July 7, 2014 reader email: “Patrick Brown and his idiot friends sure chose the wrong guy to try to paint as an extortionist and nobody is buying their crap anymore. While Patrick’s buddy Roskam would sink low enough to sue his own mother, you guys are pumping out the charity work more than any local business I know. You don’t see Patrick or his fuckwit buddies building a charity sign, or lighting their building for autism, or fundraising to help a deaf woman fight CF. Patrick is one of the best liars I have ever met, but he can’t fool all of the people all of the time. After 3 years of their bullshit people are seeing through the propaganda and that you are definitely NOT the bad guys, which makes it pretty obvious who is ;-) You guys rock and others are seeing it! Keep up the good work.”

    Darren Roskam

Mark Lang, the President Of Digital Video Productions, has admitted guilt.

The Ontario Federation of SnowMobile Clubs and SnowGoer

Martin Convery, a partner in Digital Video Productions, blindly followed the lead of Mark Lang and added his name to the charges.
Patrick Brown, Conservative MP for Barrie. Does he run Simcoe - Hazzard - County like a Boss Hogg?

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Barrie Police Services Constable Jason Nevill Commits Brutal Assault

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Justice Finally Served In Hazzard County

On Friday, June 21, 2013 Ontario Court Judge Lorne Chester entered a verdict of GUILTY against long-time Barrie Police Services Constable Jason Nevill; convicting the violent thug of assault causing bodily harm, obstruction of justice, and fabricating evidence.

His victim, Jason Stern, and the socially conscious citizens of Barrie breathed a collectively sigh of relief.

At the time of the assault, Nevill claimed in official reports that Stern had been intoxicated and that the then 25 year old man had attempted to knee or kick the officer in the groin; however, ALL charges against Stern were dropped by the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County after the defence attorney subpoenaed surveillance video from Bayfield Mall which showed clearly that Nevill had attacked Stern without provocation.

Inexplicably, the officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services ‘forgot’ to collect that evidence even though video from the mall’s surveillance cameras had been used to prosecute other cases.

That video also showed how the 230 lb Nevill, a self-admitted fan of mixed martial arts, used advanced combat training to viciously beat the man half his size, and how he had continued the assault even after his victim had been handcuffed and had passed out from smashing his head on the concrete; where Stern left a pool of blood that other officers later made ‘go away’ with buckets of water in a transparent attempt to cover up the crimes for their buddy.

What we want to know is are those other officers also going to be charged with obstruction of justice and destroying evidence, and if not why?

Ontario Court Judge Lorne Chester took about an hour to read his verdict, at which time he noted “They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This video is worth thousands of words,” and “(Nevill) may have been capable of belief if the mall video did not exist.” That statement by a judge leads us to wonder how many times officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services have manufactured falsified evidence in order to attain a conviction against innocent victims.

How many innocent citizens are currently stewing in the Penetanguishene Super-jail for want of surveillance video, and how many lives have been destroyed by the word of an officer like Jason Nevill?

Judge Chester stated that he had watched the Bayfield Mall surveillance video “hundreds of times”. It is therefore not very surprising that he entered a verdict of GUILTY against the violent abuser of authority who was recorded “rag-dolling” 25-year-old Jason Stern, and jumping on him, and handcuffing him, and punching him in the head, even after the much smaller man lay bleeding on the pavement.

Why do we continue to accept this kind of brutal abuse of authority as legitimate law enforcement in a country where our citizens' rights are supposed to be protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

As can be seen in the video, other officers of the Barrie Police Services showed up during and immediately after the vicious assault by one of their own, and they could see the damage being done by Nevill against an injured man, yet NONE of them took ANY action to quell the assault by their buddy. All they did is stand by and watch, and then corroborate Nevill’s story so they could frame Jason Stern for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest; the result of which would most likely have been a two year stay in the Penetanguishene Super-jail.

ALL of those officers were clearly are quite willing to destroy evidence and falsify records to protect one of their own, so shouldn’t a review be initiated into ALL suspicious convictions?

During the trial the representative for the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County noted that Jason Stern had done nothing more than exercise his right to remain silent, as is guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, by refusing to surrender the name of a friend who had been accused of damaging a Styrofoam Christmas ornament worth about a dollar. This kind of disdain, as demonstrated by officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services when dealing with the rights of citizens, as are guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, is exactly what our documentary is about . . .

. . . and, sadly, the stories told by Jason Stern and our producer are FAR from isolated incidents.

That almost backwoods hillbilly ‘this is how it’s done around here’ mentality, as maintained by many officers of the Barrie Police Services, is the reason this region has been dubbed ‘Hazzard County’ by the Appellate Courts of Toronto.

You need look no further than the April 10, 2013 acquittal of Constables Kevin Calleja, Nathan Bowman and Marco Coniglione of the Barrie Police Services who were accused of forcing their way into the home of Michael Ullman, a 64-year-old retired engineer, without a warrant; at which time he claimed the officers kicked, kneed and punched him without provocation following a family disagreement with his sister on July 6, 2009.

The decision in that case to acquit the officers flew in the face of the evidence presented by the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County, represented by Robin Flummerflet, who submitted photos that showed Ullman's body covered in welts and bruises. Ullman also suffered a broken arm. Flummerflet also played a video that showed Ullman being dragged into the police station crying out in pain due to his broken arm being hand cuffed behind his back. Despite the ‘open’ concept of our criminal justice system, the Hazzard County judge ruled that the media could not have access to the video. Given the interest generated by the Nevill video, that was found by the victim’s lawyer and distributed by the media via the Internet, it is little wonder that a Hazzard County judge would not want the Ullman video getting out to the public.

Clearly it doesn’t take much in Hazzard County to provoke an officer to abuse your rights, or to viciously assault you, and to frame you with the help of their buddies in order to cover up their own crimes.

The conviction against this long-serving ‘colourful’ officer of the Barrie Police Services was long overdue, but it is not enough to satisfy the thirst for justice that is now building in Barrie; partially as a result of this story. The assault, and the extensive media coverage, might have resulted in a conviction against Nevill, and rightfully so, but he was helped by two security guards who held the victim down while Nevill punched and kneed his way to glory, and other officers worked collaboratively with Nevill to frame Jason Stern for assaulting a police officer and for obstruction of justice; neither of which ever occurred, according to the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County.

If it was not for that surveillance video, which the officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services ‘forgot’ to present to the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County, an innocent man would most likely have been convicted of multiple crimes and sent to Penetanguishene Super-jail; based solely on the testimony of a now convicted violent criminal and the corroboration of his buddies in the Barrie Police Services.

It is our hope that this criminal conviction of a once respected officer of the Barrie Police Services will stimulate local judges to at least question the truth of the word of those officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services . . .

. . . who are all too often trusted on face value and seldom questioned by officials in Hazzard County.

    Have you or somebody you know been the victim of "Hazzard County" justice at the hands of
a local politician, or the Barrie Police Services, or the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County?
Please contact our studio at 705-252-8734 or email editor@5pointsmedia.ca


Five Points Media

Watch the full size video here.

Constable Jason Nevill of the Barrie Police was caught on video brutally assaulting a handcuffed and defenceless Barrie citizen. Then his buddies covered it up.

Watch the full size video here.

Did former Conservative MPP Rod Jackson hire Darren Roskam to attack another party's candidate through gay bashing?

Watch the full size video here.

Patrick Brown was recorded on video threatening that a Barrie resident 'belonged in jail' because he asked questions that the MP for Barrie just didn't want to answer.

Watch the full video here.

Darren Roskam, the 'Libertarian' candidate and strong supporter of both Patrick Brown and Rod Jackson, was recorded with a sunglasses camera outside court after failing to coerce money from our producer.

Watch the full size video here.

Mark Neelin, Chief of the Barrie Police Services, was forced to plead for the support of the community after several of his officers were charged with various violent crimes.

Watch the full size video here.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown claimed to be "Fully Accountable" to his constituents as he knowingly lied to their children, yet when we approached him, he ran and hid in a kitchen.

Watch the full size video here.

We attempted to interview Mark Lang, the publisher of the Harper Government supported Snow Goer Magazine, but he refused to support his allegations, and ran.

Our producer confronted Patrick Brown, the 'Honourable' MP for Barrie The 'servant of the people' seemed surprised by uncontrolled media in Barrie The 'Honourable' MP for Barrie denied knowing Mark Lang & Martin Convery Did Patrick Brown lie, or is that what politicians call 'Implausible Deniability'? Does he really give this much tax payer money to his buddies so often he forgets? Not wanting to answer our questions, Patrick Brown ran and hid in the kitchen And this 'Honourable' career politician evaded our camera . . . . . . by hiding behind the pots and pans. How old are you Patrick? Our producer followed him, asking the tough questions Patrick called on his handlers - get him boys, and I want that video Mike Montague said insurance banned media from the kitchen - selected media We continued to question our MP through the window Patrick Brown had no place to hide Patrick's assistant, former City Councillor Alison Eadie, blocked us Big Mike Montague demanded we pay to stay. But other media didn't have to. Alison Eadie denied receiving any of our four faxed interview requests The 'Honourable' Patrick Brown then hid from us behind his assistant's skirts Big Mike Montague and 'backup' said we had to leave. Why? Patrick found time for the local puppet 'media' Just no time for those he cannot control or edit They won't ask tough questions Later they will let him edit what he said They get to go into the kitchen - the insurance rules are selective Unable to intimidate, Big Mike Montague calls in the veterans Our producer served his country too. Guilt didn't work so they call the cops Big Mike Montague calls in the Barrie Police Services Supporters block our 'get away'. Way too much 'COPS'. Our producer doesn't run Half the department shows up. We are neither surprised nor impressed That's him officer. The awful man whose been exercising his rights Yeah; let's keep this quiet ok. Patrick just needs to censor the video. He had the nerve to ask his MP questions. Its embarrassing Barrie Police confirm our producer's rights. No crime was committed here. 'Most Dangerous Criminal' walks away with the video. Score one for democracy.

Coming soon!

We tried to question Barrie MP Patrick Brown about his involvement, but he ran and hid amongst the pots and pans before calling on large 'supporters' and the Barrie Police Services.

Our Latest News

October 24, 2014

Is Darren Roskam Simply Bat Shit Crazy!

Below are a series of unaltered photographic images of postcards that Darren Roskam sent recently to our Producer in support of his demand to be permitted to serve his fifth lawsuit outside of the Rules of Civil Procedure; which demands that ALL new claims MUST be served PERSONALLY into the hands of the person being sued, either by the claimant or by an agent working on their behalf, such as a friend or professional Process Server.

What normal person sends cards like these? Especially when in support of legal action? Is 'Mr. Poutine' one of Roskam's minions? Roskam claims no link to Patrick Brown So why such a show of support? Roskam claimed the brown was chocolate. Then it was baked beans. Simply disgusting!

Detailed images of these disturbing cards that were sent by Darren Roskam to our Producer can be found here.

These hand-made penniless pauper postcards included two that Darren Roskam appears to have smeared with feces; presumably his own, but we don't really need to know.

They were collected from the mailbox of our studio with tweezers, and were bagged in zip-locks before being put into the hands of Constable Davies (Badge 7744) of the Barrie Police Services, who demanded that our Producer surrender all of the original cards, and not just photos or scans.

Constable Davies then left our production studio, but did so after telling our Producer within easy earshot of several of our production team, that the cards were "very disturbing" and "clearly intended to intimidate" and that he promised he was going to arrest Darren Roskam for criminal harassment and potentially other crimes.

Constable Davies of the Barrie Police Services then did exactly NOTHING, except to refuse to return the evidence of Darren Roskam's psychotic misuse of postcards and apparent need to play with Mr. Hankey; be it his or somebody else's.

That evidence could have been used by a real law enforcement agency to arrest and prosecute this disturbed individual for at the very least criminal harassment, and more likely extortion, but the Barrie Police Services demanded that they hold onto the evidence of at least one crime for no apparent reason, as they were not arresting Roskam.

We have not doubt that evidence will now be lost in the catacombs of the Barrie Police Services and never found again. Our Producer has written to Chief Greenwood demanding the return of his property, as disgusting and disturbing as it is, but as yet no reply has been forthcoming.

Do you remember that internationally scorned video in which several officers of the Barrie Police Services were recorded instructing security guards at the Bayfield Mall to wash away the blood of the innocent victim of Constable Jason Nevill's unprovoked savagery? Well we do, and we smell the stench of the same desire to destroy evidence now.

We took a lesson from the lawyer who subpoenaed that video and posted it online, by photographing Roskam's fecal frosted frenzy of fatuity, including the nasty parts, using high-end digital photography.

There are benefits to having all of the toys of a video and photography production company that is owned by a former private investigator and forensic photo and video specialist for law enforcement, corporate security, and investigations.

What kind of law enforcement professional could ever see these cards as anything but a sick tool of extortion contrived as a means of coercion by a sick man who is hiding behind the pretence of "legitimate" civil litigation?

Why can this highly trained law enforcement officer and his superiors not see that Roskam needs professional medical help for the treatment of serious psychiatric issues that are potentially a threat to any citizen of Barrie upon whom he fixates; such as the 74 year old mother of our Producer, who Roskam is now suing for $25,000, despite having never even met her, while simultaneously claiming to be the champion who will defend her from the love and care of her own son so that Roskam can become the "man of her house"?

WTF? Seriously! See the article below. You frankly will not believe this is going on and that the Barrie Police Services are doing NOTHING.

It is also relevant to ask what kind of law enforcement agency would just ignore these cards; unless they were under instruction by people of much higher power to let Darren Roskam slide so that they could continue to use the poor delusional fool like a mad dog that they keep chained in the backyard, ready to do their bidding whenever they choose to release his shackles?

This is the insane manner of law enforcement and abuse of authority that we are working here to expose, and as greater details of this madness are revealed more people are getting the message that for nearly five years we have been telling the truth about the abuse of authority and blatantly transparent power-brokering that goes on in this rapidly growing community that is so well know for corruption that judges of the Superior and Divisional Courts in Toronto have dubbed it Hazzard County.

Stay tuned. We are sure more is to come.

October 23, 2014

Chief Greenwood Put To Task

Yesterday our Producer wrote to Chief Kimberly Greenwood of the Barrie Police Services stating clearly that it is time for the officers and detectives under her command to take appropriate action against the repugnant societal parasite named Darren Adrian Roskam.

In that letter John noted that Roskam, who has admitted to being diagnosed as “paranoid”, is showing signs of severe mental illness and that he appears to be escalating rapidly toward a dangerous delusional state that could easily lead to Roskam threatening the health and safety of our Producer’s mother.

In a recent email Roskam noted: “Take heed, . . . for if more of my letters, both regular and registered to your mother are refused, I may have to take on the role of the man of the . . . house, and I will stand up for your mother, if you will not. Someone has to.”

Roskam’s apparent delusional state is obvious as he is currently suing this woman who he now sees himself “protecting” as the “man of her house” and he has threatened in writing repeatedly to take from the 74 year old veteran both her car and her house. He has also sued our Producer unsuccessfully twice for defamation, and is now apparently taking a third kick at that cat, during which time he has threatened repeatedly to take everything our Producer owns.

Does Roskam truly now see himself as some kind of replacement for our Producer, and is his all-consuming jealousy of the more successful man who Roskam calls his “nemesis” truly the reason for the Welfare rider’s repeated abuses of the civil court system?

If this is the case, as the evidence supports, is there not an actual crime being committed here, and should the Barrie Police Services not at least be considering a psychiatric assessment for Darren Roskam, who is clearly confused if not dangerously disturbed?

Roskam has never met the woman who he is now suing while simultaneously seeking to “protect” from his “nemesis”, and he has no cause whatsoever for even trying to contact her, let alone sue her. Roskam is not motivated by any higher purpose than to try to coerce what he wants out of our Producer, who Roskam has targeted for attack for more than five years.

Roskam currently owes $2,500.00 in court ordered costs to our Producer after the self-admitted rider of Welfare failed repeatedly over a five year period to ever prove that our Producer has ever said anything false or defamatory about him. While Roskam rants without substance, and has been found guilty twice of publishing defamatory libel (1) (2), our Producer backs up his claims with evidence that has proven sufficient several times to debunk Roskam’s unsupportable claims in a court of law.

What other town would tolerate Roskam’s flagrant abuse of our civil justice system, or the way that he hides behind the guise of litigation while transparently coercing innocent people to give him money as a “settlement” under threat of high costs to defend against his frivolous lawsuits. Yet in Barrie, he is tolerated and even coddled by officers of the Barrie Police Services, who have “warned” Roskam again and again about stalking women, harassing people at their work place, stalking his intended victims to their homes, etc.

It is only in Barrie where this self-represented litigant would be left free to sue dozens of people, businesses, government services, politicians, City Councillors, and even charities, often repeatedly, while at the same time openly defaming them on the Internet, and then offering openly to drop the frivolous lawsuit and remove the defamation if they “settle” with him.

It is also a sad reality that several citizens of Barrie have been so frightened of this 300 lb man coming to their door that they have had to go to the expense and inconvenience of attaining restraining orders; and all because the Barrie Police Services continues to refuse to take action.

Under the Criminal Code of Canada, Extortion is defined as:
346. (1) Every one commits extortion who, without reasonable justification or excuse and with intent to obtain anything, by threats, accusations, menaces or violence induces or attempts to induce any person, whether or not he is the person threatened, accused or menaced or to whom violence is shown, to do anything or cause anything to be done.

The threat to file civil action is exempt from this section of the Criminal Code, but Roskam’s pattern of publishing defamatory libel and then offering to remove it in exchange for money is not. Neither is blatant harassment such as Roskam is currently committing against our Producer’s mother; who Patrick Brown’s BFF is suing for $25,000.00 despite having never even met the 74 year old woman, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

In his most recent correspondence Darren Adrian Roskam stated openly: “I have told you already and will do so again that if you will take ownership of the internet account at your mother's residence, then I will be happy to remove her from the claim.”

How is that statement not extortion? Roskam’s decision to sue our Producer’s mother is by his own admission an act without reason or justification that is intended to obtain something, by threats, by accusations, by menace, which is intended to induce our Producer to give him something Roskam wants that he feels will help him win a civil action valued at $25,000.00.

Roskam has been secure in abusing our civil court system because the shield of litigation protects him under paragraph 2 in section 346 of the Criminal Code of Canada, which states: “A threat to institute civil proceedings is not a threat for the purposes of this section.”

So far the deliberate misinterpretation or misrepresentation of that clause by the officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services has protected Roskam from rightful prosecution; however, the threat of tormenting a medically dependant senior for the sole purpose of attaining something from somebody else is not litigation. It is extortion under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Barrie Police Services are legally obligated under the Police Services Act to stop this menace from abusing the purpose and intent of legitimate civil action so that he can attack and try to destroy any person who will not give him money.

It is also a fact that Roskam has not even served his latest claim on our Producer or his mother, and as such no litigation exists. Roskam has also sued our Producer five times, not including a claim that the self-admitted rider of Welfare served on his intended victim’s ex-girlfriend, who Roskam had never even met, or the current claim that Roskam is pretending to serve on our Producer’s mother.

How long are the Barrie Police Services and the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County going to let this go on? When will they finally step up to the plate, sift through the 500 pages of evidence they received from our Producer last year, and prosecute Darren Adrian Roskam for multiple counts of criminal harassment, defamatory libel, and extortion?

When is Chief Greenwood going to order her officers to either arrest and actually prosecute Darren Roskam as a threat to all decent people, or demand that he be assessed by a qualified psychologist who can intern him to the care of mental health professionals who might actually be able to help him?

Six years ago our Producer told his story to a journalist about how Mark Lang and Martin Convery, the owners of Digital Video Productions, had cheated him on a contract; and he only told that story because they had published propaganda about him to evade civil action that was based almost 100% on defamatory libel that had been published by Darren Roskam at a time when he was demanding that our Producer pay him money Roskam was not owed and had not earned.

What our Produce didn’t know is that those businessmen were well connected to Barrie MP Patrick Brown, who had recently given to them nearly $30,000.00 of public money.

The actions of those men would have proven an embarrassment to the Harper government, so the detectives of the Barrie Police Services arrested our Producer and threatened him with about 30 years in jail if he did not sign a get out of jail free card that required his silence in exchange for his freedom.

Our Producer refused and forced the matter to trial, where all charges were dismissed as violations of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms; which protects all Canadian citizens from abuse of authority by police officers and corrupt politicians.

So, why was it supposedly illegal for our Producer, an internationally experienced journalist, to tell his story to a third party colleague that he fully supported with extensive evidence, but it is not illegal for Darren Roskam to publish defamatory libel that is not supported with any evidence while he simultaneously offers to take down his hate motivated propaganda if his intended victim pays him money?

Why were the officers and detectives so eager to pursue our Producer with due diligence, using every form of coercion imaginable, yet they turn a blind eye to Roskam, who is clearly committing much worse actual offences under the same law?

Is the law applicable only to those who are critical of Barrie’s right wing leaders, such as Barrie MP Patrick Brown and former MPP Rod Jackson? We are sure the Ontario Provincial Police and Royal Canadian Mounted Police will be interested in finding out, as will the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, the Attorney General of Ontario, the Office of the Mayor, all members of Barrie City Council, and various media; all of whom have been copied to the letter sent by our Producer to Chief Kimberley Greenwood on October 21, 2014, in which he charged that the Barrie Police Services have been negligent in their duties under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Police Services Act..

Last year Darren Roskam was finally arrested by the Barrie Police Services and charged with one count of Harassment; however, that happened only after three women from our Producer’s business also complained about being stalked and harassed by Roskam, and the respected business owner, employer, and former international journalist wrote to Chief Greenwood half a dozen times demanding action.

At that time our Producer presented more than 500 pages of evidence to Detective Constable Derek Rose of the Barrie Police Services, which included hundreds of pages of defamatory libel, threats, and attacks against our Producer to his clients and others. Roskam was arrested, but as a condition of that action DC Rose insisted that our Producer stop publishing the truth in this story through this website.

Our Producer wanted Roskam appropriately convicted, so he reluctantly agreed. Nonetheless, several months later, the Barrie Police Services or the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County chose arbitrarily, and for no apparent reason, to drop the charges; just before the Provincial Election when Roskam could be a useful tool for Rod Jackson’s Conservative campaign, as we demonstrated was the case.

So, by arresting Roskam the Barrie Police Services accomplished nothing but to silence this story, which is largely about a small percentage of their officers and their lack of professional ethics. Are we the only ones who see a pattern here? The Barrie Police Services can be assured they will not silence this story again by any means.

Chief Kimberley Greenwood was hired out of Toronto to run the Barrie Police Services during a time of such internal strife that her predecessor, Chief Mark Neelin, had been forced to post a plea on the Barrie Police Services website begging citizens to continue supporting his officers and department.

At that time, the world’s media was focused on a surveillance video showing Constable Jason Nevill viciously attacking an unarmed, much smaller, innocent civilian while a group of other officers watched, did nothing, and then destroyed the evidence of the victim’s injuries. That man’s heinous “crime” was walking down a shopping mall with a friend who accidentally damaged a Christmas ornament. Meanwhile, local news was being peppered with stories of police officers driving drunk, beating their spouses, and dealing drugs. It was indeed a dark time for the Barrie Police Services. Local in-breeding of corruption and abuse of authority had created a serious problem within the Barrie Police Services that could only be cleaned up by outside force.

Barrie’s current Chief, Kimberley Greenwood, had been the staff superintendent of Central Field Command of Divisional Policing Command. That is no small accomplishment, and job with the Barrie Police Services was not going to be easy. She would have to deal with corruption, both internal and on the streets, substance abuse issues within her ranks, and most importantly, the internal structure of collusion and abuse of authority that had allowed certain officers of the Barrie Police Services to get away with just about anything for so many years.

We have never knowingly published anything negative or derogatory here about Chief Kimberley Greenwood, as we see in her the solution to a serious issue; and we sincerely hope that she is strong enough to avoid being absorbed into that problem as appears to have happened so many times in the past when a Chief has risen through the ranks of the Barrie Police Services.

We will see now how she reacts to the troubling and disturbing evidence that supports our claim that Darren Roskam is using tactics of collusion and intimidation to coerce people to pay him money he is not owed, which is also known as extortion, and that he is showing serious signs of mental illness that could be dangerous to the people of Barrie.

October 21, 2014

Thank you to all those loyal followers who have been emailing and contacting us through social media asking for updates.

We are currently reformatting this website to a responsive design, which means it will be smart-phone and tablet friendly, and we are optimizing our SEO using the latest tools used by our commercial branding company. So, it is kind of pointless to update an out of date website that will soon be obsolete.

Since our last post much has happened. Believe it or not, Darren Roskam has stooped to the level of filing a civil claim valued at $25,000.00 against the 74 year old mother of our Producer, who Roskam has never even met - yeah, they are just that desperate.

Roskam has boldly claimed repeatedly that he will take the old lady's car and home away from her and assert himself as the man of her house, even though she has no idea who he is, never mind what he is ranting about. Can this get any sicker or more desperate?

We will be publishing painful details of Roskam's latest means of intimidation and coercion here as soon as the new website is finished. We have no doubt that Roskam and his partners in this story will try to deny their involvement in this transparent tactic of bullying, but a civil claim, even against a harmless old lady, is documented in a court of law. There will be no denying this latest desperate tactic of intimidation.

The courts will likely not show much patience when they hear that the lady, a veteran, suffers from both Parkinson's and dementia, and as such could not have done anything Roskam is trying to claim, but a person who rides Welfare is immune from civil judgements, so Roskam is a perfect choice of weapons to attack a weak old lady who has worked her whole life for what she has earned.

This of course would be Roskam's fourth unsuccessful claim against our Producer, which is why he is now reduced to attacking sick little old ladies. The last time Roskam took John to court the self-admitted rider of Welfare ended up being ordered to pay $2,500.00 to our Producer in costs, which of course he has not done.

Yeah, believe it or not, the directors of Digital Video Productions actually listened to this guy for "legal" advice, and Patrick Brown and Roskam appear to be solid BFFs.

As if that is not enough drama, Darren Roskam recently sent a series of bizarre post cards to our Producer, two of which appeared to be coated in feces; however, despite the apparent affront to decency, the fine officers at the Barrie Police Services have refused to charge the unofficial spokesman for Patrick Brown, Rod Jackson, and assorted members of the Conservative Party. Go figure.

Pictures of those post cards will be posted here for all to see.

Barrie Police have also refused to return the cards, which they seized as "evidence" against Roskam, who they refused to charge. Go figure. Do you smell an attempt to cover this up, because we sure do.

It is getting to a point where those we are accusing are writing our best material for us. It is little wonder that after three years of reporting on this story we have more readers than ever.

People are picking up on the fact that those in authority are trying to conceal their guilt through lies and false accusations. Meanwhile, what we have been saying consistently is all coming to light as a result of their attempts to cover it all up.

Our Producer, the only person man enough to stand up and tell his side of the story, is now sending all of his evidence against Roskam and the Barrie Police Services to the Ontario Provincial Police, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, the Attorney General of Ontario, Mayor Jeff Lehman, all members of Barrie City Council, and various media seeking an investigation as to why Chief of Barrie Police Services Kimberley Greenwood has clearly been intimidated into taking no action to inhibit what is transparent abuse of the civil court system and coercion for the purpose of extortion.

Let's see if true unbiased law enforcement will take down this social menace, like they did Jason Nevill after officers of the Barrie Police Service tried to cover up his brutality and frame the victim for assault.

Stay tuned, because we are not going anywhere, and this story is only going to get more interesting.

October 2, 2014

We hope Barrie MP Patrick Brown is paying attention to the interest being generated by this story, because if recent return visits from Canada's most prominent media are any indication, then he isn't fooling anybody any more.

For three years Barrie MP Patrick Brown has stuck his head in the sand and refused to address our allegations against him, while running and hiding whenever confronted by our evidence; which he rightfully feared was proof of his abuse of power and criminal misuse of the authority of our criminal justice system.

Now those with the power to bring him down want to know the truth, and we are going to tell them.

October 2, 2014

The Exposed Resort to Intimidation and Cowardice

Our story has experienced a considerable upswing in readership this past week due mostly to Barrie MP Patrick Brown finally mustering the courage to announce that he is to seek the leadership of the provincial Progressive Conservatives.

A lot of that attention has come from the media, ranging from national newspapers and broadcasters to small village publications here in Ontario, and another enormous chunk of that bandwidth has been political interest, as those politicians and financial supporters of Barrie’s run and hide MP have come to see how we will respond. We will do so, but in our own time.

The quite funny thing about reviewing our visitor statistics is the pattern that shows just how scared Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his cronies are of our evidence, and the truth being released to the public. Not only have they been hitting our story via rebound links in every foreign country you can think of, through the use of the same proxy servers used by criminals and paedophiles to conceal their online activities, these “honourable” men and women have also evidently solicited friends within the Ministry of Justice and the Canada Revenue Agency to openly visit our story from their easily identifiable domains; an action which serves only to let us know that Big Brother is watching.

Well they can watch, but we hope if they come back they will stay a little longer than the two minutes or less each remained on our site during their most recent visits. Really, if you are going to call on friends to try to intimidate, at least have the good sense to instruct them to visit for a while, to hit a few pages, to actually take the time to read the article, and perhaps watch one or two of the videos we have posted. As bullying tactics go Mr. Brown, this tactic was both transparent and lame.

The federal government is fully capable of visiting us anonymously, yet they CHOSE to do so openly, from their own servers, that are numbered and even named for public identification. Besides, neither the Department of Justice nor the Canada Revenue Agency have anything to do with this story; any more than did the Barrie Police Services and the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County, as was proven when a Judge of the Ontario Court of Justice dismissed the claims against our producer as made by the pubic associates of Barrie MP Patrick Brown after that learned professional of the bench reviewed the evidence and determined that both had violated the former international journalist’s Charter guaranteed right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.

No Patrick, your friends in federal service did not scare us, and they never will. We have been telling the truth of this story for about three years now, and you have never shown the courage to challenge what we are saying or to refute our evidence. Threatening us now with action by your big brother is not going to make us cower and hide. Our producer is the ONLY one who is willing to tell his side of this story openly and without hiding behind anonymity, and people are really starting to wonder why that is.

Next year is a federal election and in the spring is the provincial leadership vote. We hope you are ready, because we are.

September 30, 2014

This website and the story being told are currently undergoing a major update. We have NOT gone away, and we are not about to do so!

The website is currently being re-coded to become part of a "Responsive" website for 5 Point Media; meaning that it will be truly cross platform compatible and viewable on smart phones and tablets. For more information on that technology please visit this section of our producer's commercial website.

To truly understand who we are, please visit here and review the links below "Paying It Forward". You will see that we are not the conspiracy nuts or trouble makers that are being manufactured by federally funded propaganda.

We are a legitimate media company with international experience producing all forms of media who are providing services to companies and charitable organizations small and large, and we have a stellar reputation with both private companies and the Ontario government; sorry about the name dropping.

Sadly for those who we are exposing, the truth will be revealed no matter what they try to do to shut us down.

Darren Roskam filed a lawsuit against us trying to shut this story down. He failed, just as his more important counterparts in this story failed to convince a criminal court that we were doing anything wrong by exposing the truth. Full details and court documents pertaining to Darren Roskam's humiliating defeat will be posted here soon.

What does that say about the validity of this story; when both a criminal and civil court side with us and the truth, based on the actual evidence? As if that is not enough, what can be said about Patrick Brown, who we have on video running and hiding like a frightened school boy when confronted with our evidence. Still not enough? Then why have NONE of the principles named in this story ever shown the courage to take us on either in a civil court of law or through the presentation of evidence on camera?

We are supposed to have Freedom of Speech in this country and Freedom of the Press, and despite "intimidating" visits from the Department of Justice, the Canada Revenue Agency, and other government agencies these past few days, we will continue to tell the truth of this story by whatever means necessary until appropriate action is taken against those in federal politics and local law enforcement who abused their authority for personal gain, and that of their well connected friends.

Too many people now know about this story, and we have significant friends in both of the Opposition parties and the media, so the federal government, aka the Reform re-branded as "Conservative" party, cannot simply goose-step in and subjugate our rights, as was tried unsuccessfully by Detective Constables Scott Aldridge and Tammy Watson of the Barrie Police Services.

To the frankly incredible number of media who have been visiting this website these past few days, ever since Patrick Brown announced his candidacy for the leadership of the Provincial Progressive Conservatives, please continue to visit, as we will soon be posting exactly what you are looking for.

Unlike those we are exposing, who run and hide from the truth, we will be backing up what we say with the sworn testimony and hard evidence of those who are now no longer intimidated nor too scared to stand up in Hazzard County.

Please stand by. It will be worth the wait.

July 15, 2014

Well, it’s been busy around Hazzard County these past couple of days, and it is safe to say that the die-hard supporters of the provincial Progressive Conservative party are getting a bit curious, as they are now coming to us in droves for a little truth about their prospective leader, Barrie MP Patrick Brown.

From Smith Falls, the stomping grounds of Tory wild-card Randy Hillier who just ran for interim leader, all the way out to Burlington, Barrie, St. Catherine’s, Toronto, and a whole lot of Conservative-won ridings we rarely ever hear about, the Tory faithful are asking why it is that the man who Patrick Brown and his friends at Digital Video Productions have been calling a con-man and an extortionist has for years been undertaking of his own free will a plethora of charitable and altruistic causes that serve no purpose other than to help the community.

It is becoming clear now that the dots are connecting, and the question being asked is if Patrick Brown, Mark Lang, Martin Convery, and their two-times court labelled libelist (Ruling 1) (Ruling 2) Darren Roskam have been lying about that for almost three years, what else are they hiding and deceiving us all about?

Could it be - heaven forfend - that if they are lying so transparently about our producer that perhaps we are telling the truth and it is our “honourable” Member of Parliament and the Harper Government funded buddies who he helped to evade being sued for breach of contract who are now, and have always been deceiving the tax payers of Canada, the criminal justice system, and whoever else they could manipulate to attain their goals?

Sadly for them our producer has demonstrated that he does not yield to intimidation, and never will. So Patrick Brown had better give up any dreams of becoming Premiere of Ontario, because his mistakes of the past, that he has refused to rectify or justify by challenging our allegations, are coming back to haunt him.

We hope Patrick's friends at DVP are worth the price he is now paying and the humiliation he is now having to bear trying to explain away his run and hide tactics to his friends and political allies.

July 12, 2014

We are happy to announce that as of today, just one month after the election that saw Rod Jackson ousted by the previously unknown Ann Hoggarth, our video, located on YouTube at http://youtu.be/teJk3sc-Uhc has been viewed by no less than 400 concerned citizens.

People like Rod Jackson and his friend Patrick Brown can wallow in denial of the power of social media and the ability of citizens to make changes in the local power structure, but that was not the case just 30 days ago.

Let's see what effect we can have over the next few months.

July 12, 2014

No matter what key words you use in reference to Barrie’s Conservative MP, the ongoing story of Hazzard County comes up on page one of every search engine from Google to Bing - and even Dogpile ;-) This is perhaps no better demonstrated than by the fact that yesterday, while looking for a website called www.whypatrickbrown.ca, an enquiring mind found and visited Hazzard County.

Arrogance such as that demonstrated by the Hazzard County inner circle is ultimately a self-destructive character flaw; such has been learned by dictators and despots ranging from Adolf Hitler to Saddam Hussein. Nonetheless, Patrick Brown persists in living in his ivory tower of privilege, comfortable in his decision to ignore our four written requests for an interview, and apparently convinced that we will just go away.

That attitude will likely change over the next few months as 5 Points – the Barrie Magazine is launched, and we begin to promote our publication and specific stories through inexpensive social media advertising; through which we can reach 10,000 people for as little as $50.00, as we did when releasing the Rod Jackson video.

That action caused a stir within the ranks of the local Conservatives who wrote saying they were “ordering” Facebook to shut us down (how did that work out for you tough guy) and that they would sue us if we did not take it down (still waiting ;-). The funny thing is that all those people disappeared the day after Rod Jackson was defeated, even going so far as to say he was not their candidate.

After five years of reporting this story, half of which were silenced by what the court has confirmed was unlawful subjugation by the Barrie Police Services, you would think Patrick Brown would get the message that we are not going away, but apparently not.

We will not be intimidated or silenced through any abuse of authority, no matter what Patrick Brown and his minions throw at us, and if Patrick Brown wants us to be silent he can get in front of our camera and face our evidence; which he knows will prove that that Patrick Brown abused his authority to help his friends at Digital Video Productions by calling on specific officers of the Barrie Police Services to arrest and try to intimidate our producer who they had cheated. Otherwise, this story is going to hang over his head for the rest of his political and professional life.

Patrick Brown had better get his head out of his you-know-what as clearly the citizenry of Ontario are interested in knowing why he is evading this story; so much so that even those searching for his own self-promotion materials are finding our story instead. More importantly, they are reading what we have to say.

This most recent likely Tory supporter stayed on our website and read our materials for at least ten minutes, and as any website designer will tell you, only those who are interested stay longer than a few seconds.

The average visit to the Hazzard County website is more than nine minutes, and in more cases than not a visit from a specific town or city is followed by other visits from that region as the person who found our story spreads the word to his colleagues, family, and friends.

The province of Ontario is not small town Barrie where Patrick Brown can get away with doing whatever he wants. If he is ever Premiere (God help us) Patrick Brown will be accountable to the people and subject to real media scrutiny.

Here Patrick Brown can call on the Barrie Police Services for a little subjugation (or at least he could until we exposed it) but out there in the big leagues he will have to answer questions and will not be able to hide behind the pots and pans evading the truth and evidence of his own wrongdoing.

Let's see if Patrick Brown can step out from behind the skirts of his assistant, and the propaganda published by his buddy Darren Roskam, and put on the big boy pants long enough to man up and face the evidence we have against him.

July 11, 2014

We received a visit today from the Toronto Star. It was not their first visit, and is not likely to be their last, but it was significant in that the reporter who came today stayed for more than twenty minutes, and we think they downloaded the entire contents and every file on our website.

We could be wrong about the download, but our bandwidth suddenly jumped while they were online, which is usually an indication that a whole lot of data was downloaded at one time.

The Toronto Star and any other media services are welcome to read or download whatever they want from our website, and our producer is very happy to chat with any interested reporter about his experience with Hazzard County justice.

We have also recently been visited by several divisions of the CBC and at least 25 times by the CTV Television Network; not to mention several other newspapers based in Toronto, Ottawa, Burlington, London, and Hamilton. It is handy having on staff a former computer forensics specialist, like those used by law enforcement, security, and private investigations, who can identify our visitors with such accuracy.

We think it is now safe to say that, due to our three year-long demonstration of tenacity and the evidence presented, those who once believed this to be a grudge site are now seeing the truth, and that they are now understanding based on the evidence that our producer, who does so much to help others in our community, is far from the blackmailer or extortionist depicted by those we are accusing of having abused the authority of our criminal justice system for personal profit or political favour.

We do not think this story is so hard to understand. Two businessmen who had just received nearly $27,000.00 from the Harper Government through Patrick Brown breached a contract; a situation that would have been embarrassing for the Conservatives if it hit mainstream media. So Patrick, a former City Councillor, made a call to a buddy in the Barrie Police with a request that he lean on our producer to shut him up.

The plan ultimately backfired, as our producer knew his right and fought the charges, and the Crown Attorney had to abandon 80% of the ludicrous and unsupportable allegations before the court tossed the rest in the trash like yesterday’s fish because the unsupportable allegations were nothing but a blatant and transparent violation of the intended victim’s rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press; both Fundamental Freedoms under the Charter of Right and Freedoms.

We have publicly called upon Chief Greenwood and the City Council of Barrie to review our producer’s wrongful and illegal arrest and incarceration but our pleas have been ignored.

As such, we have no choice but to continue embarrassing the fine city of Barrie by telling this story and building on it with evidence of other similar abuses of authority, similar wrongful arrests, and examples of assaults and other violations of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that were committed against Barrie citizens by a police department that is supposed to serve and protect ALL tax payers of our rapidly growing community, and not just a select few.

We welcome the Toronto Star and all other media to review our story and examine our evidence. It is Patrick Brown, the potential leader of our province’s Conservative party, and his public associate Mark Lang (who Patrick now claims he doesn't know) who ran and hid from our evidence, and who refused to support their claims or repeat their allegations publicly.

We are welcoming scrutiny while the “Honourable” MP and the “honest” and “ethical” government supported business operators run and hide. Who do you think is telling the truth? Is there any wonder why Patrick Brown's latest grasp for the brass ring of power is now attracting so much media attention?

The provincial Conservatives droned on ad nauseum about how the Liberals under McGuinty were untrustworthy; so what are the voters of Ontario going to think when they learn that Patrick Brown has been accused publicly for three years of abusing his authority to railroad an innocent citizen through the criminal justice system for no reason other than to protect his own reputation, but has done NOTHING to defend against the claims but run and hide when confronted with the evidence, and publishing ridiculous, unsupported propaganda through the dubious 'talents' of a two-times court labelled libelist and vexatious litigant who was removed from the YMCA for 'acting inappropriately in a children's area'?

Journalists and media, there is your story. You might not have believed us a couple of years ago, but now that you have a better understanding of who our producer is and what evidence we have to support our claims we know you are now getting the message.

We invite you to return to Hazzard County any time.

July 11, 2014

We received a phone call earlier today from a retired city worker who has concerns about safety on the Barrie Transit system. We told him we would be happy to review his information, and do some research, and consider the story for publishing when we launch 5 Points – the Barrie Magazine later this year https://www.facebook.com/FivePointsMedia - http://www.5pointsmedia.ca .

He then went on to comment that he was not aware of this website or the story until the Rod Jackson video was released via social media ( http://youtu.be/teJk3sc-Uhc ) , and now he has read the ENTIRE Hazzard County website, and was sufficiently intrigued that he sent a “must read” link to dozens of local residents. He also liked our Facebook page, ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hazzard-County-Barrie-Ontario/462199103846680 ) and set his Facebook to automatically share our updates with what he described as hundreds of Facebook friends. We are already seeing results from his efforts.

Tom’s main comment about our story was simply; he would have normally considered hazzardcounty.ca to be a gripe site and moved on, except that our producer is NOT hiding who he is, which he said showed great integrity, and clearly Patrick Brown and Mark Lang are running and hiding from what they did. He also didn’t have many nice things to say about Darren Roskam, who he said he knew quite well but not by choice.

This voter saw the determination of our tenacity, and the truth of our evidence and links, and he is setting fire to more of the grass roots kindling to help us spread the truth.

When Barrie Conservative MP Patrick Brown called for a little subjugation of our producer’s rights Detective Constables Scott Aldridge and Tammy Watson of the Barrie Police Services knew they could do pretty much whatever they wanted to help the Conservative politician’s friends at Digital Video Productions.

Our producer was at that time a recently divorced man living in a rented apartment and as such he was limited in what he could do to expose the abuse of authority. Since then John has worked hard to rebuild his life and he now owns a provincially registered media company that is producing documentaries and broadcast commercials, medical videos, promotional corporate work, and he is undertaking projects for charity of various stripes.

Now the man who Aldridge and Watson attempted but failed to intimidate has unrestricted access to broadcast video production equipment, and many contacts in local and Toronto media, and also a staff who are working with him to launch 5 Points Media and 5 Points – the Barrie Magazine; through which we will be reporting the truth behind what is truly happening in Barrie. John's commercial business has just shy of 1,000 followers on Facebook and he also has a very well-known building that is passed daily by 20,000 Barrie motorists and is instantly recognizable by most Barrie residents.

What is really funny is that the oh-so-important (just ask him) wannabe media mogul Darren Roskam is still trying to convince people that our producer is hiding who he is, when links to John's identity are all over this website. Either John is terrible at hide and seek or Darren Roskam is just a self-discrediting idiot; and we know which option gets our vote ;-)

John has been very busy ever since Patrick Brown apparently made that phone call seeking a little help for his friends from certain special interest officers of the Barrie Police Services, and he is not one to sit and wait to see what happens.

We are ready for next year’s federal election, just like we were prepared for the most recent provincial vote, when incumbent Rod Jackson was defeated by the previously unknown Ann Hoggarth.

We hope Patrick Brown is ready for us.

July 10, 2014

We don’t claim to know why it’s happening, but we are enjoying the sudden increase in popularity; as during the past 24 hours Hazzard County has become more popular than pizza during the Superbowl. We were well into the double digits for unique visitors by 8:00am this morning; and they were sticking around and inviting their friends.

It could be because of the effect our video had on the most recent provincial election, through which we showed Barrie Conservative MPP Rod Jackson running and evading questions when we asked him if he had hired Darren Roskam to manufacture hate and bigotry through gay bashing. It could also be because Patrick Brown has been given the nod to run as leader of the Provincial Conservatives, and he is even more closely associated through this story with Barrie’s most loathsome libelist and court ruled vexatious litigant.

What we do know is that traffic to Hazzard County has multiplied overnight, like a one lane horse path turning into a four lane highway. If this keeps up we’ll need a diner and gas bar at the off ramp.;-)

The visits today have been from media from across Ontario, and both provincial and federal government offices, and John and Jane Q. Public; with hits coming in from homes, businesses, government offices, various media outlets, and universities located in cities such as Kitchener, Oshawa, Barrie, Ottawa, Hamilton, Midland, Sarnia, Kapuskasing, Etobicoke, Toronto, Cambridge, North York, and various others.

Those visitors have also been cross linking to our commercial website, where they are seeing how our producer contributes more in so many ways to our community than most small to medium sized business owners.

These facts fly in the face of the image that has been created by those who serve Patrick Brown, Mark Lang, and Martin Convery; such as their muckraker Darren Roskam, who has claimed without providing ANY evidence that the well respected philanthropist is some kind of dark and sinister con-artist and extortionist who they have accused of everything from child abuse, to fraud, to using and abusing women, and even paedophilia.

Now those following this story know that TWO separate courts of law have dismissed those self-serving and hypocritical allegations made against our producer, and that those decisions were based solely on the evidence that was made available by both sides. One court decision could be wrong, but two?

Most people have come to see that the claims made by Darren Roskam about our producer and others are frankly absurd rantings of a disturbed individual who will say ANYTHING about ANYBODY, especially if somebody is willing to pay him to say it. The simple fact is that if ANYBODY had done 5% of the “crimes” Roskam claimed were committed by our producer he would be in jail, and certainly not free to tell his story if they could not back it up with hard evidence.

Truth and tenacity has turned more than a few people away from the lies being told by those whom we are exposing. It is also not lost on most people that while our producer has posted links to his identity and resume on every page of this story, none of those who abused the authority of the Barrie Police Services and the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County in an attempt to silence him have EVER had the courage to stand up and make their allegations publicly or face the evidence against them.

Who would you believe; those standing behind their story or those running away and refusing to back up their claims?

July 7, 2014

Parliament returns

It seems word is spreading throughout our Houses of Parliament, as once again our story has been visited by somebody using the parl.gc.ca network, and this time it is a different IP address; meaning a different person or computer.

This "official" visitor stayed a little longer than 15 minutes, and their entire attention was on Patrick Brown. Click here for details.

Maybe his Conservative buddies are wondering why Patrick Brown has taken NO action in nearly three years to silence this story, other than to apparently abuse the authority of the Barrie Police Services, and why he instead hid behind his assistant and then amongst the pots and pans when faced with our camera and evidence.

July 7, 2014

London Calling

All of our websites, those being for our producer's commercial business, the new 5 Points Media website, and Hazzard County have all been visited repeatedly during the past few days by a seriously interested party from London, Ontario.

Well, we did some really basic research on who might be interested in our story in a town three hours and 300 km away, and learned that in addition to being a Liberal riding, London is home to the Honourable Deborah Matthews, MPP for London North Centre, who in addition to being the Minister Responsible for the Poverty Reduction Strategy is also President of the Treasury Board of the Ontario Liberal Party and our Deputy Premier.

We can only guess as to what dirt she is digging up; most likely about Ontario Conservative Leader wannabe Patrick Brown.

To the Liberals, New Democrats, Greens, and whoever else can use it, we have much more on Patrick Brown than has so far been published here, and we would be happy to share; including some very seriously embarrassing video that we have not yet posted as part of this story, but intend to do so soon.

All you have to do is ask ;-)

July 5, 2014

Patrick Brown under scrutiny

Somebody in Brantford Ontario took up a homestead in Hazzard County yesterday, viewing 29 pages of our story in little more than 24 hours. Then they brought some friends. Details are available here.

The unidentified visitor, who is most likely a journalist or a competitor for the seat of Ontario PC leader, spent only a minute or so on some pages, and on others they hung around for more than half an hour. He or she then came back repeatedly, as if confirming their facts before reporting their findings.

The videos were, not surprisingly, the most popular pages, as who can deny Patrick Brown’s accountability when he is seen and heard threatening to put a citizen in jail for asking questions at a public event, or when he hid behind the skirts of his assistant and then the pots and pans in a kitchen to avoid us? The full video of that embarrassing moment will be coming out very soon.

Yeah, Patrick Brown has real potential as the leader of the Ontario Conservatives ;-)

July 4, 2014

Eyes at Parliament Hill are watching . . . again

Well, it could be Patrick Brown himself, as he does occasionally go to work in Ottawa between hockey holidays, or it could be somebody else from Harper’s Conservatives or another party keeping up to date on what is going on with our story, but today we had a visitor from parl.gc.ca, which is the server for the House of Commons in Ottawa; and you don’t just log onto that network’s Wi-Fi while taking the tour.

The visitor went straight to Patrick Brown’s page where he/she parked themselves for a good ten minutes, which would suggest they are new to the story as even Patrick Brown’s page isn’t that long.

So, one must question why the visit, unless it was because Barrie’s MP is seriously considering running for the provincial Conservative leadership, and he wanted one of his buddies to take a look to assess the potential damage.

It doesn’t really matter what was decided as our story is currently so out of date as to be almost irrelevant. Soon that will change however, and all of our new materials will flood forth for public consumption, as fuelled by a social media campaign the likes of which Barrie politics has never seen.

Just ask Rod Jackson how effective our methods of distributing the truth can be, and that was not even a drop in the bucket compared to what is coming with regards to Patrick Brown.

For more details on the log click here.

July 3, 2014

It seems that Patrick Brown might have a fair amount to worry about if he is considering running for the leadership of Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives, as according to the data from our visitor analysis tools he is the belle of the ball in Hazzard County.

Maybe Barrie's golden boy of Conservatism should have put a little more thought into his answer when Mark Lang and Martin Convery called on their good old buddy for a little assistance in swaying the professional detachment of certain detectives of the Barrie Police Services. More here.

July 3, 2014

It comes as little surprise to us that there is sudden interest from across Ontario regarding Patrick Brown, as he is being considered for the leadership of the provincial Conservative party, which so soundly had its bragging and boasting called to task during the most recent election; locally by the decline and fall of Rod Jackson who just 24 hours prior to the release of our exposé video was sending out invites to his “victory” party.

We are guessing the son of Jackson Toyota now understands that we are all judged by the company we keep, and perhaps he and his kind should not belittle the power of effective social media.

So far hits have come in from London, Chatham, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, various regions of Toronto, Sudbury, all areas around Barrie, etc. and most recently, Ottawa.

We frankly don’t have time to scrutinize all of those visitors, but today’s reader from our nation’s capital caught our attention, as ALL he/she seemed to care about was Patrick Brown, his association with Darren Roskam, and how the young Conservative has repeatedly threatened those who stand against him, or who have had the nerve and audacity to ask him questions he does not want to answer.

See for yourself here ;-)

July 2, 2014:

This website is undergoing a major overhaul to merge it with our main 5 Points Media website. We expect to be fully updated and online again by September 1, 2014.

We have listened to our readers, including the clients of Digital Video Productions and the supporters of Patrick Brown, who have said that they are trying to understand but cannot follow the story. In that light, we are now producing videos that will walk our readers through the details of our evidence.

We will then be exercising our right, as has now been established by the Barrie Police Services, to contact every business connected to Digital Video Productions in Barrie and beyond, as well as all of our constituency's voters through social media, to tell them about the launch of 5 Points Magazine and the revamp of this story; which is only fair since that is what their muckraker Darren Roskam did.

On that note, we will also be posting details of Darren Roskam’s most recent utter loss at the Small Claims Court, where his claim of defamation regarding this story was scuttled without even being shown the respect of a trial after Darren Roskam scrambled to protect his ‘beloved’ MP Patrick Brown and the controversial Conservative's buddies from the truth of our evidence: you know, those being the guys with whom Darren Roskam is not in any way associated ;-)

That little misadventure through our legal system cost Darren Roskam an order of $2,500.00 in costs; however, of course the the self-admitted rider of Welfare who was diagnosed as paranoid is still claiming to be victorious and is determined to appeal the order even though the law prohibits him from doing so. Well, what do the judges know anyway?

For those keeping count, that is now two separate courts of law that have noted our right to tell this story based on the evidence; and the reason for that is we can back up EVERYTHING we are saying.

That is also the reason why Digital Video Productions and Patrick Brown have both declined their right to try to shut this story down, or to make their case on camera as we have offered.

It is easy for those we are exposing to claim they are being defamed, but not so easy to prove it when faced with the kind of evidence we have against them; as Darren Roskam just found out. He lost his 'right' to sue because the judge saw the truth and the same will happen should Patrick Brown, Mark Lang, or Martin Convery ever find the courage to fight for their 'good name' rather than running away while throwing slurs and insults through their maniacal mouthpiece.

We will also be making available to other potential victims of the court ruled vexatious litigant the evidence they will need to convince a judge to scuttle Darren Roskam's all too frequent frivolous lawsuits and to dispel any online defamatory libel that always seem to accompany Darren Roskam's attempts to extort money for feigned offences.

Apparently Darren Roskam is a delicate flower who has the 'right' to receive tens of thousands of dollars whenever somebody makes a random comment against him, while at the same time he publishes hundreds of pages of childish defamatory libel and mocking pictures online about others that NOBODY cares about while hiding from prosecution behind the status of a rider of Welfare.

Is there any wonder Darren Roskam is known in local political circles as the Village Idiot?