So, apparently we are all just supposed to blindly accept that somebody in Rio de Janeiro spent more than 17 minutes last night reading this story about corruption and abuse of authority in a town in central Ontario that they have no reason to have heard of, or care about.

Then, apparently in a completely unrelated event, shortly thereafter another person from Padua, Veneto, Italy, visited for more than 18 minutes on the now dated website at that is linked to our Producer as it was a fundraising contest his company held in 2013 in support of the Barrie Food Bank.

Then, wait for it, this morning yet another visitor from Brazil dropped by, but this one was from Maceió, Alagoas, which is about a thousand miles, literally, from their compatriot in Rio de Janeiro.

Only those who have something to hide do so.

The one interesting connection is that ALL THREE of these anonymous and apparently unconnected visits came to our websites through an anonymous online service called that is a well known source of spam marketing and piggybacking for proxy servers; like those used by paedophiles, terrorists, and criminals doing "business" on the Internet.

Why are these "honourable" politicians and government funded businessmen so afraid to come out into the light?

Perhaps, it is because when Barrie MP Patrick Brown is rightfully exposed for abusing his authority by initiating an affront to our criminal justice system as undertaken by a couple of ethically challenged detectives of the Barrie Police Services, an investigation will follow by the RCMP, and the Duffy scandal would be minor by comparison.

Not only could Patrick Brown find himself kicked out of Stephen Harper's regime, he could also be facing disbarment by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown, Mark Lang, and Martin Convery know that the only reason we have not been heard so far in the mass media is because they have been able to manufacture a convincing cover story by claiming that our Producer was working alone and he was a nut or conspiracy theorist. Now, however, significant changes in our Producer's status are causing those lies to crumble down like a house of cards, and as such they can only hide, hoping that this will all just go away.

This is perhaps best demonstrated by the fact that Darren Roskam has suddenly stopped sending daily hate emails.

Our Producer is now seen as an example of innovative and unique business in Barrie, as is demonstrated by the fact that he has been honoured to give away an award at the Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala, and his business is being featured on a Barrie business television show produced by Rogers TV.

It is going to be pretty tough now for those we are exposing to continue to tell stories that anybody will believe, as is now being shown by our readership.

Our Producer is also recognized city wide as a philanthropist, as he not only provides free services to charities, he also built and pays all the bills for a Community and Charity Message Board mounted on the wall of his studio through which altruistic groups can promote fund-raisers and events.

2015 will be the year of exposure for Patrick Brown and his friends at Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine as we launch the new responsive design website, a social media campaign across Canada, and aggressive SEO.

Those who we are exposing seem unable to understand why people are now choosing to believe our Producer, a man who has openly stood behind his word for more than three years, instead of the vacuous allegations of cowards who are hiding in Brazil and Italy behind the propaganda of a two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and self-admitted rider of Welfare who acts as their ONLY spokesman.

It's a damned good thing an IQ test is not needed to run for federal politics or to collect public money.

When our social media tsunami and evidence hit the public Barrie MP Patrick Brown is going to be given more than the dunce cap by his boss, Stephen Harper . . .

. . . he is likely to be shown the door.

Clearly a lot of lies have been told, both to the bottom and the top, and we sincerely hope that the run and hide silver spooned politician is ready for what is coming, because we are.

November 12, 2014

Massive Spike Shows Insider Interest In The Truth

Yesterday, Tuesday, November 11, 2014, the website of our Producer’s commercial media company was swamped by slightly more than a hundred individual visitors, coming in from all over the region of Simcoe County and beyond via every Internet Service Provider you can imagine.

We don’t know who it was, but somebody out there is apparently pissed, and is spreading the word that Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his buddies, Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine , have been lying for almost five years to them and everybody else, including the Conservative Party faithful.

The old saying is true that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and the same can be said of those who believe in, financially support, volunteer for, and put their own reputations on the line for a political candidate who they believe is worthy of their dedication. When that balloon pops, mobs of torch bearing villagers carrying ropes are not far behind. (Metaphorically speaking of course ;-)

The message was clear: the proof is found HERE.

We can effectively assess who was visiting and why by looking at the pages that the readers went to; as if pointed directly at them. We also know that very few of them came in from Google or other search engines, and that most came from direct links that were likely emailed to them by another disillusioned former hard-core party supporter.

People are NOT stupid, and when provided with the facts that contradict the rhetoric they will NOT blindly believe the word of somebody who is clearly lying and hiding.

Primarily interest revolved around the story of the award our Producer’s business is giving away at the Chamber of Commerce Business Awards, and then the article about how Rogers is featuring our unique and innovative business in a new TV show. After that the swarm moved onto the various pages about our Producer’s philosophy of “Pay It Forward” as enacted through repeated acts of charitable and true altruism.

Just like you cannot convince a person of intelligence that a 74 Volkswagen Beetle is a new Maserati, the lies told so far about our Producer just don’t match up with the hard facts, and everybody sees it.

The numbers don’t lie and the attached screen grab has not been altered. We leave deception of that kind to Darren Roskam who loves so much to play with his ancient version of Photoshop on his ten year old Mac in order to deface images of other people in an attempt to bring them down to his disgusting level of twisted self-loathing.

The number "101" refers to the visitors who came to that website yesterday, Tuesday, November 11, 2014, and the "173" is the number of visitors who reviewed the commercial website during the entire preceding seven days. The "0" is the number that had visited this morning by 5:00am when our Producer started his day.

No surprises there.

Our standard this past year has been 12-18 visitors per day, which is normal for a small business that deals only with other businesses, but that number has been rising to an average of about 25 per day ever since we returned to report on this story.

Clearly people are asking the tough questions based on the new facts that are irrefutable, and evidently Barrie MP Patrick Brown, and his friends Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine are still hiding under their desks refusing to truthfully address the issues.

We openly invite Barrie MP Patrick Brown, and his friends Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine to face our evidence against them in the open, on camera, in full view of the world.

We are not hiding who we are, and we are now prospering from our three years of simple, open, honesty.

Those who once supported these men are now starting to see the truth, as for five years we have stood behind what we have said and done.

In sharp contrast, those we are exposing have worked hard to silence this story through an abuse of our criminal justice system, and multiple failed attempts to censor our story from Google, and an online campaign of vacuous propaganda as published by Darren Roskam; a two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and self-admitted rider of Welfare who has publicly accused our Producer of everything from child abuse, to elder abuse, to paedophilia, fraud, defamation, con-games, using women, and just about every other crime you can think of.

If anybody had committed even 1% of what Roskam accused our Producer of doing that person would rightfully be locked away in jail for years.

Of course Roskam presented NO evidence other than his self-acclaimed “Golden Word” and despite promising to present evidence and the sworn testimony of a whole line of people ready to support Roskam’s allegations, no such evidence was ever presented and no witnesses ever materialized.

In truth, Roskam’s most recent attempt to silence this story through an abuse of the purpose and intent of our civil justice system resulted in an order of the court that demands that Roskam pay our Producer $2,500.00 as compensation for being a royal pain in the ass.

It is little wonder that Roskam has been too cowardly to serve his most recent threatened big and bad lawsuit; this time against not only our Producer, but also against the man’s 74 year old mother who suffers from Parkinson’s and whom Roskam has never even met.

That tactic of intimidation backfired, as did Roskam's decision to send perverted postcards to our Producer that Roskam smeared with what looks like his own feces. Such disgusting and reprehensible methods of coercion are used only by bullies and cowards, and those who are desperate to conceal their own wrongdoings.

We went public about both offensive actions, as we have with all things related to this story, which Roskam clearly did not expect we would do, with the result being greater support for us and only scorn for Darren Roskam and those he serves.

Those who we are exposing through this story continue to hide from scrutiny and the evidence we have against them, and even their own supporters are clearly asking why these men won’t stop playing silly games and simply pony up for what they have done.

We are sure that those who are competing with Barrie MP Patrick Brown for the leadership of the Provincial Conservatives will be sure to point their supporters to the facts contained within this story; especially when it is converted to a responsive smart phone and tablet friendly format, including much more of our evidence, and it is accompanied by a massive social media campaign and very effective SEO.

Sorry boys, the days of hiding are done,
and we are not going anywhere.

November 11, 2014

Desperate and Delusional

Our growing number of readers know that Darren Roskam is the ONLY voice speaking for those who we are exposing; which is the ONLY reason we are giving the self-admitted rider of Welfare ANY time in this article.

We all know that Darren Roskam is NOT and never will be the slightest bit important, except that he is the mouthpiece for those who we are working to expose.

We say “ONLY” because when confronted by our Producer, Mark Lang, the President of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine and publisher of Snow Goer Magazine, refused to back up his own claims as made under oath in a court of law and he ran away. Meanwhile, Barrie MP Patrick Brown ran and hid like a frightened child into the kitchen and behind the skirts of his assistant when confronted by our growing volumes of evidence.

Neither of them, nor Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine in Barrie, have mustered the courage to challenge our evidence in court, or on camera despite repeated requests by us for an interview.

Well, to better understand the obsession Roskam holds regarding our Producer, you need look no further than the attached IPNoid report, which shows clearly that within a mere 24 hours, between November 9 and 10, 2014, Darren Roskam visited this story no less than 12 times, at all times of the day and night, and that he stayed here, reading and re-reading the same materials, for as long as 57:09 minutes per visit.

As can be seen, Roskam tried sneaking into our story under the radar by using Google to hide his tracks, but poor, and we do mean poor, Darren Roskam was clumsy, and now he has been tagged by our system like a beluga on a Discovery Channel documentary.

Roskam and those he serves are NOT fooling anybody about who they are or how obsessed they have become ;-)

Roskam has been publishing unsupported defamatory libel about our Producer and his business and our team and others for more than five years, which was the reason why Mark Lang and Martin Convery breached their contract with the internationally experienced video specialist; which lead to them going to Barrie MP Patrick Brown for help in order to evade liability for breach of contract, which started this whole story.

However, neither we, nor likely anybody else, cares what the two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and exposed vexatious litigant has to say. None of us have visited nor in any way shown ANY attention to Roskam’s ridiculous rants and asinine allegations . . .

. . . which he knows is true from his own visitor logs.

Clearly that total lack of attention and interest is driving society’s biggest canker sore to distraction, which is why he is camped out on our story and sending repeated angry emails to our Producer; all of which will be used against Darren Roskam in order to attain a restraining order, and ultimately as evidence in a criminal prosecution through the OPP or RCMP.

The same, however, cannot be said about the effect we are having on Roskam and those he serves, as can be seen by the emotional outburst via email that the spokesman for the group sent to our Producer that is featured below in an update dated November 2, 2014, entitled "Simply Pathetic . . . and we are NOT only referring to Roskam"

That concern is now clearly being mirrored by Roskam's masters, Barrie MP Patrick Brown and the good buddies he supported through an abuse of his authority as undertaken on his behalf by Detective Constables Scott Aldridge and Tammy Watson of the Barrie Police Services.

The only difference is that those who use Roskam are coming to this story through proxy servers, as unlike “Media Group” empire “President / Paperboy” Darren Roskam, those he serves can actually afford to pay for the same cloaking service that is used by terrorists, paedophiles, and criminals who are “doing business” online.

We are all judged by the company we keep.

Perhaps Roskam is logging on so many times in order to copy and paste the content of our newest updates into emails that he can send to Barrie MP Patrick Brown and the owners of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, who do not want to be shown visiting our article.

But that would only account for one visit per day.

Sadly for Barrie MP Patrick Brown, we already have evidence of his repeated visits as made from Parliament Hill before a truly tech savvy member of his staff told him about proxy servers. That article is a little dated now, but it is still valid.

The pending launch of our revised story, as told more effectively through a responsive design website operating as Five Points Media, along with advance SEO, and a social media campaign, will draw thousands of new readers; if only because we will whet their appetites regarding money they can earn by exposing the truth about how the Barrie City Council buried the facts about toxins in the soil and a First Nations burial ground that were discovered as a result of the Allandale Train Station refurbishment.

Those who once held unquestioned power within this rapidly growing community are now feeling the effects of this story and other influences, such as the civil claim regarding the cover up at Allandale and the quiet "coup" this past summer at the Chamber of Commerce.

It is now those community conscious people and their business associates who are reading this article, which is reflected by the growing number of our readers.

It is also perhaps the reason why our Producer is now suddenly so respected in Barrie that he is being honoured by the Chamber of Commerce, who this year named a business award after his branding and media company and his team is also being featured on a new television series being produced by Rogers.

Not everybody is willing or able to stand up and take on corruption when they see it, but there are a hell of a lot of people in this community who seem to be very quietly getting behind and supporting our Producer and his fight to expose the wrongs of our community.

Our readership continues to grow, as does interest in this story from mainstream media.

November 10, 2014

Hazzard By Proxy

Traffic to this story has been growing exponentially since we re-initiated reporting about two weeks ago, with at least half of the visitors coming to us through proxy servers via Internet connections in Brazil, Hungary, Ecuador, and many other random countries where nobody would care about this story.

In the attached example, the SpeedNet IP address report clearly states that one visitor accessed our story from “Address ranges below are reserved by IANA for private intranets, and not routable to the Internet.”

What that means, in a nutshell, is that the person visiting our story did so from behind a corporate or government firewall that was designed to cloak from public view its online point of origin to the Internet. This kind of clandestine technology allows the visitor to access the Internet in a way that hides their tracks by use of a third party proxy server.

It is the same kind of online concealment that is used by paedophiles, terrorists, and criminals who don’t want to be traced.

We have been very open about our Producer’s professional history and the fact that he has worked in computer and online forensics with law enforcement, private security, and investigations. We have also in the past freely revealed facts about visits to this story by the Barrie Police Services, government agencies, Conservative Party representatives, the media, and others; as is our right.

As such, it does not surprise us that those with a vested interest in silencing this story are now hiding their activities in this manner; in the same way that when confronted Mark Lang refused to back up the statements he made why under the protection of the court and Barrie MP Patrick Brown ran and hid from our evidence when confronted at a public event.

Only those with something to hide do so.

Those who have worked so hard to silence this story are now connecting the dots and realizing the potential tsunami of interest that will be generated soon due to our partnership with another community minded businessman who has for the past two years or more been telling his story about another abuse of authority in Barrie; that being about the Allandale Train Station.

From his most recent email it is obvious that Darren Roskam has not yet connected the dots, which hardly comes as a surprise, but those with the power who pull his strings have been watching the website and Facebook page of our Producer’s business, and they saw the connection all the way back in June of this year when we first went public about our association.

We have the tech savvy, the 40 plus years of collective professional experience in international media, the advanced knowledge of social media and how to use it to generate public interest, and the desire to tell this story; meanwhile, he has a passion for telling his story that has been stifled by the local controlled media and more than enough money to invest the thousands of dollars needed to hire lawyers and to generate through public concern and interest the means by which we can each attain the evidence that has been buried in both stories.

We are thinking the people of Barrie are about to have their eyes opened.

November 7, 2014

Not Going Anywhere

We have received a few emails from long time readers noting a renewed enthusiasm for the telling of this story, and asking what has changed. Even Roskam ranted about it repeatedly in his many recent ravenous emails; although he wrongly predicted that it would fizzle. In the past we have had long periods of no fresh content, but our situation has changed dramatically, which is greatly affecting our ability to continue telling this story, and and also other stories that are related to our main focus.

We are no longer struggling to start a new business, as is demonstrated by our new stature amongst members of the Chamber of Commerce and Rogers TV, and while our Producer used to have to balance his time to meet the needs of his ailing mother, now he is able to hire who is needed to provide expert care in her home. Now we have the time to commit to this project more freely, and we intend to do just that.

The reasons for our renewed vigour are timing, circumstance, opportunity, and the availability of large sums of money.

Our Producer’s business is now established, and clearly busy, and as any machine moves forward with greater speed it requires less effort and time to keep it going. We also now have the right people to get the job done efficiently in-house, and we have garnered the kind of connections within the local business community that are essential for success but take time to create

We are not saying there will be new material every day, but a couple of times a week can be assured.

Our connections within both the community and charities have also improved dramatically during the past twelve months, and our ongoing contributions to those in need have made it very difficult for those we are exposing to lie about our motivation for telling this story.

It is also the reason for our increased readership.

Roskam can continue to rant about our Producer eating babies or whatever utter foolishness the court labelled libelist wants to say; however, those of us who live in reality know that no extortionist or con-man goes to the expense of donating expensive media services or putting up a sign on his studio wall that serves only to support charities and the community.

We have also made political allies, none of which are Conservative, who have our back should the Barrie Police choose once again to illegally hinder our Charter guaranteed rights and freedoms; which would be hard for them to explain since for three years we have been openly producing a documentary about specific detectives abusing their authority.

Recently our video production crew worked on the NDP provincial campaign, where we made friends with a whole range of people including several prominent lawyers. Those socially active people want us to expose the dark underbelly of Barrie and the abuses of power.

We are certainly not saying that we are above the law, but if any rogue cop for hire tried to pull now what Detective Constables Aldridge and Watson did a few years ago, they and Chief Greenwood and the City of Barrie would be reeling from it for years in both civil court and mainstream media; just like when Constable Jason Neville violently assaulted an unarmed and defenceless man and his buddies in blue destroyed evidence to cover it up.

It was easy to subjugate the rights of our Producer when he had no business or political connections, but it will be quite another matter to take on the people we now know. Our political, legal, business, and community friends would not take kindly to another attack by those who continue to grasp at the old local power structure.

Those who once controlled everything are now losing their power quickly, as was demonstrated at the Chamber of Commerce this past summer, when the privileged few were brushed aside by a collection of local business owners who were tired of watching all of the contracts and wealth go consistently to the same people.

The action was so dramatic that many members called it a coup, which we supported.

Change is coming to this area whether the old school like it or not, and we are now at the vanguard of much needed change. It is quite a change from our Producer’s position at the start of this story, which is why Mark Lang, his partner Martin Convery, and Barrie MP Patrick Brown continue to hide behind Darren Roskam, a two times court labelled libelist (Ruling 1) (Ruling 2) who was removed from the YMCA for acting inappropriately in a children’s area, but who is welcomed as a brother at all Conservative events.

We also received sponsorship to tell the story of Allandale Train Station, which we have been working on all summer, which has assisted us in opening Five Points Media.

Through that venture we will be asking local taxpayers to research several key points of the story that have been covered up by City Council, senior City staff, or politicians of various levels, including Barrie MP Patrick Brown.

Those people know people and have access to information that is currently not available to us, and in exchange for the right materials that can be confirmed to be true they will receive plain old fashion cash; to the tune of several thousand dollars for the right evidence that we and our sponsor can use to substantiate our claims both here and in a court of law.

Just imagine the reaction when that offer hits the public.

The particulars are pending, but we will be announced this opportunity via a paid advertising campaign through Social Media, which will result in tens of thousands of local people, particularly in Allandale, being made aware of the facts that will draw them to the new website for Five Points Media.

That, of course, will generate spin off readership for the new and improved version of the Hazzard County story.

Finally, this story has attracted the attention of an outside benefactor who is bored with early retirement, and who has always wanted to be an investigative reporter. He isn’t, and never will be (sorry buddy) but he knows how he wants to spend his newly found spare time and he wants to commit his financial support to our cause. We welcome both.

We know those we are exposing will accuse us of cashing in on looneys with a grudge, but that is not the case.

For far too long those who disagreed with the local power structure have been silenced by a media that is controlled by the few businesses in Barrie who have large advertising budgets. Those businesses have held an unfair advantage because they are part of the local power structure, and they continue to enjoy prosperity because of who they know and who they serve in local politics.

That is not fair to the city or to those who live and try to do business here, and some people are willing to put their hard-earned money where their mouth is in order to exercise their Charter guaranteed right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.

Barrie's population explosion is destroying the old ways, as was demonstrated at the Chamber of Commerce.

The police say ‘means’, ‘motive’, and ‘opportunity’, are the three aspects of a crime that must be established before guilt can be determined in a criminal proceeding. The same can also be said here about the investment and circumstances that are allowing us to continue telling our stories of crimes committed by public authorities that the local controlled media will not report.

Please stand by because we are not going anywhere.

November 6, 2014

Credibility Has Shifted, And They Know It

Those who have been following this story are now getting the facts about who is credible and telling the truth, and who has been lying and hiding for the past three years.

The result has been a dramatic increase in traffic to our Producer’s commercial website from this story by those who want to know why the Chamber of Commerce for Barrie and now Rogers TV are both so eager to work with and promote our Producer’s business.

For three years we have showed how Mark Lang refused to support his allegations outside of the protection of the court before running away from our Producer.

Then we showed Barrie MP Patrick Brown literally running and hiding behind the pots and pans like a frightened school boy when presented with our evidence at a public event.

Let’s also not forget Darren Roskam, who is now so weak and feeble in his attempts to intimidate our Producer that he sent feces coated postcards through the mail and is now threatening to sue the man’s mother, who Roskam has never even met; however Roskam is even too fear overwhelmed and too cowardly to serve the Statement of Claim on our Producer or his 74 year old mother who suffers from Parkinson's.

On the other side of the coin, our Producer's company just keeps earning kudos, piled up high and strong, as our Producer and his business are being honoured by both the Chamber of Commerce for Barrie and the City of Barrie, who have named an award after our Producer’s commercial business that is to be presented at the 2014 Business Awards Gala.

If that is not enough to make a few former blind followers scratch their heads about the credibility of those we are exposing, now Rogers Communications is featuring our Producer’s business in a new series of Chamber Connected.

It has been three years since the self-serving and fraudulent claims of Mark Lang and Martin Convery were smashed by the gavel of the Criminal Justice System, and then dismissed as abuses of our Producer’s Charter guaranteed rights.

Ever since that day Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, and Barrie MP Patrick Brown have hidden from our growing file of evidence while engaging in a campaign of deception and misdirection that they have spearheaded through the well-known propagandist Darren Roskam; a two time court labelled publisher of online defamatory libel (Ruling 1) (Ruling 2) who was welcomed openly as a brother at Rod Jackson’s not-so-much-a-victory party and at Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s recent press conference where he announced he would be running for leadership of the Provincial Progressive Conservative Party.

Roskam’s unsubstantiated defamatory rants against our Producer are similar to campaigns he has engaged in against others, such as Erich Jacoby-Hawkins, the leader of the Green Party in Barrie, who along with a friend successfully sued Roskam for defamatory libel, winning $17,000.00 in combined damages (Ruling 1) (Ruling 2).

Roskam's unsupported allegations against our Producer have included groundless accusation of child abuse, elder abuse, paedophilia, abuse against women, fraud, and confidence scams; none of which were backed up with ANY evidence.

If ANY of Roskam's claims had ANY merit our Producer would have been charged, convicted, and jailed long ago.

Roskam's other favourite rant is an ongoing assertion that our Producer is not running a real company and he has no real team. We think these two simple links to our Producer's commercial company website and corresponding Facebook will show the level of delusion to which Roskam suffers. Those are real people, and that is a real studio with real broadcast quality production equipment, and our Producer's commercial company really does have over 1,000 Facebook followers.

It is the gnomes and fairies that Roskam has written about so often that are the fantasy team which make up the Crowe “Media Group empire".

Mark Lang and Martin Convery, the director of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, and their political ally Barrie MP Patrick Brown got away for a long time with telling colourful stories about our Producer, whose business was small and his influence within the local community was limited.

That is why they turned to Darren Roskam, a self-admitted rider of Welfare who will publish ANYTHING about ANYBODY in order to coerce them to pay money or to comply with his demands.

Then, if they won’t kowtow to his orders, Roskam concocts a reason to sue them with the result usually being that the court orders Roskam to pay costs to his intended victim, which he then evades by hiding behind self-induced poverty.

In most towns that repeated pattern of threatening people while demanding money would be seen as extortion, and prosecuted accordingly; however, up here in Hazzard County Chief Greenwood toes the line, ignores the law, and does what she is told by those she truly serves . . . who aren't the people who pay her salary.

Due to hard work, networking, diligence, and creativity on the part of our team everything has now changed; and don’t think those we are exposing don’t know it.

Although he has sent to our Producer dozens of hate motivated emails during the past two weeks, Roskam has focused primarily on insults, and typos and attempts to dissuade our Producer from continuing to report on this story.

What Roskam has deliberately ignored is how our Producer’s commitment to the community and charity has made his business stand out so much that he and his business have been selected to present the “Retail Business Excellence Award” that is now named after his company, and that his production company, after only three years in business, is sharing the stage, literally, with some of Barrie’s largest and most influential businesses, including OLG, the Business Development Bank, Powerstream, the Barrie Examiner, Scotiabank, Royal Bank, Bell Canada, and the Mayor of Barrie.

Yeah, we know.
Now Roskam will make comment about it.
Come on Darren speak.
Good boy.
You take orders well.

Denial runs deep in the backwoods of Hazzard County, but the growing numbers of those with a desire to know the truth are getting the message loud and clear, and they are passing it on.

November 5, 2014

A Simply Test

A few days ago we accidentally posted a typo when we used the word “simply” instead of “simple” somewhere within the content of a 1,200 word article.

It happens to best of publications, which we can attest to since our Producer is the former Deputy Editor of a national European newspaper that was owned by the Washington Times, and we are all members of a prominent media company in Barrie that is so respected we have been asked to present an award at the annual Business Awards Gala run by the Chamber of Commerce for Barrie and the City of Barrie.

Nonetheless, Darren Roskam, the only public spokesman for Mark Lang, Martin Convery, and Barrie MP Patrick Brown, is so weak in the defence of his actions and those who he serves that he was quick on the mark to email us and rant about the minor misprint that is so insignificant we have not even bothered to fix it.

Nonetheless, Roskam’s pathetic need for attention got us to thinking. So, in Monday’s article, a story about our visit to the Central North Correctional Centre, we deliberately left behind a “simply” mistake, as a way to test how obsessed Roskam is, and to confirm what we already suspected; that Darren Roskam repeatedly visits this story several, and we do mean many, times daily, and not only during the day but also during the wee hours of the morning for extended periods.

Sure enough, Roskam responded with yet another rant about how we are not journalists but he is, etc. etc.

Evidently the “President” of the “CROWE Media Group” empire has lots of time available to analyse, scrutinize, and obsess over every word we write; looking for whatever tiny flaw he can find with which to attack our Producer.

Nonetheless, this self-identified lackey to Barrie MP Patrick Brown and former MPP Rod Jackson hasn’t found much to work with, which is why they and their friends Mark Lang and Martin Convery, the directors of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, have never mustered the courage or ability to disprove ANYTHING we have said with ANYTHING resembling empirical evidence in any court of law.

That is also the reason why all four of them run and hide when they see our Producer carrying a camera.

Quite honestly, we could take a week ripping apart whatever Darren Roskam writes in support of Mark Lang, Martin Convery, and Barrie MP Patrick Brown, whom Roskam claims not to know yet he has repeatedly touted their praises, but we stopped reading Roskam's delusional drivel a long time ago . . .

. . . as did everybody else.

We have no idea what gibberish Roskam is “publishing” about us; we simply don’t care, and he knows it. His own website visitor counter has told him that, which is why the social miscreant is repeatedly emailing our Producer with long drawn-out emails demanding his attention.

Nobody cares Roskam. Go play with your toys.

After drooling over our story for several hours Roskam jumped on his ten year old Mac and emailed to our Producer another long, drawn out daily rant which we will paraphrase and compress to "Roskam is the man, and our Producer is the bitch (no gay overtones there), and Roskam is the guy in charge who is going to take our Producer down, burn us in court, be our destroyer, blah, blah, blah."

Come out of the closet Darren.
People are much more accepting now.
All that repressed self-loathing cannot be good for you.

Despite the fact that Roskam has been screaming that same rant for more than five years he has never actually done anything to hurt our Producer in any long-term financial or professional way, as people see Roskam's pathetic demands for attention as the ridiculous rants of a loon.

Roskam has also never received a single penny from our Producer, despite having filed five civil lawsuits in as many years, and he now owes his intended victim $2,500.00 in court ordered costs.

Roskam has also done nothing but increase our readership here as the general public want to know why Chief Greenwood of the Barrie Police Services has done NOTHING to hinder the obvious obsession of this potentially dangerous social miscreant, who has sent very unwelcome love letters to our Producer, followed by postcards coated with what looks like Roskam's own feces, and then threatening to sue our Producer's 74 year old mother who Roskam has never met, who Roskam is too cowardly or too ashamed to personally serve with his latest oh-so-scary threatened claim.

Tomorrow Darren Roskam will take over the world!!

You watch . . he will . . . really. . . . he and his minions. . . . of his media group . . . . . or he will sue the UN . . . . . yes . . . . that is what he will do . . . . . . he will start the claim . . . . . he and his loyal followers . . . . . . and he will teach a judge about the law!!

Or maybe, just maybe, that poor delusional dissident will snap and hurt somebody, like a defenceless old lady.

We call upon Chief Kimberley Greenwood of the Barrie Police Services to stand behind the oath she took to "serve and protect" ALL of the people of Barrie, and not just kowtow like a lackey to the local politically power brokers.

November 3, 2014

Paranoid Personnel at Penetanguishene Penitentiary

Our Producer decided to take advantage of the perfect shooting opportunity on Sunday, November 2, 2014 by driving up to Central North Correctional Centre, also known as the Penetanguishene Super Jail, to get some background footage (or b-roll) of the outside of the facility for our documentary Hypocrisy in Hazzard County.

He shot what he needed from the road, which is an act that does not require anybody’s permission; nonetheless, our production assistant noted that an unmarked surveillance vehicle was parked openly a few yards away throughout much of the time that we recording the outside of this publicly owned building that is clearly visible from a provincially maintained public road.

Shooting video at Central North Correctional Centre, also known as the Penetanguishene Super Jail

Then our Producer shut the camera down, closed the lens cap, and drove to the main entrance to ask permission to shoot some closer shots of the outside. He didn’t want to go inside, or in any secure areas; but only to get some good shots of the barb wire etc., which would be easier to attain on the grounds.

Our Producer was initially welcomed and treated with respect by two very helpful and cooperative female guards who worked behind a glass barrier. That all changed, however, after he volunteered his business card to one of those guards who typed his name into the computer. Then you might say that the reception got frosty, and it became clear that they knew who we were, and why we were there.

Our Producer waited patiently for more than ten minutes, and was then suddenly confronted by a very aggressive man in sergeant stripes but no name badge who charged out of a side door with undue haste into the foyer where our Producer sat peacefully. The uniformed man was accompanied by a very demanding older woman who wore a prison guard overcoat, which again had no name.

It was clear from their demeanour that these people were used to getting what they wanted from prisoners and their subordinates, and they didn’t have a clue how to handle a man of intelligence who wasn’t intimidated; who didn’t give a damn about their uniforms, their perceived authority, or their goose-stepping method of management.

Our Producer knows exactly what his rights are as dictated by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Supreme Court of Canada, and as Detective Constables Scott Aldridge and Tammy Watson learned from a nearly three year attempt to coerce his silence, our Producer doesn’t cower to the commands of others who THINK they have the right to tell everybody else what they can and cannot do.

Despite their all-too-often claims to the contrary, police officers and prison guards exist ONLY to UPHOLD the laws that are created by greater minds than theirs.

Under the law any video camera operator, be they news, independent media, or just a person with a camcorder, can record ANYTHING that is visible to the naked eye from any public street; which includes prisons, government offices, and the activities of on duty police officers.

That ruling was made in the British Columbia Superior Court a few years ago when police there thought they had the right to physically restrain or assault any citizen who was recording them using excessive force during an arrest. The British Columbia Superior Court said the police were wrong, and the Superior Courts of most if not all provinces, including Ontario, agreed with them.

So, when those prison officials demanded they had the “authority” to view the video shot by our Producer from the street, the thirty year veteran of international media politely told them “no”. Then, when they pushed and became threatening he demanded that they call the Ontario Provincial Police and attain a search warrant.

According to these “authorities” of the Penetanguishene Super Jail, a mysterious unidentified guard had claimed to have seen our Producer recording from within the facility, and according to the Sergeant and his sidekick that was enough for them to demand that our Producer capitulate to their commands.

However, when their “authority” was challenged and our Producer demanded that they present the “witness” against him to the OPP, the sergeant and his sidekick curled up their tails. There are after all cameras everywhere at the Central North Correctional Centre that would have shown clearly that our Producer did nothing more than drive directly to the administrative building and walk in as he claimed to have done.

Sadly, prison guards, even in their own prison, don’t have the legal right to arbitrarily search a person or seize property from anybody outside of the cells of the prisoners they detain. So, the claim was a lie, and the pathetic ruse failed to compel our Producer to give up his intellectual property to the meaty hands of two glorified security guards with ego issues and limited education. After a few moments of a very one sided argument, the sergeant demanded that our Producer “Get off the property” which he did of his own volition after wishing both of his minders to have a nice day.

Upon entering the driveway to the main entrance of the Central North Correctional Centre there is a sign saying that visitors cannot bring weapons, illegal drugs, or alcohol onto the property, which makes sense. Nowhere, however, does it say that you cannot bring a camera onto the property. It is after all county jail, not the federal penitentiary, and most people are in there for petty crime, not mass murder.

So, why the paranoia about our Producer bringing his camera onto the property, and why the anger and the demands to see what he had recorded from the public road, especially as he was wearing a hat and jacket from a media company, and had offered his business card openly as means of introduction?

It is obvious that the aggressive young man in the sergeant’s stripes knew who we were, why we were there, and specifically who our Producer is supposed to be according to those we are working to expose; thus the aggression. The questions of course are how did this simply minded goon know who we were, and who ordered him to act so aggressively to a man he didn’t know, and had no reason to fear?

The answer of course is obvious from the change of demeanour displayed by the female guard after typing our Producer’s name into her computer. The prison computers will be on the same network as the police, as all of them are administered by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, and there is evidently a big red flag against the name of our Producer; who has not been convicted of any criminal offence, and who owns a legitimate business that supports numerous charities and is very respected within the local business community.

Why would local law enforcement be so paranoid about an expose documentary unless they have something serious to hide?

Is that why Chief Greenwood of the Barrie Police Services refuses to take action against Darren Roskam, the spokesman for those we are exposing who sent what looks like feces smeared postcards to our Producer but remains free on the street to do the same to others?

Is that why we are now having to step way outside Hazzard County to ask an actual police force that does not work under their own agenda to take appropriate action to actually investigate the corruption and abuse of authority by a small group of officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services?

The Penetanguishene Super Jail is an important component of our story as it is where Detective Constables Scott Aldridge and Tammy Watson of the Barrie Police Services tried to bury our Producer after he refused to sign a “get out of jail free” confession regarding a charges that the court later confirmed were a violation of the rights of all citizens; pursuant to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which protects the right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.

Those Detective Constables had been comfortable with our Producer walking the streets based on a “Recognisance” that our Producer had noted he signed under duress, but then the Crown agreed that Detective Constables Aldridge and Watson had been a little heavy handed in their demands on the innocent man’s Charter guaranteed rights and it was becoming clear that their intended victim of abuse of authority was intent on taking the allegations to trial; which he did and the charges were ultimately dropped by the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County or dismissed by the court as violations of our Producer’s Charter rights, that protect us all.

According to the testimony of Mark Lang, the president of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, various constables of the Barrie Police Services had refused on four separate occasions to become involved in what they called a “strictly civil matter”.

Then Mark Lang confessed that he and his partner Martin Convery turned for help to Barrie MP Patrick Brown, who stood to be embarrassed by their breach of contract and decision to publish propaganda against our Producer, as he had just publicly given Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine nearly $27,000.00 of tax payer money.

Then, suddenly, as if by magic, the case that was “not a police matter” suddenly warranted two Detective Constables, search warrants, computer forensics, and a whole lot of criminal charges that were frankly so ridiculous that our Producer never once took them seriously.

We allege, based on the sworn testimony of Mark Lang, that our “Honourable” Member of Parliament for Barrie made a phone call to a personal contact at the Barrie Police Services asking for a favour; to subjugate the rights of a recently divorced and financially insignificant man who had become a nuisance to his friends.

Despite us making this claim for three years, and offering repeatedly the opportunity for Barrie MP Patrick Brown to dispute our claims, he has chosen instead to run and hide whenever he sees us coming, and to call on the Barrie Police Services to try to seize our video; just like the guards at the Central North Correctional Centre tried and failed to do so.

Little did any of them know that what seemed like a simple favour would result in an embarrassing defeat in court, which gave our Producer the RIGHT to continue telling this story and to expand upon it to expose many other instances of such abuses. Details on those are coming.

They also could not have predicted that this story, then told by a single person fighting a corrupt system, would later be told by a very active and very well equipped media company, through which our Producer can now very effectively tell this story with the assistance of his own in-house responsive design website designers, social media and search engine optimization experts, broadcast quality video equipment, and all of the other toys that make media so much fun ;-)

Nobody could have predicted these events five years ago, which is why EVERYBODY in “authority” is now hiding from us and panicking when we show up with our camera; from Chief Greenwood of the Barrie Police Services, who refuses to arrest the lackey of Patrick Brown and other Conservatives like Rod Jackson even after he sent feces coated postcards through the mail to our Producer, all the way down to some anonymous sergeant at the Penetanguishene Super Jail.

If they had nothing to hide those in authority wouldn’t be worried about us; and that, ladies and gentlemen, is why more people are reading this story every day.

It's called credibility!!

November 2, 2014

Simply Pathetic . . .

. . . and we are NOT only referring to Roskam

Before reading one of the more recent emails we have received from Darren Roskam, keep in mind that this self-admitted rider of Welfare claims (at least to his many imaginary minions) that he is a “successful graphics artist” with “lots of clients” and also the “publisher” of “Barrie’s BEST Magazine”; which in truth is a one-page angry gripe newsletter that Roskam photocopies a few times a year as the cornerstone of an imaginary "Media Group" (not just a company, but a "Group") where Roskam is the “President” (and Treasurer, and Secretary, and Grand Puba, and Chief Shark Hunter, and Children's Toy Tester, etc.).

Darren Roskam is in fact so focused on the success of his growing empire of influence that he personally acts as the paperboy when this important representative of Barrie media hand delivers “Barrie’s BEST Magazine” on foot or on his bicycle to downtown diners and dives, who give it away free of charge.

That must be one small boardroom table,
catered by Popeye Chicken.

In that recent email Roskam noted:

:) Were you expecting me to react to your pathetic attempts?
:/ So boring as usual.
I) ZZZzzz......

Well Roskam might have missed it,
but the rest of us didn't.

Given the power of Darren Roskam's prose and the utter awesomeness of his obvious intellectual prowess, it is not hard to see how this impressive Renaissance Man can also truly be the “legal expert” he professes to be; who has demonstrated through one loss in court after another that he does truly know more about the law than every lawyer he has challenged and every judge in Small Claims Court and the Superior Court of Justice who has ruled against Roskam and ordered him to pay tens of thousands of dollars in costs to the intended victims of this reviled malignant tumour on the ass of society.

Go get em Darren, and give them everything you've got, literally.

Finally, let’s also not forget that Darren Roskam is also an “important politician” (just ask him ;-), who insists on embarrassing himself repeatedly by running and losing horribly at every level of government while transparently manufacturing propaganda for the Conservative Party candidate who he truly serves; all while pretending to represent some irrelevant party nobody has ever heard of outside of the USA, where the Libertarian Party is the laughing stock and whipping boy of even lowbrow humoured shows like Robot Chicken.

Yup, even dem dere hillbillies is making fun of the party represented by Barrie’s biggest social canker sore.

So, with that in mind, and remembering that we presented extensive actual evidence, consider here how the “Renaissance Man” who is Darren Roskam responded to our evidence and our allegations, including that he has sent tokens of love and affection to our Producer, a straight man, followed then by feces smeared postcards when Roskam, an apparent closet homosexual, did not get the response he wanted, and that Roskam is now suing our Producer and his mother, a 74 year old Parkinson's patient who Roskam has never met, in yet another tantrum through which Darren Roskam is demanding the attention of our Producer.

Wow! Mark Lang, Martin Convery, and Barrie MP Patrick Brown must be overjoyed to have this maniacal Mensa master working as their spokesman; but they have little choice as none of them will muster the courage to come out from under their desks long enough to face our evidence on camera or in a court of law.

What can you say about people who have so much to hide that they try to conceal their actions behind somebody of such character, refinement, intellectual prowess, and charm as Darren Adrian Roskam?

Is there little wonder why our readership is going through the roof?

October 30, 2014

Rod Jackson Exposé Video hits 500 Views

It is not really news, but we thought it prudent to mention that the Rod Jackson Exposé video through which we exposed the gay bashing campaign of our now former Conservative MPP and his apparently closet homosexual sidekick Darren Roskam, just rolled the odometer to 500 views.

Darren Roskam's homosexual love letter
Click here or on the image for details

It is through that video that we showed with irrefutable evidence how Darren Roskam ranted about the "evils" of the gay community, but did so only after Roskam sent clear signs of twisted affection to our Producer.

Not twisted because of the homosexual overtones Roskam projected, but twisted because Roskam is . . . well . . . Roskam.

Of course Roskam's love letter to our Producer came long before the scorned and twisted social miscreant started sending feces coated postcards to that same man; which seems like the actions of a scorned wannabe gay lover who has been told "no" and "please just leave me alone" by a straight man who Darren Roskam desired.

So, evidently, Darren Roskam feels he has the right to try to destroy that which he cannot have, which is rather consistent with his past abuses of our civil court system; such as the frivolous lawsuit Darren Roskam filed when told he could not host his own children's TV show.

It also answers why Darren Roskam has needed to file repeated frivolous lawsuits against our Producer, and why he is now so desperately trying to up the ante by suing the man's mother, who Roskam has never even met.

It just screams "Pay Attention To Me"!!

If you watch that video you will understand . . . or at least you will have the facts about Roskam's five year infatuation with our Producer that is the solid bedrock of reason on which Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, and Barrie MP Patrick Brown have made so many brilliant decisions since first listening to Darren Roskam.

October 30, 2014

Spin-Off Traffic Very Welcome

Credibility is key when dealing with stories like ours, and clearly the majority of people support the candour of our openness verses the run and hide techniques demonstrated so far by Mark Lang of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine , and Barrie MP Patrick Brown.

This is best demonstrated by the fact that more than 70% of those visiting this story are now following links to our Producer’s commercial website, as is our intent, and they are then moving further into other pages of that website seeking more information about our Producer and our production team.

That decision to learn more demonstrates a belief in what they are reading, as only a person who is interested spends time researching something, and only a person or group that is credible is worthy of such an investment of time.

We know that for the past three years Mark Lang, Martin Convery, and their political ally Barrie MP Patrick Brown have been telling colourful stories about who we are; while at the same time hiding from our evidence and ignoring our repeated requests for an on-camera interview through which we could discuss what we know about them.

Even though they have worked so hard to silence us, through abuses of the criminal justice system, the civil court system, defamation, and threats of violence with deadly weapons, we want those we are exposing to have their say publicly so that we can tell a balanced story.

That openness and our desire to get to the truth are the most obvious differences between our two sides.

However, sadly, Mark Lang, Martin Convery and Barrie MP Patrick Brown have too much to hide, so instead of standing up for themselves this “Honourable” Member of Parliament and his federally supported buddies choose to run and hide while their sidekick, Darren Roskam, sends shit to us in the mail; literally.

If you don’t follow that reference we are not being rude but factual, as during a three week period Darren Roskam, the only spokesman for the Directors of Digital Video Production and Barrie MP Patrick Brown, sent to our Producer a series of bizarre penniless pauper postcards, the last two of which appeared to be smeared with feces; apparently provided personally by Darren Roskam.

We reported the transparent criminal offence to the Barrie Police Services, and even surrendered to them the disgusting evidence; however, Chief Greenwood appears only to use the law against those who her masters tell her to subjugate, while ignoring the obvious transgressions of their minions.

We openly invite Mark Lang, Martin Convery, the directors of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, and Barrie MP Patrick Brown to have their say on camera with us, at which time we will present what we know, and they can disprove our claims against them openly for ALL to see.

Gentlemen, we are ready for your closeup..

October 29, 2014

Exposure Leads to Business

MANY of those who are now visiting this story are cross referencing the truth about our Producer through his commercial website; that we have not exactly been hiding ;-)

The reason for that is to dispel three years of lies told by Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his people, along with help from Mark Lang and Martin Convery, the owners of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine .

Tonight, out of the blue, a local business owner who read at least part of the Hazzard County story contacted our Producer asking him to put together some numbers for re-branding his business; a job worth potentially tens of thousands of dollars in website design, graphics work, photography, video production, and other media services.

The reader had not heard of our Producer's business before finding this article, which had been sent to him by a friend, but upon reviewing our story and our commercial website he was convinced to hire our team.

Clearly people are now seeing the truth, which is why somebody from Parliament Hill in Ottawa visited our story four times on Monday, along with dozens of others who are visiting us from government services, the media, and other interested parties through proxy servers which hide the identity of the visitor.

For three years Patrick Brown and his friends at Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine have told quite convincing stories about our Producer, but now the truth is coming out and they are in full on panic mode.

A couple of weeks ago the “Ministry of Justice” and the “Canada Revenue Agency” visited our story from publicly identifiable servers; an act that served only to intimidate us.

However, while Patrick Brown and his cronies clearly intended to make us shiver, we posted the truth of the visit here for all to see along with a copy of the visitor log. Please see story and evidence below.

We have no need for secrets because
we are telling the truth.

The problem with bullies is they all face that day of reckoning, which in the school yard usually happens when a new kid comes to town who stands up to the coward and shows him for being what he really is.

For Patrick Brown and his cronies that day is coming, as we are now laying out a campaign of social media and print advertising that will expose our “honourable” MP to all of Barrie, just like our story exposing how Rod Jackson appears to have used Roskam to generate homophobia helped to push him out of office.

Roskam’s unprovoked attack against the mother of our Producer was intended to intimidate, but it has done nothing but generate a stronger desire to expose the truth, which we will be doing very soon following the official launch of Five Points Media.

A few years ago Barrie Police Services Detective Constables Aldridge and Watson chose to abuse their authority in an attempt to silence the truth about the unethical business practices of the friends of Patrick Brown. At that time our Producer was a recently divorced man living in a basement apartment with little more than the truth to back him up.

Nonetheless, the truth alone proved to be enough to establish his innocence in court and to vindicate officially that the Barrie Police Services had abused his Charter guaranteed rights, which include Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.

Now, six years later, our Producer owns a successful branding and video production company that is the go-to media service for the Chamber of Commerce for Barrie. It is also run out of a building that is instantly recognized by at least 80% of our city’s population. If that is not enough, he also own a provincially registered media company and all of the equipment required to produce broadcast quality video; as was demonstrated during the most recent provincial election.

Last but not least, our Producer's team possess all of the online and social media tools and expertise in house to make a serious impact on our community. One recent Facebook advertisement for our Producer’s commercial company was viewed by 50,000 people in Barrie and area, yet it cost us virtually nothing.

Perhaps Barrie City Council and the Barrie Police Services had better ask where our Producer will be six years from now, and if they will be able to even pretend not to care about who will listen to him?

We are not going anywhere, and neither is the truth.

October 28, 2014

Roskam’s Rant Confirms Concerns

Most of our readers understand that Darren Roskam is in truth the “spokesman” for those we are exposing through this story, namely Mark Lang and Martin Convery of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, and Barrie MP Patrick Brown; all of whom have refused to face our evidence and have literally run and hidden whenever they see us coming.

That of course is the act of a guilty person who has something to hide. In sharp contrast, our Producer is open about who he is and why he is telling this story. That openness breeds credibility, support, and respect from those following the story who can see for themselves that we are the only ones with NOTHING to hide.

Sadly, the stress of constantly lying and having to reinvent his “golden word” and personal history seems to be straining on poor Darren Roskam as he has been melting down during these past few weeks at a phenomenal rate, to a point where he now appears to be a real and immediate threat to the health and safety of our Producer’s mother; a 74 year old veteran and grandmother of five, who Roskam has admitted he is aware suffers from Parkinson’s Disease and associated dementia.

All week Darren Roskam has been emailing to us long drawn out letters of repetitive content that he has been carbon copying to Barrie Police Services detectives; like he is bragging about his invulnerability to them and the law.

All of those emails will be included in the revamped responsive design of this website.

The content of much of Roskam’s gibberish is quite disturbing, such as the following copy and paste from his email of last night:

"My mother did not have mental illness, which are the affective disorders such as schizophrenia. Like what you have, probably, with the many conspiracy theories that you are beset by and that you have to share with the world, like any other person such as yourself, with a team of your own hallucinations.
Or do they have names, John? No. They never do, do they? Not going to any time soon, either.
Trying to get me angry? Sorry, you do not matter to me :)
Smiley face :) is all you get from me. No rage. Does that surprise you? Fail :)

Well, any person of intelligence can see that Roskam is ranting and overcompensating to cover his own insecurities about mental illness running in his family, and as for our Producer's importance to him, Roskam's hate fuelled emails are "normally" several thousand words long and he sends them consistently to at least four individual email addresses that Roskam knows our Producer uses or has used in the past. Sadly, like the guy on the street corner wearing the tinfoil hat and shooting at aliens with his fingers, Roskam does not seem to see that his actions are obsessive or abnormal.

What concerns us is that Roskam's incoherent rant shows no sign of remorse from a man who has filed a frivolous lawsuit against a 74 year old grandmother he has never even met solely as a means of coercing us to stop telling the truth about how Mark Lang and Martin Convery asked for a favour from Barrie MP Patrick Brown, who called upon Barrie Detective Constable Scott Aldridge to coerce our Producer not to pursue money that was owed to him under contract by Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine .

Of course, we all know now that the abuse of authority backfired, and in the end a Judge of the Criminal Justice System dismissed all allegations as transparent abuses of our Producer’s rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

If it had truly been a criminal offence for our Producer to tell that story five years ago, then why is it evidently NOT a crime for him to do so now, here, for all to see?

The truth is not a conspiracy theory.

Inconsistencies such as what we are showing here are not a conspiracy theory. The law is the law and if it was truly illegal five years ago for our Producer to tell the truth of this story to a journalist then it sure as hell would be illegal for him to do it here, on a website owned by and registered to our Producer, who is doing NOTHING to hide his identity and is in fact openly acknowledging his ownership of this story and documentary.

The uncontested mouthpiece for Barrie MP Patrick Brown also apparently believes it is perfectly normal to send unwelcome and disturbing postcards that appear to be smeared in Roskam's own feces.

If Darren Roskam’s mother was not burdened with mental illness, then why did his family ask that bereavement donations be made to the Canadian Mental Health Association? Roskam chose simply to wash over that little piece of reality, as he does with many things that do not jive with the “golden word” of this delusional self-admitted “rider of Welfare” who is a “disgrace” to his own family.

Instead of facing reality, Roskam chooses to live in a fantasy world and to bolster his own delusional image by claiming loudly and repeatedly that he is a publisher, and the head of a media company, and a paralegal, and a politician, when in truth he is a self-admitted rider of welfare who is a disgrace to his own family.

Is there any wonder why this poor pathetic wannabe desires so desperately to replace our Producer by becoming the "man" of the house of his "nemesis"? (see below article for details on that reference - wow!)

This is the simple story of how two well-connected businessmen turned for help from a Member of Parliament who had just given them nearly $27,000.00 of tax payer money, and who made a phone call to a morally bankrupt detective asking for a little subjugation to conceal his own embarrassment.

If this story is only a “conspiracy” then why did Barrie’s “honourable” MP run and hide at a public event when confronted with our evidence, and why did Mark Lang refuse to support his own allegations, as made under the protection of the court, when our Producer ran into him at the Barrie landfill?

The criminal court threw out the false allegations made by the Barrie Police Services after acknowledging that their detectives had violated our Producer’s civil rights, as are guaranteed to ALL citizens under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms; which is what we have been saying for nearly three years. Further, a civil court dismissed Roskam’s most recent claim of defamation, when Roskam proved his claim was frivolous by refusing to pony up when ordered to do so by the court.

That is not conspiracy theory Darren, it is reality as substantiated by evidence heard in TWO different courts; both criminal and civil.

Frankly, the only person who lives in a fantasy world of conspiracy theories is Darren Roskam, the spokesman for those we are exposing, who was diagnosed by a Welfare assigned therapist as being paranoid, and who blames everybody from local politicians to judges of the Superior Court for his repeated failings; be it at the political polls, or in court, or in jobs, etc.

Society is not against Darren Roskam, as frankly he is not worthy of any concern or bother, yet he has written repeatedly how he is pushed down and cheated by just about everybody in authority, and he has admitted to one of our staff through email that he has “lots of enemies”.

That is conspiracy theory Mr. Roskam, and you need help separating your delusions from reality.

As for the “team of your own hallucinations” our readers need look no further than here to see a picture of who is hallucinating and who is living in the real world. Those are real people Mr. Roskam, and our Producer’s media and branding business is one of the fastest growing businesses in Barrie, as can be confirmed here.

That reality is simply driving poor Darren crazy, which is what is causing his current behaviour, as despite his excuses, as peppered at our Producer through long drawn out emails thousands of words long, Roskam is and always has been the social and professional loser who despite his self-indulgent bravado is seen rightfully as a pathetic Welfare abuser who wants to be more but will not work to attain it.

Roskam has been outright yelling how he is "not jealous", yet he has openly stated that he wants to replace our Producer and take over his life as the head of his family.

Wanting to be somebody else is the epitome of jealousy.

We have shown motive, opportunity, means, and evidence to support that Darren Roskam is spiralling into a delusional state that is a threat to the safety of an innocent 74 year old woman; and Chief Greenwood of the Barrie Police Services has had more than a year to review more than 500 pages of evidence that proves Darren Roskam has stalked, threatened, and attempted to extort money from our Producer.

Nonetheless, Kimberley Greenwood, the puppet Chief of the Barrie Police Services refuses to do ANYTHING about the transparent threat to the 74 year old woman that is obvious to EVERYBODY else.

The threat presented by Darren Roskam was obvious to Chief Greenwood’s own Constable Davies, badge 7744, who told our Producer in the company of our production team that he was going to arrest Darren Roskam for criminal harassment, but then changed his mind after reporting to his superiors.

Is anybody surprised that our claims against Chief Greenwood and the infamous Barrie Police Services are attracting more attention every day while simultaneously vindicating everything we have been saying here for three years?

There is only so much we will all take before
we say enough!

Roskam’s first act was to sink to the level of sending disturbing homemade penniless pauper postcards to our Producer that appear to be smeared with his own feces. Then, this insignificant toady to the powerful of Barrie began threatening to sue the man’s mother; regardless of the fact that Darren Roskam has never even met the woman he is attacking and Roskam is evidently too cowardly to even come to the 74 year old woman’s door to serve her with his civil claim. As if that is not enough, the grovelling lackey has been simultaneously threatening to claim to “the authorities” that our Producer is abusing his own mother, who we remind you Roskam has never even met.

And the Barrie Police Services under the command of Chief Kimberley Greenwood continue to do NOTHING!

To better understand Roskam’s frankly insane motivation, Roskam has repeatedly identified our Producer as his “nemesis”, and Roskam has identified himself in court papers as “the Batman” (yes, we will be posting that here).

Meanwhile for the past five years Roskam has been suing our Producer for everything you can think of and he has lost repeatedly and consistently whenever doing so; because the genuine former international journalist and private investigator who Roskam wants to replace as the "man of his house" has proven to the satisfaction of more than a dozen judges of the Superior Court (Small Claims) that there is no substance to virtually anything Darren Roskam says.

Roskam now owes our Producer $2,500.00 in court ordered costs (that he has not paid) even though Roskam has filed five law suits and our Producer has filed NONE.

Do the math and decide for yourself who is the liar ;-)

Please see the most recent posts below for all of the unbelievable details of recent events.

Frankly you will not believe what this clearly crazed individual has gotten away with while Chief Greenwood has sat on her overpaid . . . you know . . . while toeing the line of Hazzard County justice and NOT enforcing the Criminal Code of Canada.

If this was ANY other city the police would have long ago done the right thing and given Darren Roskam a padded room and a coat that wraps around him into a great big self-hug.

God and Darwin both know he needs it ;-)

October 27, 2014

Mental Illness, Thy Name is Roskam

We have published here many of the bizarre, disturbing, and irrational actions of Darren Adrian Roskam that the Barrie Police Services appear intent on continuing to ignore; including details of how he stalked three women who worked within our studio, including an 18 year old female student; and how he sent a series of frankly insane homemade postcards to our Producer that appear to have been smeared with Roskam’s own feces; and most recently, how the self-admitted rider of Welfare is now obsessing over our Producer’s mother, who Roskam is claiming to be suing for $25,000.00 while at the same time purporting to be her ‘protector’ against the woman’s own son: all of which is occurring despite the fact that Roskam has never even met the woman.

Please see articles below.
You won't believe this insanity.

Thanks to online research conducted by a psychiatric therapist (see article dated October 26, 2014) we think we have found the reason for Darren Roskam’s strange and disturbing behaviour; as apparently bat shit crazy runs in the family.

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and in the case of Darren Adrian Roskam that apple was evidently spoiled before it hit the ground. It is not his fault, but it appears obvious that Darren Roskam’s problems are a lot less shallow than merely skin deep.

We are not interested in dragging a dead woman’s name through the mud, or in embarrassing the rest of the Roskam family, regarding whom Darren Roskam is a self-admitted “disgrace” to his own family; however, a living woman is now being threatened by this menace to society and his demented view regarding who his mother is, and Chief Greenwood is ignoring the reality of the situation for reasons of politics.

So, for answers as to why Darren Roskam is stalking and harassing the 74 year old veteran grandmother he has never even met, perhaps Chief Greenwood might consider investigating some facts about the history of the Roskam family.

However, for Chief Greenwood to do that, she would also have to investigate all of our claims as made in this story, and she is NOT about to do that as doing so would further tarnish the sparkling reputation of the Barrie Police Service that she now commands.

Yeah, this whole thing is just that self-serving, and
you guessed it, Hypocritical.

Anybody who took psych 101 knows that many forms of mental illness, such as paranoid schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder, are hereditary. That is a simple, well established, scientific fact. So, it is relevant to point out to Chief Greenwood and her lethargic legions that Shirley May Roskam, Darren Roskam’s mother, appears to have passed away after fighting for an extended period against the effects of mental illness.

Again, we are not here to attack this woman, who clearly sought the help she needed, as in her obituary it is noted: “If desired, memorial donations to the Canadian Mental Health Association would be gratefully appreciated by the family.”

When somebody dies of cancer it is standard for the family to make such a request for donations to be made to the Cancer Society, or if death is the result of some other malady then the request is made with regards to the Lung, Liver, Kidney, or whatever relevant organization.

There is really only one viable reason why the Roskam family would make a request that donations be made to the Canadian Mental Health Association, and frankly we have left enough breadcrumbs.

Illness is illness, physical or otherwise, and we hope Shirley May Roskam is resting in peace.

We are sorry for this woman and do not want to embarrass her, but her son, Darren Roskam, is now openly threatening the health and safety of a woman of 74 who is stricken with Parkinson’s disease, and only because Roskam did not like losing in his most recent abuse of our civil court system.

It is time for Chief Kimberley Greenwood to stop playing politics with the local power brokers and do the job she is being paid to do by the citizens of Barrie.

Roskam’s excuse for suing the 74 year old grandmother is that she now lives with our Producer; who Darren Roskam has pursued repeatedly through civil action, via stalking, by sending to him hundreds of bizarre and threatening emails, by sending to this straight man an envelope covered with hearts and displays of affection, and most recently by forwarding to him a series of homemade poverty peasant postcards which appeared to be covered with Roskam's own feces.

Regardless of these obvious violations of the Criminal Code of Canada, Chief Kimberley Greenwood and her officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services will do NOTHING of significance to hinder Roskam from taking such actions against anybody who he targets for extortion and intimidation.

Well, if the Barrie Police Services needs more proof that Darren Roskam is a disturbed individual who is suffering from mental illness, which could pose a serious threat to the 74 year old mother of our Producer, they need go no further than his own mother’s obituary, and the fact that Roskam is seen as being a disgrace even to his own family.

Get on it Chief Greenwood,
and do your damned job!!

Your DUTY is to serve and protect, and that condition of your employment pertains to ALL citizens, including the defenceless mothers of those who are rightfully questioning the ethics and honour of certain police officers within your ranks.

You DO NOT have the right to pick and choose who you serve, no matter what the local power brokers might tell you!!

We just hope it will not take an investigation by the OPP or the RCMP to teach you that, because lady, we are NOT backing off until SOMEBODY in authority does what you are clearly too scared to do.

Clearly somebody is pulling your strings now as much as they have been controlling others up here in Hazzard County for way too many years, and we are sad for the obvious loss of somebody who at first seemed so right for fixing problems in this troubled town.

October 26, 2014

These comments are from one of our better qualified readers, a psychiatric therapist, as transcribed from a live online chat.

"John you are clearly dealing with a person suffering from a delusional break from reality. I don’t know this Roskam but I have been doing some independent research and have found him wanting in all ways of acceptable society. Clearly he does not see himself as others see him which is the root of such misaligned perceptions. Why your police chief refuses to take action for the common good baffles me. For you it is the best thing possible because her lack of action vindicates what you are saying about corruption in Barrie in general. From our discussion I think Roskam is degrading rapidly into an unbalanced state that might make him dangerous to both you and your mother. Be vigilant as I think it is likely he will stress soon and do something violent or just very foolish. Then your local police will not be able to ignore his many abuses. Maybe that is Greenwood's plan. If so then she is knowingly putting your safety and that of your mother at risk which would be immoral if not an actual crime. Good luck. Feel free to share my comments."

October 26, 2014

Today we received from Darren Roskam yet another hate fuelled email; this one being 4472 words long.

Talk about a desperate cry for help and attention!

It contained links to random websites that to a normal mind have no relevance to his actions or the facts behind this story, and also the usual rants about whatever the hell he is going on about now. It was so obviously just more nonsensical gibberish that we skimmed but have not read it. Perhaps Darren will tell us more about the existence of gnomes and other fantasy creatures that he has ranted on about in the past.

We will read it though, probably later this week when work permits us to put together the application for a restraining order against Darren Roskam (which we will post here), and when the follow up evidence is emailed to the Ontario Provincial Police, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, the Attorney General of Ontario, the Office of the Mayor, all members of Barrie City Council, and various media.

It is sad to see Roskam trying to justify suing an old woman who he does not even know, and trying to validate his decision to send to our Producer hand made poverty peasant post cards that appear to be smeared with his own feces. (see articles below from October 21 and 23, 2014)

Even more depressing is the realization that Chief Greenwood of the Barrie Police Services appears to be nothing more than another Muppet in a uniform who blindly obeys the powerful of Hazzard County Darren Roskam has committed multiple transparent heinous acts of intimidation, yet the good Chief has not even shown the professionalism to respond to our Producer's legitimate concern for the safety of his mother; upon whom the 300 lb diagnosed "paranoid" Darren Roskam is now fixated.

This is truly a sad day for all Barrie area tax payers.

Let's see if those other law enforcement agencies will step in and administer the Police Services Act that the Barrie Police Services choose to ignore when they are called upon to take action against the few who have influence and money, or the lunatics who serve them.

October 26, 2014

Insulting Our Intelligence, or Simply Stupid?

In his most recent emailed rant, Darren Roskam, the “spokesman” for those we are exposing, blathered on as follows:

Today you posted the postcards that I sent. I do not get what your strategy is, as they show your address and the advisement that a claim has been filed and ask for you to file defence to it. Now, when I choose to go for substituted service, it most certainly will be granted, so I have to say, thank you for that. Really!”

To Barrie MP Patrick Brown, Mark Lang, Martin Convery, and their lackey Darren Roskam please try to understand that people of character understand that we are the ONLY ones who are NOT hiding, which is why our readership continues to grow along with our credibility.

Every link on this website that says “our Producer” links the reader to a page identifying who is publishing this story. There are also links across the top of every page that directly connect our readers to our Producer’s commercial website. Similar links are peppered throughout the content of the story.

If we are trying to hide who we are
then we are really bad at it.

The public are now swinging hard behind us and anybody with a brain can see it is because


As for Roskam’s latest abuse of the authority of our civil courts, he knows where our Producer both works and lives, and clearly he is just too much of a coward to serve his fifth frivolous civil claim personally as the law demands; or, he is just too ashamed to look into the eyes of the little old lady who he is abusively using as a pawn in some twisted scheme of intimidation that has so badly backfired against him and those he serves that he is backpedaling in emails, claiming not to have said what we have in print from his email account. (See the article dated October 21, 2014 below)

Either way, Roskam evidently lacks the intelligence required to understand the Rules of Civil Procedure, as if he did he would comprehend that he has to at least attempt personal service and be denied before he can claim any need for special favours from the court; and a judge is not likely to jump through too many hoops to help a two times court labelled libelist (1) (2) and vexatious litigant who has filed five lawsuits against the same person, and who owes his intended victim $2,500.00 in court costs that Roskam has made no attempt to pay. Not to mention that fact that this bag of excrement is now suing his intended victim's mother, who he doesn't even know.

Roskam also has a legal obligation to serve personally not only our Producer, but also his mother, who the grotesque social degenerate has listed on his claim as a co-defendant without having even met the woman. (See the article dated October 21, 2014 below)

We want to be there when the 300 lb Roskam tries to lie once again to a judge by claiming that a 74 year old woman with Parkinson’s disease evaded personal service. Go on Darren, we all know you are grossly obese from all those free meals at the Salvation Army homeless shelter, but even you can catch up with a crippled old lady using a walker.

Go ahead Darren. Go play lawyer and make a fool of yourself, AGAIN, just like you do when you pretend you are a publisher, and a journalist, and a politician when in truth you have admitted in writing that you are a disgrace to your own family who “rode Welfare” in order to be able to photocopy and personally deliver a free newsletter to downtown diners and head shops through which you ranted about how life was unfair to you and how you hated this person or that business for doing better than you. What "Publisher" of a "Media Group" plays paperboy to deliver a free magazine?

Newsflash Darren:
Those who ride Welfare will NEVER do better than those of us who work hard for a living!!

It is little wonder that Roskam is so determined to attack our Producer; a man who owns a rapidly growing branding and media company that employs a team of eight, who are producing branding projects and videos for companies of all sizes while at the same time contributing back to society through a plethora of charitable acts.

Roskam is jealous, plain and simple, and the truth is so obvious even the cop who came to collect the disgusting feces frosted postcards saw Roskam’s motivation after just a few minutes. Maybe that is why Roskam wrote of his intent to “replace” our Producer “as the man of his house”, and that Roskam was going to take on the role of "protector" for our Producer’s mother.

Roskam clearly has NO life, NO career prospects, and while he touts his own praises openly and often, Roskam is NOT respected in any of the roles he pretends to play, and he is the laughing stock of anybody Roskam challenges in court, in politics, or via virtually any other venue. That is why Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s BFF and unofficial publicist is known in local political circles as “The Village Idiot”; a fact whether Roskam can face it or not.

When confronted in public Mark Lang refused to back up the testimony he swore to in court, and when confronted at a public event Barrie MP Patrick Brown ran and hid in the kitchen, before calling on goons to remove our Producer (a constituent with questions). Then his minions called the Barrie Police Services seeking a little subjugation and the seizure of our video of Patrick Brown running away from our evidence like a little girl; which we refused to surrender.



Apparently Darren Roskam and those he serves don’t understand that simply concept; however, sadly for them, most people do understand that it is only people with something to hide who do so.

Time is on our side gentlemen, as the longer this story is told the more people will come to understand the truth of this simple concept.

October 25, 2014

Is Panic Setting In?

It is pretty obvious from Darren Roskam’s most recent backpedaling email that the backlash caused by his latest overt act of intimidation is NOT sitting well with those he serves.

Not only has our public readership gone through the roof, we are also now being bombarded with readers coming through proxy servers; which are used to hide the tracks of those visiting. It takes little imagination to figure out who would be worried about us knowing their identity.

Roskam filed multiple lawsuits through which he has claimed that our Producer was defaming him in this article. Despite insane rhetoric, feigned indignation, and courtroom theatrics, Roskam lost every claim based on the evidence.

Even within Hazzard County telling the truth is not defamation; no matter how much the subject of exposure doesn’t like it.

That was proven when Mark Lang and Martin Convery called upon Patrick Brown to instruct his minions within the Barrie Police Services to apply a lot of pressure for the purposes of subjugation. That transparent abuse of authority also crashed and burned after a publicly funded nearly three year long battle in the criminal justice system, which ended with the Court saying clearly that the local powers had abused their authority by violating our Producer's Charter guaranteed rights.

As a result of his repeated abuses of the civil justice system, Roskam has now been ordered to pay $2,500.00 in costs to our Producer. Full details will be included here when we update the website to responsive design, which will make the article smart phone and tablet friendly. It is a bit of a process.

So, Roskam switched to “plan B” and is now suing our Producer’s 74 year old mother, who Roskam has never even met, and solely under the pretence that she lives in an apartment behind our Producer’s commercial studio, and is therefore “guilty” of something. The woman suffers from Parkinson’s disease and mild dementia, and has no idea what Roskam could possibly be saying about her. Roskam claims that the woman libelled him through this website, yet she can barely operate an iPad.

Roskam has also recently sent to our Producer a series of crazed hand-made post cards; some of which appear to be smeared in feces. (see the article and pictures below) Barrie police were advised and they took the evidence but they are not charging Roskam despite the clear breach of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Yesterday Roskam wrote to our Producer demanding that we stop telling the truth, and that we apologize to him publicly. In exchange, Roskam offered to remove the 74 year old veteran from his most recent frivolous civil action. The deranged menace even went so far as to state that it was our Producer’s fault that Roskam was suing the man’s mother, and that our Producer had to “be a man” and “take responsibility” for the reprehensible behaviour of Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s BFF.

The social degenerate appears to forget that it is Roskam who was ruled to be a vexatious litigant, and it was Roskam who was removed from the YMCA for “acting inappropriately in a children’s area.” We have the court files pertaining to that disturbing incident at the Y, and we will be including them here in the updated website for all to see.

Roskam can sue us as many times as he likes, but he will NEVER stop us from telling the truth; but of course he can only do so after he pays the $2,500.00 in court costs ordered against him that are payable to our Producer, who has had to endure Roskam's earlier frivolous and unsupportable lawsuits because the Barrie Police Services will not arrest Roskam for extortion, or anything else, as would occur in ANY other town. And they wonder why our readership is increasing.

Those who we are exposing have tried EVERYTHING to silence this story EXCEPT man up and argue against our evidence on camera or in a court of law. Instead they have used tactics of intimidation ranging from illegally censoring us on Google, which Mark Lang confessed to while under oath in a court of law, right through to abuse of our criminal justice system and online libellous counter attacks through Darren Roskam; a two-times court labelled libelist (1) (2) who claims to be a journalist but who has NEVER worked in that field professionally for ANY genuine news agency.

In sharp contrast, our Producer owns a provincially registered media company, he is an experienced journalist and news cameraman, and was at one time the Deputy Editor of a national European Newspaper that was owned by the Washington Times. So, is there any wonder as to who is winning the credibility vote or why?

There is little surprise to us that this article is once again increasing exponentially in readership as after five years of reporting, many of those who once listened to self-serving claims that we were liars and con-men are now asking why it is that Mark Lang, Martin Convery, and most importantly, Patrick Brown, have not challenged our evidence in court, and why it is that ALL of them run when they see us coming with our camera and evidence.

It is also not lost on most that NONE of those men have come out publicly to denounce Darren Adrian Roskam for his many disturbing, disgusting, and reprehensible acts that we have suggested repeatedly are being done under their instructions.

We are all judged by the company we keep, and the secrets we hide. Real men stand behind their word, as does our Producer, who is the only person in this story who is NOT hiding who he is, where he works, where he lives, etc..

We will be sending yet another letter to Patrick Brown asking him to sit down with us and discuss the growing mountain of evidence that we have against him. That letter, and his response if any, will be published here soon.

October 24, 2014

Conservative Camp Just a Little Worried

We are not sure if we were not supposed to notice, but today one of our Producer's charitable websites, located at was visited by supposed citizens of Macedonia, Slovenia, France, and The United Arab Emirates; and all in the same day.

Can the agents of "law enforcement" and their masters in the Conservative Party please try to be a little more obvious? Proxy servers are common knowledge as they are used by perverts like paedophiles to hide their online activities by sending out false trails to mostly third world countries.

We can also show that while this barrage of supposed international interest was suddenly happening, Barrie MP Patrick Brown or one of his cronies from Parliament Hill was visiting our Hazzard County story.

And seriously, these guys are running our country?

Sadly, the tactic of deception is obvious, as NOBODY from ANY of those countries would give a damn about some charity concert held in support of the Food Bank in Barrie, Ontario. See here for details.

Clearly Roskam's latest actions, including his decision to sue the 74 year old mother of our Producer, has a few of our country's Conservatives all a flutter; especially as Patrick Brown is now running for leadership of the Provincial PCs.

Barrie's Best Band Showdown is a year old fund-raiser for the Barrie Food Bank that our Producer has chosen not to repeat this year as he is focusing on other charities, as is demonstrated through his business' Community and Charity Message Board.

Nonetheless, Harper's minions are evidently determined to manufacture more propaganda about our Producer, who has written Patrick Brown on multiple occasions asking that the upwardly mobile MP face the evidence of his apparent abuse of authority, and his association with Darren Roskam.

However, Barrie MP Patrick Brown has chosen instead to call the ever ready to abuse their authority Barrie Police Services, who quite frankly our Producer has no fear of, as unlike most Canadians, he knows his rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

October 24, 2014

Is Darren Roskam Simply Bat Shit Crazy!

Below are a series of unaltered photographic images of postcards that Darren Roskam sent recently to our Producer in support of his demand to be permitted to serve his fifth lawsuit outside of the Rules of Civil Procedure; which demands that ALL new claims MUST be served PERSONALLY into the hands of the person being sued, either by the claimant or by an agent working on their behalf, such as a friend or professional Process Server.

What normal person sends cards like these? Especially when in support of legal action? Is 'Mr. Poutine' one of Roskam's minions? Roskam claims no link to Patrick Brown So why such a show of support? Roskam claimed the brown was chocolate. Then it was baked beans. Simply disgusting!

Detailed images of these disturbing cards that were sent by Darren Roskam to our Producer can be found here.

These hand-made penniless pauper postcards included two that Darren Roskam appears to have smeared with feces; presumably his own, but we don't really need to know.

They were collected from the mailbox of our studio with tweezers, and were bagged in zip-locks before being put into the hands of Constable Davies (Badge 7744) of the Barrie Police Services, who demanded that our Producer surrender all of the original cards, and not just photos or scans.

Constable Davies then left our production studio, but did so after telling our Producer within easy earshot of several of our production team, that the cards were "very disturbing" and "clearly intended to intimidate" and that he promised he was going to arrest Darren Roskam for criminal harassment and potentially other crimes.

Constable Davies of the Barrie Police Services then did exactly NOTHING, except to refuse to return the evidence of Darren Roskam's psychotic misuse of postcards and apparent need to play with Mr. Hankey; be it his or somebody else's.

That evidence could have been used by a real law enforcement agency to arrest and prosecute this disturbed individual for at the very least criminal harassment, and more likely extortion, but the Barrie Police Services demanded that they hold onto the evidence of at least one crime for no apparent reason, as they were not arresting Roskam.

We have not doubt that evidence will now be lost in the catacombs of the Barrie Police Services and never found again. Our Producer has written to Chief Greenwood demanding the return of his property, as disgusting and disturbing as it is, but as yet no reply has been forthcoming.

Do you remember that internationally scorned video in which several officers of the Barrie Police Services were recorded instructing security guards at the Bayfield Mall to wash away the blood of the innocent victim of Constable Jason Nevill's unprovoked savagery? Well we do, and we smell the stench of the same desire to destroy evidence now.

We took a lesson from the lawyer who subpoenaed that video and posted it online, by photographing Roskam's fecal frosted frenzy of fatuity, including the nasty parts, using high-end digital photography.

There are benefits to having all of the toys of a video and photography production company that is owned by a former private investigator and forensic photo and video specialist for law enforcement, corporate security, and investigations.

What kind of law enforcement professional could ever see these cards as anything but a sick tool of extortion contrived as a means of coercion by a sick man who is hiding behind the pretence of "legitimate" civil litigation?

Why can this highly trained law enforcement officer and his superiors not see that Roskam needs professional medical help for the treatment of serious psychiatric issues that are potentially a threat to any citizen of Barrie upon whom he fixates; such as the 74 year old mother of our Producer, who Roskam is now suing for $25,000, despite having never even met her, while simultaneously claiming to be the champion who will defend her from the love and care of her own son so that Roskam can become the "man of her house"?

WTF? Seriously! See the article below. You frankly will not believe this is going on and that the Barrie Police Services are doing NOTHING.

It is also relevant to ask what kind of law enforcement agency would just ignore these cards; unless they were under instruction by people of much higher power to let Darren Roskam slide so that they could continue to use the poor delusional fool like a mad dog that they keep chained in the backyard, ready to do their bidding whenever they choose to release his shackles?

This is the insane manner of law enforcement and abuse of authority that we are working here to expose, and as greater details of this madness are revealed more people are getting the message that for nearly five years we have been telling the truth about the abuse of authority and blatantly transparent power-brokering that goes on in this rapidly growing community that is so well know for corruption that judges of the Superior and Divisional Courts in Toronto have dubbed it Hazzard County.

Stay tuned. We are sure more is to come.

October 23, 2014

Chief Greenwood Put To Task

Yesterday our Producer wrote to Chief Kimberly Greenwood of the Barrie Police Services stating clearly that it is time for the officers and detectives under her command to take appropriate action against the repugnant societal parasite named Darren Adrian Roskam.

In that letter John noted that Roskam, who has admitted to being diagnosed as “paranoid”, is showing signs of severe mental illness and that he appears to be escalating rapidly toward a dangerous delusional state that could easily lead to Roskam threatening the health and safety of our Producer’s mother.

In a recent email Roskam noted: “Take heed, . . . for if more of my letters, both regular and registered to your mother are refused, I may have to take on the role of the man of the . . . house, and I will stand up for your mother, if you will not. Someone has to.”

Roskam’s apparent delusional state is obvious as he is currently suing this woman who he now sees himself “protecting” as the “man of her house” and he has threatened in writing repeatedly to take from the 74 year old veteran both her car and her house. He has also sued our Producer unsuccessfully twice for defamation, and is now apparently taking a third kick at that cat, during which time he has threatened repeatedly to take everything our Producer owns.

Does Roskam truly now see himself as some kind of replacement for our Producer, and is his all-consuming jealousy of the more successful man who Roskam calls his “nemesis” truly the reason for the Welfare rider’s repeated abuses of the civil court system?

If this is the case, as the evidence supports, is there not an actual crime being committed here, and should the Barrie Police Services not at least be considering a psychiatric assessment for Darren Roskam, who is clearly confused if not dangerously disturbed?

Roskam has never met the woman who he is now suing while simultaneously seeking to “protect” from his “nemesis”, and he has no cause whatsoever for even trying to contact her, let alone sue her. Roskam is not motivated by any higher purpose than to try to coerce what he wants out of our Producer, who Roskam has targeted for attack for more than five years.

Roskam currently owes $2,500.00 in court ordered costs to our Producer after the self-admitted rider of Welfare failed repeatedly over a five year period to ever prove that our Producer has ever said anything false or defamatory about him. While Roskam rants without substance, and has been found guilty twice of publishing defamatory libel (1) (2), our Producer backs up his claims with evidence that has proven sufficient several times to debunk Roskam’s unsupportable claims in a court of law.

What other town would tolerate Roskam’s flagrant abuse of our civil justice system, or the way that he hides behind the guise of litigation while transparently coercing innocent people to give him money as a “settlement” under threat of high costs to defend against his frivolous lawsuits. Yet in Barrie, he is tolerated and even coddled by officers of the Barrie Police Services, who have “warned” Roskam again and again about stalking women, harassing people at their work place, stalking his intended victims to their homes, etc.

It is only in Barrie where this self-represented litigant would be left free to sue dozens of people, businesses, government services, politicians, City Councillors, and even charities, often repeatedly, while at the same time openly defaming them on the Internet, and then offering openly to drop the frivolous lawsuit and remove the defamation if they “settle” with him.

It is also a sad reality that several citizens of Barrie have been so frightened of this 300 lb man coming to their door that they have had to go to the expense and inconvenience of attaining restraining orders; and all because the Barrie Police Services continues to refuse to take action.

Under the Criminal Code of Canada, Extortion is defined as:
346. (1) Every one commits extortion who, without reasonable justification or excuse and with intent to obtain anything, by threats, accusations, menaces or violence induces or attempts to induce any person, whether or not he is the person threatened, accused or menaced or to whom violence is shown, to do anything or cause anything to be done.

The threat to file civil action is exempt from this section of the Criminal Code, but Roskam’s pattern of publishing defamatory libel and then offering to remove it in exchange for money is not. Neither is blatant harassment such as Roskam is currently committing against our Producer’s mother; who Patrick Brown’s BFF is suing for $25,000.00 despite having never even met the 74 year old woman, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

In his most recent correspondence Darren Adrian Roskam stated openly: “I have told you already and will do so again that if you will take ownership of the internet account at your mother's residence, then I will be happy to remove her from the claim.”

How is that statement not extortion? Roskam’s decision to sue our Producer’s mother is by his own admission an act without reason or justification that is intended to obtain something, by threats, by accusations, by menace, which is intended to induce our Producer to give him something Roskam wants that he feels will help him win a civil action valued at $25,000.00.

Roskam has been secure in abusing our civil court system because the shield of litigation protects him under paragraph 2 in section 346 of the Criminal Code of Canada, which states: “A threat to institute civil proceedings is not a threat for the purposes of this section.”

So far the deliberate misinterpretation or misrepresentation of that clause by the officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services has protected Roskam from rightful prosecution; however, the threat of tormenting a medically dependant senior for the sole purpose of attaining something from somebody else is not litigation. It is extortion under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Barrie Police Services are legally obligated under the Police Services Act to stop this menace from abusing the purpose and intent of legitimate civil action so that he can attack and try to destroy any person who will not give him money.

It is also a fact that Roskam has not even served his latest claim on our Producer or his mother, and as such no litigation exists. Roskam has also sued our Producer five times, not including a claim that the self-admitted rider of Welfare served on his intended victim’s ex-girlfriend, who Roskam had never even met, or the current claim that Roskam is pretending to serve on our Producer’s mother.

How long are the Barrie Police Services and the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County going to let this go on? When will they finally step up to the plate, sift through the 500 pages of evidence they received from our Producer last year, and prosecute Darren Adrian Roskam for multiple counts of criminal harassment, defamatory libel, and extortion?

When is Chief Greenwood going to order her officers to either arrest and actually prosecute Darren Roskam as a threat to all decent people, or demand that he be assessed by a qualified psychologist who can intern him to the care of mental health professionals who might actually be able to help him?

Six years ago our Producer told his story to a journalist about how Mark Lang and Martin Convery, the owners of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, had cheated him on a contract; and he only told that story because they had published propaganda about him to evade civil action that was based almost 100% on defamatory libel that had been published by Darren Roskam at a time when he was demanding that our Producer pay him money Roskam was not owed and had not earned.

What our Produce didn’t know is that those businessmen were well connected to Barrie MP Patrick Brown, who had recently given to them nearly $30,000.00 of public money.

The actions of those men would have proven an embarrassment to the Harper government, so the detectives of the Barrie Police Services arrested our Producer and threatened him with about 30 years in jail if he did not sign a get out of jail free card that required his silence in exchange for his freedom.

Our Producer refused and forced the matter to trial, where all charges were dismissed as violations of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms; which protects all Canadian citizens from abuse of authority by police officers and corrupt politicians.

So, why was it supposedly illegal for our Producer, an internationally experienced journalist, to tell his story to a third party colleague that he fully supported with extensive evidence, but it is not illegal for Darren Roskam to publish defamatory libel that is not supported with any evidence while he simultaneously offers to take down his hate motivated propaganda if his intended victim pays him money?

Why were the officers and detectives so eager to pursue our Producer with due diligence, using every form of coercion imaginable, yet they turn a blind eye to Roskam, who is clearly committing much worse actual offences under the same law?

Is the law applicable only to those who are critical of Barrie’s right wing leaders, such as Barrie MP Patrick Brown and former MPP Rod Jackson? We are sure the Ontario Provincial Police and Royal Canadian Mounted Police will be interested in finding out, as will the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, the Attorney General of Ontario, the Office of the Mayor, all members of Barrie City Council, and various media; all of whom have been copied to the letter sent by our Producer to Chief Kimberley Greenwood on October 21, 2014, in which he charged that the Barrie Police Services have been negligent in their duties under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Police Services Act..

Last year Darren Roskam was finally arrested by the Barrie Police Services and charged with one count of Harassment; however, that happened only after three women from our Producer’s business also complained about being stalked and harassed by Roskam, and the respected business owner, employer, and former international journalist wrote to Chief Greenwood half a dozen times demanding action.

At that time our Producer presented more than 500 pages of evidence to Detective Constable Derek Rose of the Barrie Police Services, which included hundreds of pages of defamatory libel, threats, and attacks against our Producer to his clients and others. Roskam was arrested, but as a condition of that action DC Rose insisted that our Producer stop publishing the truth in this story through this website.

Our Producer wanted Roskam appropriately convicted, so he reluctantly agreed. Nonetheless, several months later, the Barrie Police Services or the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County chose arbitrarily, and for no apparent reason, to drop the charges; just before the Provincial Election when Roskam could be a useful tool for Rod Jackson’s Conservative campaign, as we demonstrated was the case.

So, by arresting Roskam the Barrie Police Services accomplished nothing but to silence this story, which is largely about a small percentage of their officers and their lack of professional ethics. Are we the only ones who see a pattern here? The Barrie Police Services can be assured they will not silence this story again by any means.

Chief Kimberley Greenwood was hired out of Toronto to run the Barrie Police Services during a time of such internal strife that her predecessor, Chief Mark Neelin, had been forced to post a plea on the Barrie Police Services website begging citizens to continue supporting his officers and department.

At that time, the world’s media was focused on a surveillance video showing Constable Jason Nevill viciously attacking an unarmed, much smaller, innocent civilian while a group of other officers watched, did nothing, and then destroyed the evidence of the victim’s injuries. That man’s heinous “crime” was walking down a shopping mall with a friend who accidentally damaged a Christmas ornament. Meanwhile, local news was being peppered with stories of police officers driving drunk, beating their spouses, and dealing drugs. It was indeed a dark time for the Barrie Police Services. Local in-breeding of corruption and abuse of authority had created a serious problem within the Barrie Police Services that could only be cleaned up by outside force.

Barrie’s current Chief, Kimberley Greenwood, had been the staff superintendent of Central Field Command of Divisional Policing Command. That is no small accomplishment, and job with the Barrie Police Services was not going to be easy. She would have to deal with corruption, both internal and on the streets, substance abuse issues within her ranks, and most importantly, the internal structure of collusion and abuse of authority that had allowed certain officers of the Barrie Police Services to get away with just about anything for so many years.

We have never knowingly published anything negative or derogatory here about Chief Kimberley Greenwood, as we see in her the solution to a serious issue; and we sincerely hope that she is strong enough to avoid being absorbed into that problem as appears to have happened so many times in the past when a Chief has risen through the ranks of the Barrie Police Services.

We will see now how she reacts to the troubling and disturbing evidence that supports our claim that Darren Roskam is using tactics of collusion and intimidation to coerce people to pay him money he is not owed, which is also known as extortion, and that he is showing serious signs of mental illness that could be dangerous to the people of Barrie.

October 21, 2014

Thank you to all those loyal followers who have been emailing and contacting us through social media asking for updates.

We are currently reformatting this website to a responsive design, which means it will be smart-phone and tablet friendly, and we are optimizing our SEO using the latest tools used by our commercial branding company. So, it is kind of pointless to update an out of date website that will soon be obsolete.

Since our last post much has happened. Believe it or not, Darren Roskam has stooped to the level of filing a civil claim valued at $25,000.00 against the 74 year old mother of our Producer, who Roskam has never even met - yeah, they are just that desperate.

Roskam has boldly claimed repeatedly that he will take the old lady's car and home away from her and assert himself as the man of her house, even though she has no idea who he is, never mind what he is ranting about. Can this get any sicker or more desperate?

We will be publishing painful details of Roskam's latest means of intimidation and coercion here as soon as the new website is finished. We have no doubt that Roskam and his partners in this story will try to deny their involvement in this transparent tactic of bullying, but a civil claim, even against a harmless old lady, is documented in a court of law. There will be no denying this latest desperate tactic of intimidation.

The courts will likely not show much patience when they hear that the lady, a veteran, suffers from both Parkinson's and dementia, and as such could not have done anything Roskam is trying to claim, but a person who rides Welfare is immune from civil judgements, so Roskam is a perfect choice of weapons to attack a weak old lady who has worked her whole life for what she has earned.

This of course would be Roskam's fourth unsuccessful claim against our Producer, which is why he is now reduced to attacking sick little old ladies. The last time Roskam took John to court the self-admitted rider of Welfare ended up being ordered to pay $2,500.00 to our Producer in costs, which of course he has not done.

Yeah, believe it or not, the directors of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine actually listened to this guy for "legal" advice, and Patrick Brown and Roskam appear to be solid BFFs.

As if that is not enough drama, Darren Roskam recently sent a series of bizarre post cards to our Producer, two of which appeared to be coated in feces; however, despite the apparent affront to decency, the fine officers at the Barrie Police Services have refused to charge the unofficial spokesman for Patrick Brown, Rod Jackson, and assorted members of the Conservative Party. Go figure.

Pictures of those post cards will be posted here for all to see.

Barrie Police have also refused to return the cards, which they seized as "evidence" against Roskam, who they refused to charge. Go figure. Do you smell an attempt to cover this up, because we sure do.

It is getting to a point where those we are accusing are writing our best material for us. It is little wonder that after three years of reporting on this story we have more readers than ever.

People are picking up on the fact that those in authority are trying to conceal their guilt through lies and false accusations. Meanwhile, what we have been saying consistently is all coming to light as a result of their attempts to cover it all up.

Our Producer, the only person man enough to stand up and tell his side of the story, is now sending all of his evidence against Roskam and the Barrie Police Services to the Ontario Provincial Police, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, the Attorney General of Ontario, Mayor Jeff Lehman, all members of Barrie City Council, and various media seeking an investigation as to why Chief of Barrie Police Services Kimberley Greenwood has clearly been intimidated into taking no action to inhibit what is transparent abuse of the civil court system and coercion for the purpose of extortion.

Let's see if true unbiased law enforcement will take down this social menace, like they did Jason Nevill after officers of the Barrie Police Service tried to cover up his brutality and frame the victim for assault.

Stay tuned, because we are not going anywhere, and this story is only going to get more interesting.

October 2, 2014

We hope Barrie MP Patrick Brown is paying attention to the interest being generated by this story, because if recent return visits from Canada's most prominent media are any indication, then he isn't fooling anybody any more.

For three years Barrie MP Patrick Brown has stuck his head in the sand and refused to address our allegations against him, while running and hiding whenever confronted by our evidence; which he rightfully feared was proof of his abuse of power and criminal misuse of the authority of our criminal justice system.

Now those with the power to bring him down want to know the truth, and we are going to tell them.

October 2, 2014

The Exposed Resort to Intimidation and Cowardice

Our story has experienced a considerable upswing in readership this past week due mostly to Barrie MP Patrick Brown finally mustering the courage to announce that he is to seek the leadership of the provincial Progressive Conservatives.

A lot of that attention has come from the media, ranging from national newspapers and broadcasters to small village publications here in Ontario, and another enormous chunk of that bandwidth has been political interest, as those politicians and financial supporters of Barrie’s run and hide MP have come to see how we will respond. We will do so, but in our own time.

The quite funny thing about reviewing our visitor statistics is the pattern that shows just how scared Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his cronies are of our evidence, and the truth being released to the public. Not only have they been hitting our story via rebound links in every foreign country you can think of, through the use of the same proxy servers used by criminals and paedophiles to conceal their online activities, these “honourable” men and women have also evidently solicited friends within the Ministry of Justice and the Canada Revenue Agency to openly visit our story from their easily identifiable domains; an action which serves only to let us know that Big Brother is watching.

Well they can watch, but we hope if they come back they will stay a little longer than the two minutes or less each remained on our site during their most recent visits. Really, if you are going to call on friends to try to intimidate, at least have the good sense to instruct them to visit for a while, to hit a few pages, to actually take the time to read the article, and perhaps watch one or two of the videos we have posted. As bullying tactics go Mr. Brown, this tactic was both transparent and lame.

The federal government is fully capable of visiting us anonymously, yet they CHOSE to do so openly, from their own servers, that are numbered and even named for public identification. Besides, neither the Department of Justice nor the Canada Revenue Agency have anything to do with this story; any more than did the Barrie Police Services and the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County, as was proven when a Judge of the Ontario Court of Justice dismissed the claims against our producer as made by the pubic associates of Barrie MP Patrick Brown after that learned professional of the bench reviewed the evidence and determined that both had violated the former international journalist’s Charter guaranteed right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.

No Patrick, your friends in federal service did not scare us, and they never will. We have been telling the truth of this story for about three years now, and you have never shown the courage to challenge what we are saying or to refute our evidence. Threatening us now with action by your big brother is not going to make us cower and hide. Our producer is the ONLY one who is willing to tell his side of this story openly and without hiding behind anonymity, and people are really starting to wonder why that is.

Next year is a federal election and in the spring is the provincial leadership vote. We hope you are ready, because we are.

September 30, 2014

This website and the story being told are currently undergoing a major update. We have NOT gone away, and we are not about to do so!

The website is currently being re-coded to become part of a "Responsive" website for 5 Point Media; meaning that it will be truly cross platform compatible and viewable on smart phones and tablets. For more information on that technology please visit this section of our producer's commercial website.

To truly understand who we are, please visit here and review the links below "Paying It Forward". You will see that we are not the conspiracy nuts or trouble makers that are being manufactured by federally funded propaganda.

We are a legitimate media company with international experience producing all forms of media who are providing services to companies and charitable organizations small and large, and we have a stellar reputation with both private companies and the Ontario government; sorry about the name dropping.

Sadly for those who we are exposing, the truth will be revealed no matter what they try to do to shut us down.

Darren Roskam filed a lawsuit against us trying to shut this story down. He failed, just as his more important counterparts in this story failed to convince a criminal court that we were doing anything wrong by exposing the truth. Full details and court documents pertaining to Darren Roskam's humiliating defeat will be posted here soon.

What does that say about the validity of this story; when both a criminal and civil court side with us and the truth, based on the actual evidence? As if that is not enough, what can be said about Patrick Brown, who we have on video running and hiding like a frightened school boy when confronted with our evidence. Still not enough? Then why have NONE of the principles named in this story ever shown the courage to take us on either in a civil court of law or through the presentation of evidence on camera?

We are supposed to have Freedom of Speech in this country and Freedom of the Press, and despite "intimidating" visits from the Department of Justice, the Canada Revenue Agency, and other government agencies these past few days, we will continue to tell the truth of this story by whatever means necessary until appropriate action is taken against those in federal politics and local law enforcement who abused their authority for personal gain, and that of their well connected friends.

Too many people now know about this story, and we have significant friends in both of the Opposition parties and the media, so the federal government, aka the Reform re-branded as "Conservative" party, cannot simply goose-step in and subjugate our rights, as was tried unsuccessfully by Detective Constables Scott Aldridge and Tammy Watson of the Barrie Police Services.

To the frankly incredible number of media who have been visiting this website these past few days, ever since Patrick Brown announced his candidacy for the leadership of the Provincial Progressive Conservatives, please continue to visit, as we will soon be posting exactly what you are looking for.

Unlike those we are exposing, who run and hide from the truth, we will be backing up what we say with the sworn testimony and hard evidence of those who are now no longer intimidated nor too scared to stand up in Hazzard County.

Please stand by. It will be worth the wait.