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This story has been told here for three years, and despite multiple requests by us that they refute our claims and debunk our growing pile of evidence, neither Barrie MP Patrick Brown, nor his friends at Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine have mustered the courage to defend their “good” names. In fact Mark Lang refused to support his testimony as made under oath in a criminal court of law and Barrie MP Patrick Brown ran and hid in a kitchen when he saw us coming. Meanwhile, Patrick Brown's propaganda puppet, Darren Roskam, filed civil action trying to take us down, but his claim was dismissed by the court based on the evidence and Roskam was ordered to pay our Producer $2,500.00 in costs.

Click here to learn more about "our Producer" or visit his commercial website and consider who but a pillar of our community would be asked by the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce and the City of Barrie to present an award bearing the name of his business at an event that was held to honour local business and enterprise, and why our Producer's branding business is currently featured on a program produced by Rogers TV as an example of innovative business?

Patrick Brown and his team are currently trying to censor this story, through methods ranging from deleting references in Wikipedia to wiping out comments in the Barrie Examiner and other mainstream media.

Neither Patrick Brown nor any other politician has the authority to censor what you are permitted to know, and you have the right to know all of the facts as is guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Patrick Brown can silence this story by facing our evidence on camera or by filing court action through which the man who wants to be Premier of Ontario will have to face our evidence against him while under oath.

Ask yourself one simple question: Why does Patrick Brown feel he has the need or the right to stop you from learning about the content of this story that we have been telling for three years, but which he has never challenged?
We ask YOU to protect YOUR rights and those of ALL of our children by sharing this story on Facebook and other social media, and by emailing it to your friends, family, and colleagues.

    Darren Roskam, a two times court labelled libelist and vexatious litigant who speaks for Lang, Convery, and Patrick Brown.

Mark Lang, the President Of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, has admitted guilt.

The Ontario Federation of SnowMobile Clubs OFSC and Snow Goer Magazine

Martin Convery, a partner in Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, blindly followed the lead of Mark Lang and added his name to the charges.
Patrick Brown, Conservative MP for Barrie. Does he run Simcoe - Hazzard - County like a Boss Hogg?

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Barrie Police Services Constable Jason Nevill Commits Brutal Assault

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Justice Finally Served In Hazzard County

On Friday, June 21, 2013 Ontario Court Judge Lorne Chester entered a verdict of GUILTY against long-time Barrie Police Services Constable Jason Nevill; convicting the violent thug of assault causing bodily harm, obstruction of justice, and fabricating evidence.

His victim, Jason Stern, and the socially conscious citizens of Barrie breathed a collectively sigh of relief.

At the time of the assault, Nevill claimed in official reports that Stern had been intoxicated and that the then 25 year old man had attempted to knee or kick the officer in the groin; however, ALL charges against Stern were dropped by the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County after the defence attorney subpoenaed surveillance video from Bayfield Mall which showed clearly that Nevill had attacked Stern without provocation.

Inexplicably, the officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services ‘forgot’ to collect that evidence even though video from the mall’s surveillance cameras had been used to prosecute other cases.

That video also showed how the 230 lb Nevill, a self-admitted fan of mixed martial arts, used advanced combat training to viciously beat the man half his size, and how he had continued the assault even after his victim had been handcuffed and had passed out from smashing his head on the concrete; where Stern left a pool of blood that other officers later made ‘go away’ with buckets of water in a transparent attempt to cover up the crimes for their buddy.

What we want to know is are those other officers also going to be charged with obstruction of justice and destroying evidence, and if not why?

Ontario Court Judge Lorne Chester took about an hour to read his verdict, at which time he noted “They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This video is worth thousands of words,” and “(Nevill) may have been capable of belief if the mall video did not exist.” That statement by a judge leads us to wonder how many times officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services have manufactured falsified evidence in order to attain a conviction against innocent victims.

How many innocent citizens are currently stewing in the Penetanguishene Super-jail for want of surveillance video, and how many lives have been destroyed by the word of an officer like Jason Nevill?

Judge Chester stated that he had watched the Bayfield Mall surveillance video “hundreds of times”. It is therefore not very surprising that he entered a verdict of GUILTY against the violent abuser of authority who was recorded “rag-dolling” 25-year-old Jason Stern, and jumping on him, and handcuffing him, and punching him in the head, even after the much smaller man lay bleeding on the pavement.

Why do we continue to accept this kind of brutal abuse of authority as legitimate law enforcement in a country where our citizens' rights are supposed to be protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

As can be seen in the video, other officers of the Barrie Police Services showed up during and immediately after the vicious assault by one of their own, and they could see the damage being done by Nevill against an injured man, yet NONE of them took ANY action to quell the assault by their buddy. All they did is stand by and watch, and then corroborate Nevill’s story so they could frame Jason Stern for assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest; the result of which would most likely have been a two year stay in the Penetanguishene Super-jail.

ALL of those officers were clearly are quite willing to destroy evidence and falsify records to protect one of their own, so shouldn’t a review be initiated into ALL suspicious convictions?

During the trial the representative for the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County noted that Jason Stern had done nothing more than exercise his right to remain silent, as is guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, by refusing to surrender the name of a friend who had been accused of damaging a Styrofoam Christmas ornament worth about a dollar. This kind of disdain, as demonstrated by officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services when dealing with the rights of citizens, as are guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, is exactly what our documentary is about . . .

. . . and, sadly, the stories told by Jason Stern and our producer are FAR from isolated incidents.

That almost backwoods hillbilly ‘this is how it’s done around here’ mentality, as maintained by many officers of the Barrie Police Services, is the reason this region has been dubbed ‘Hazzard County’ by the Appellate Courts of Toronto.

You need look no further than the April 10, 2013 acquittal of Constables Kevin Calleja, Nathan Bowman and Marco Coniglione of the Barrie Police Services who were accused of forcing their way into the home of Michael Ullman, a 64-year-old retired engineer, without a warrant; at which time he claimed the officers kicked, kneed and punched him without provocation following a family disagreement with his sister on July 6, 2009.

The decision in that case to acquit the officers flew in the face of the evidence presented by the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County, represented by Robin Flummerflet, who submitted photos that showed Ullman's body covered in welts and bruises. Ullman also suffered a broken arm. Flummerflet also played a video that showed Ullman being dragged into the police station crying out in pain due to his broken arm being hand cuffed behind his back. Despite the ‘open’ concept of our criminal justice system, the Hazzard County judge ruled that the media could not have access to the video. Given the interest generated by the Nevill video, that was found by the victim’s lawyer and distributed by the media via the Internet, it is little wonder that a Hazzard County judge would not want the Ullman video getting out to the public.

Clearly it doesn’t take much in Hazzard County to provoke an officer to abuse your rights, or to viciously assault you, and to frame you with the help of their buddies in order to cover up their own crimes.

The conviction against this long-serving ‘colourful’ officer of the Barrie Police Services was long overdue, but it is not enough to satisfy the thirst for justice that is now building in Barrie; partially as a result of this story. The assault, and the extensive media coverage, might have resulted in a conviction against Nevill, and rightfully so, but he was helped by two security guards who held the victim down while Nevill punched and kneed his way to glory, and other officers worked collaboratively with Nevill to frame Jason Stern for assaulting a police officer and for obstruction of justice; neither of which ever occurred, according to the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County.

If it was not for that surveillance video, which the officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services ‘forgot’ to present to the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County, an innocent man would most likely have been convicted of multiple crimes and sent to Penetanguishene Super-jail; based solely on the testimony of a now convicted violent criminal and the corroboration of his buddies in the Barrie Police Services.

It is our hope that this criminal conviction of a once respected officer of the Barrie Police Services will stimulate local judges to at least question the truth of the word of those officers and detectives of the Barrie Police Services . . .

. . . who are all too often trusted on face value and seldom questioned by officials in Hazzard County.

    Have you or somebody you know been the victim of "Hazzard County" justice at the hands of
a local politician, or the Barrie Police Services, or the Crown Attorney of Simcoe County?
Please contact our studio at 705-252-8734 or email


Five Points Media

Watch the full size video here.

Constable Jason Nevill of the Barrie Police was caught on video brutally assaulting a handcuffed and defenceless Barrie citizen. Then his buddies covered it up.

Watch the full size video here.

Did former Conservative MPP Rod Jackson hire Darren Roskam to attack another party's candidate through gay bashing?

Watch the full size video here.

Patrick Brown was recorded on video threatening that a Barrie resident 'belonged in jail' because he asked questions that the MP for Barrie just didn't want to answer.

Watch the full video here.

Darren Roskam, the 'Libertarian' candidate and strong supporter of both Patrick Brown and Rod Jackson, was recorded with a sunglasses camera outside court after failing to coerce money from our producer.

Watch the full size video here.

Mark Neelin, Chief of the Barrie Police Services, was forced to plead for the support of the community after several of his officers were charged with various violent crimes.

Watch the full size video here.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown claimed to be "Fully Accountable" to his constituents as he knowingly lied to their children, yet when we approached him, he ran and hid in a kitchen.

Watch the full size video here.

We attempted to interview Mark Lang, the publisher of the Harper Government supported Snow Goer Magazine, but he refused to support his allegations, and ran.

Our producer confronted Patrick Brown, the 'Honourable' MP for Barrie The 'servant of the people' seemed surprised by uncontrolled media in Barrie The 'Honourable' MP for Barrie denied knowing Mark Lang & Martin Convery Did Patrick Brown lie, or is that what politicians call 'Implausible Deniability'? Does he really give this much tax payer money to his buddies so often he forgets? Not wanting to answer our questions, Patrick Brown ran and hid in the kitchen And this 'Honourable' career politician evaded our camera . . . . . . by hiding behind the pots and pans. How old are you Patrick? Our producer followed him, asking the tough questions Patrick called on his handlers - get him boys, and I want that video Mike Montague said insurance banned media from the kitchen - selected media We continued to question our MP through the window Patrick Brown had no place to hide Patrick's assistant, former City Councillor Alison Eadie, blocked us Big Mike Montague demanded we pay to stay. But other media didn't have to. Alison Eadie denied receiving any of our four faxed interview requests The 'Honourable' Patrick Brown then hid from us behind his assistant's skirts Big Mike Montague and 'backup' said we had to leave. Why? Patrick found time for the local puppet 'media' Just no time for those he cannot control or edit They won't ask tough questions Later they will let him edit what he said They get to go into the kitchen - the insurance rules are selective Unable to intimidate, Big Mike Montague calls in the veterans Our producer served his country too. Guilt didn't work so they call the cops Big Mike Montague calls in the Barrie Police Services Supporters block our 'get away'. Way too much 'COPS'. Our producer doesn't run Half the department shows up. We are neither surprised nor impressed That's him officer. The awful man whose been exercising his rights Yeah; let's keep this quiet ok. Patrick just needs to censor the video. He had the nerve to ask his MP questions. Its embarrassing Barrie Police confirm our producer's rights. No crime was committed here. 'Most Dangerous Criminal' walks away with the video. Score one for democracy.

When we reconfigure this website

We tried to question Barrie MP Patrick Brown about his involvement, but he ran and hid amongst the pots and pans before calling on large 'supporters' and the Barrie Police Services.

Our Latest News

April 1, 2015

We Are Glad Everybody Is OK

Like most people we heard the chatter last night and this morning about the mystery envelope that was delivered to Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s office yesterday. All we want to say on the subject is that we are happy that everybody who works for Barrie MP Patrick Brown is OK, and that according to mainstream media it was not a true terrorism attack.

Such anonymous acts of terrorism are the tactics of cowards.

Those working for Barrie MP Patrick Brown may feel comfortable ignoring us as if we are not constituents in a democracy to whom they are accountable, and their boss evidently has no trouble sleeping at night after he abused his authority and that of the Barrie Police Services to subjugate the rights of an innocent man; however we wish them all well.

Action in a democracy is spearheaded by words and ideas, as we use here; not acts that serve only to intimidate and terrorize government workers.

We have no doubt that Barrie MP Patrick Brown will now try to spin this event to his advantage in the Ontario leadership race, as did Prime Minister Shephen Harper when a single armed man entered the House of Commons last year, and our imperious leader used that singular action as grounds to manufacture a bill that will take away more civil rights from every citizen of Canada in a single stroke of a pen than most people can contemplate.

Our democracy is not perfect, but it sure as hell beats the alternatives, and acts such as this are intolerable.

March 30, 2015

A Miscalculation, Wrapped In Arrogant Assumption, Creates a Conundrum

Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his people are in a conundrum with regards to what they can realistically do now to silence this story before the big debate in April; when you just know Christine Elliott and Monte McNaughton will be “Dropping the “H” Bomb” on Barrie MP Patrick Brown in front of hundreds of thousands of loyal Conservatives supporters and also every mainstream media service in Ontario.

As reported in the past, both of those opposing candidates are spreading the word about this well-established and easy to find website via email and other more direct means.

By the time of the debate Christine Elliott and Monte McNaughton will have no choice but to draw attention to this story, as by then we will have reached hundreds of thousands of Conservative supporters through social media, and our story will have become the 5,000 lb gorilla in the room that can no longer be ignored.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s three year old game of hiding under the covers will no longer be an option as the mainstream media will not let the matter be ignored.

Click here for details

March 28, 2015

Like A Scene From Old Yeller

We all know the tear-jerking scene from Old Yeller, when the once faithful dog was driven to madness by rabies and the boy who had reluctantly accepted him as a partner and protector had no choice but to load the shotgun and end once and for all what had been a mutually beneficial relationship. It is now evident from the frenzy of activity focused on our website by Darren Roskam this afternoon that Barrie MP Patrick Brown has finally oiled up the metaphorical 12 gauge and pulled the trigger on what had once been good times enjoyed by all; but which now is nothing but an embarrassing partnership that when exposed by us to mainstream media could potentially destroy the political career of the overly ambitious MP for Barrie.

We know much of this is speculation, but our guesswork is based on three years of experience in analyzing Barrie MP Patrick Brown and Darren Roskam;
and with all due humility, we have not often been wrong in our assessments.

Click here for details

March 27, 2015

Members of Parliament Visit Hazzard County

As can be confirmed irrefutably by this most recent screen grab of our traffic analysis tools, our story has been visited no less than 14 times during the past 30 days by representatives of our House of Commons or by staff at Parliament Hill; with three visits happening just yesterday. We can also show that we have been visited repeatedly, mostly during the evening and early mornings, via the in-house networks of various hotels in the same neighbourhood, including the Ottawa Marriott Hotel and the Sheraton Ottawa Hotel; all of which are within easy walking distance of the House of Commons and are guaranteed overnight accommodations for visiting Members of Parliament from all parties.

That is more hits, for longer periods, visiting more pages per visit than we have ever seen from Parliament Hill or the providers of overnight accommodations that serve it, and the reason is obvious.

Click here for details

March 27, 2015

Mainstream Media Researching Relationship Between Patrick Brown and Darren Roskam

One trend we have noticed developing this past month is interest by mainstream media in the now embarrassing relationship between Barrie MP Patrick Brown and Darren Roskam; a two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and court branded vexatious litigant who admitted in writing that he rode Welfare in order to “publish” a photocopied one-page Conservative supporting rant that he distributed free of charge to downtown diners and dives in Barrie Ontario. The source of funding for that narcissistic self-indulgence remains unknown, as even those ‘riding’ Welfare are only supposed to receive enough tax payer funded subsidy to eat and live while looking for work; not enough to indulge in personal fantasies for a decade or longer.

Darren Roskam was also removed from the Barrie YMCA for “acting inappropriately in a children’s area” and a judge later ruled, based on the evidence, that the actions of that organization were fully justified.

Darren Roskam would be an embarrassment to any real political campaign, but both Barrie MP Patrick Brown and former Progressive Conservative MPP Rod Jackson evidently had use for a propaganda puppet who lives so low on the social scale that he is in reality litigation proof, and not worthy of investigating or worrying about. At least that was the case until we exposed the obvious relationship which more journalists and politicians are clearly now investigating. That pattern of visits will be proven with our next article, which will show just how many times this story has been visited during the past month by representatives of our government, or their staff, who work on Parliament Hill.

Now that once convenient how-low-can-you-go association is hurting Brown’s chances of winning the golden seat in Toronto, due almost entirely to our consistent exposure of it, which is not about to stop!

Click here for details

March 26, 2015

Facebook Not Threatened by Local Advertisers

Few would argue against the fact that Facebook is now one of the most influential bastions of social commentary and interpersonal communications. To some it is a place to post pictures of cats, but for many it has become a source of social discussion, relevant commentary, and personal expression. It is also a very cheap method by which you can reach hundreds of thousands of people as those we pay to reach are then liked, commented on, and their friends share what they see value in.

More importantly, the worldwide social network built by Mark Zuckerberg is not at all influenced by local advertisers, and as such what you say on Facebook cannot be censored if it is true.

Our team has enjoyed great success by advertising through Facebook, both with regards for clients of our Producer’s well-respected branding business, and when reporting on the story of how former Progressive Conservative MPP Rod Jackson was exposed by us working in collaboration with Darren Roskam, a two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and court branded vexatious litigant, to attack the lifestyle of an openly gay man who was running as candidate for the NDP.

That particular posting was seen by thousands of people, as the original 400 or so we reached shared it with friends, or liked it, or emailed it to friends, family, and colleagues.

In that case, Rod Jackson failed to understand that despite the whiter than white and holier than though views of most Reform / Conservative politicians and their kissing cousins in the Progressive Conservatives Party, a very large group of people out there have friends, family members, and work colleagues who are gay; publicly or otherwise. Our exposure of that campaign of blatant outdated bigotry simply angered those people enough to say no to Rod Jackson, who is the ONLY Progressive Conservative MPP to lose his seat anywhere close to his home riding of Barrie, Ontario; the only red dot in a sea of blue.

We will be utilizing Facebook in the same way to reach hundreds of thousands within the areas where Barrie MP Patrick Brown ran his campaign to acquire as many Progressive Conservative sign ups as possible.

Those videos will show Barrie MP Patrick Brown as he truly is; lying to children, threatening a constituent who had legitimate questions about his less than ethical tactics of control, and recordings of him running away from our allegations and our evidence against him. We also have other materials that we will be releasing at the most opportune time, but we will not even be hinting about what those videos involve.

We expect Barrie MP Patrick Brown to lose the leadership race for the Ontario Progressive Conservatives and that he will come crawling back to Barrie seeking another term from the voters he abandoned, and we will be here waiting for him.

March 26, 2015

Patrick Brown's Abysmal Record of Attendance

This report from mainstream media is not new but it is important, and if anybody missed it, here is the January 16, 2015 article from the Ottawa Observer which details Barrie MP Patrick Brown's frankly disgusting record of absenteeism at the House of Commons ever since he signed up for the leadership race of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives. According to the report, Patrick Brown has been in attendance only 56% of the time, for a job which pays $163,700 a year!

By our calculations Patrick Brown owes the Canadian taxpayers $72,028.00.

Believe it or not, Patrick Brown is reported to have actually PROMISED Prime Minister Stephen Harper, as an 'honourable' Member of Parliament, that his campaign for personal power in Ontario would not in any way impede his duties as Federal Representative for Barrie.

Now there is a politician who keeps his promises!

Click here for details

March 26, 2015

Candidate Sends Email To Our Producer

We somehow made it onto the mailing list of one of the PC leadership candidates who contacted us (presumably by mistake) via a broadcast email late this afternoon. We will not say which one, as we promised we wouldn't, but it was worth a small snicker nonetheless ;-)

March 26, 2015

Media Manipulation Made Public

If anybody truly believes that the news services of our country are not controlled and manipulated by the personal, and political, and economic concerns of the mega-corporations that own them, as we have stated here repeatedly is the case, please read this article posted on March 25, 2015 in the Toronto Star.

Bell Media president apologizes
for interfering in CTV news coverage.

March 24, 2015

Mainstream Media Moves In
As Consistency Proves Key To Credibility

Our apologies for being away, but we have been busy working behind the scenes in preparation for April. This pattern may continue for another week or so. During the past week we have been working on the new cell-phone compatible responsive design website and the videos we are producing in preparation for a schedule of timed releases across social media a few days before the big debate and also prior to the vote. Yes, we did say video's' as clearly from the traffic patterns we have observed recently it is important that several key issues pertaining to Barrie MP Patrick Brown be made available to the public and video is the best option when planning to disseminate key facts to hundreds of thousands of people at a time via Facebook.

Lucky for us we own a video production company with all of the tools needed to accomplish the goal.

As importantly, since last Thursday we have been fielding requests for information and providing clarification to representatives of various mainstream media who have evidently hacked their way through Barrie MP Patrick Brown's line of manure, and now, having done the research, they see this story as being authentic. Evidently they intend to overstep whatever “restrictions” may or have been laid against them by the Harper government which clearly wants their puppet, backbencher Barrie MP Patrick Brown, in the big chair of Ontario. That process of filtering the truth takes time, and was likely put on the desk of a junior reporter until such time that they found the information they needed to move the story up the ladder. Anybody who has ever worked in mainstream media knows this is common practice, especially when referencing a potentially big story.

Mainstream Media and investigative reporters from across Ontario are now coming to this story on a daily basis, and they are returning again and again, and as always we are happy to back up what we say.

Click here for details

March 21, 2015

We Want To Apologize

To our faithful readers, especially those who have been with us since the beginning, we are sorry, but we have to leave you in the dark for a while, along with everybody else.

Thank you for your emails, messages, and phone calls, but we are fine.

There has been a “Quantum Change” in the dynamics of the telling of this story, which has come about as a result of outside influences who now want to take it so much further; which might not happen right away as in politics timing is everything.

We are sorry, but we cannot say more than that at this time without showing our hand.

For those in the dark, "Quantum Change" refers to sudden, distinctive, benevolent, and enduring experiences resulting in personal transformations that affect a broad range of personal emotions, cognitions and behaviours.

It is a good thing ;-)

All we can say is that our efforts are paying off, that the new responsive website is moving forward as planned, new articles will still be published, and April is going to be very, oh so very interesting, for Barrie MP Patrick Brown and those who support him.

March 18, 2015

New Readership Records Show A Desire For The Truth

Today we broke all records for readership, not only with regards to Hazzard County, but also at the branding business owned by our Producer; especially on the pages pertaining to the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce award named after our Producer's company, and the testimonials page, and the page where readers can find details pertaining to our team's collective experience and training in media.

That simple reality shows doubt in the minds of those who originally supported Barrie MP Patrick Brown, which is all we can hope to see as we want you to make up your own mind based on the facts and the evidence.

The reason for that doubt is simple, as people who are now only learning about this story want to know the facts about those who are telling it; rather than blindly accept the word of a career politician who has never had a real job in his life, and who they just met a few days or weeks ago.

While Patrick Brown is a one dimensional flash-in-the-pan career politician who associates with a court labelled libelist, we are solid and real people with authentic backgrounds that we can substantiate without fanfare.

One of the main pages of interest now is the one associated with Darren Roskam, which we will be completing and supporting with all available evidence when switching to the new responsive design website. That interest shows that people want to know why an “honest” and “ethical” potential leader of Ontario has had need of a two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and vexatious litigant on his payroll for the past three years, regardless of whether the position is “official” or not.

Please, just question what you have been told, and follow your gut to the right decision for you.

We have said for more than three years that people are not stupid, as Barrie MP Patrick Brown would hope, and we are happy if only to offer our readers alternative ways to interpret the line of manure that they have been fed so far by the Conservative MP for Barrie.

We don't want you to blindly follow what we say.
We want you to ask us questions, and to challenge us.

March 18, 2015

Barrie Police Services Sneak A Peak Or Is It More?

Today at 3:27 somebody from the Barrie Police Services checked in on our story, specifically targeting the page entitled “Just Google “Patrick Brown Hazzard County” which outlines in detail our success over Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s transparent attempts to censor this story through every means possible. Those tactics included amongst others, removing our posts on Wikipedia and having his "special" friends at the Barrie Examiner remove all of our posts from their supposedly open comments section.

So, we have to wonder if Barrie MP Patrick Brown is now so desperate to silence us and the truth that he will once again call upon the Barrie Police Services for subjugation as he did five years ago.

If you question whether Patrick Brown would put a man in jail for doing nothing more than interfering with his plans, watch this video to see Patrick Brown threatening to put a constituent he knows in jail for doing nothing more than asking a question.

After this video was recorded Patrick Brown is reported to have filed a police report in an attempt to have the man arrested, but it was determined that based on the evidence the allegations were groundless.

A lot has changed in that time, not the least of which is the hiring of Toronto trained Police Chief Kimberley Greenwood; who despite taking no action to stop Darren Roskam, as she promised she would last November, will likely not allow her officers to so blatantly abuse their authority in the same way again.

Nonetheless, we are ready in case she folds to local political pressure.

Click here for details

March 18, 2015

Old School Blue Now Questioning Whose Story Is True

These past two weeks have been like a modern rendition of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Not so long ago the die-hard supporters of Barrie MP Patrick Brown came to this website to laugh amongst themselves at the “crackpot” caricature that had been crafted through deception by the Conservative MP's propaganda, who they were told was taking pot shots at the man who would be Premier for personal profit or to help the Liberals, or the NDP . . .

. . . or whoever they wanted to blame as a scapegoat to protect their new best friend who was promising to make them all rich when his American friends came to visit, and stay, and then take over.

Sadly for Patrick Brown and his allies, the disclosure of how our Producer was honoured just last November by the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce and the City of Barrie, and how Rogers TV is featuring his business as an example of innovative enterprise rather seriously damaged the credibility of those fantasies that had been spread like manure by Patrick Brown and his people throughout the past three years, as will often happen when reality and evidence are put up against baseless rhetoric.

That was back when Patrick Brown was still trying to peddle his stories of an extortionist to anybody who would listen, as done through the services of his two times court labelled libelist, Darren Roskam.

Now, however, we are monitoring those same Conservative faithful coming back two weeks later and spending considerable time reviewing multiple pages while cross referencing to our evidence. That pattern will only evolve more rapidly now as we draw closer to the April debate and the vote in May when the claws will come out for the final fight for victory, and we start dropping the ""H" Bombs" exposing Barrie MP Patrick Brown for who he truly is.

It is clear that either those bluer than blue Conservatives are having second thoughts about the man who would be Premier, or they are trying to figure out how to shut us up now that censorship has failed.

Click here for details

March 18, 2015

Growing Interest In Link Between Patrick Brown and Serial Libelist Darren Roskam

We took a look at the rankings of our pages last night and were not at all surprised to see that the page dedicated specifically to Barrie MP Patrick Brown, located at is the most popular. Second place, that being the home page located at also did not raise any eyebrows. What surprised us though is that a seemingly incongruous page entitled “Propaganda Weak and Pathetic” located at came up a strong third.

That post, which discusses the obvious connection between Patrick Brown and Darren Roskam, has been shared via email, linked to through Facebook, and pointed to directly more than almost any other page.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown tries to maintain a cleaner than clean image. He boasts to mainstream media that he is an athlete and a teetotaller and a dedicated servant to those in his community; however, for several years he has maintained a strange relationship with Darren Roskam, a shadow lurking loathsome individual who most people in Barrie do everything they can to avoid.

Why would a stand up and righteous person, such as Barrie MP Patrick Brown claims to be, so openly associate with such an obvious bottom feeder, unless the lowlier than low companion serves a purpose?

Click here for details

March 18, 2015

Story of Brown’s Cowardice Now Common Knowledge

This morning we found amongst our visitor data an interesting search string through which a reader found us by entering “Patrick Brown hiding in the kitchen" into Bing.

That search refers to the video we have of Barrie MP Patrick Brown running and hiding from our evidence when we confronted him at a public event.

Now that is the reputation we all want for the wannabe future Premier of Ontario ;-)

March 18, 2015

Finally Added Content to Martin Convery Page

We have had a couple of readers ask us why we have not posted any content about Martin Convery, the now said to be former Producer at Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine who conspired with Mark Lang to intimidate our Producer through an abuse of our criminal justice system, which according to the sworn testimony of Mark Lang was undertaken immediately after they called on assistance from Barrie MP Patrick Brown.

Well, honestly, we don’t see Martin Convery as being a very big part of this story, and we never have.

Nonetheless, here is the lowdown on the last horseman of this story. Enjoy.

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March 18, 2015

Facebook Campaign Continues

As you can see from the attached screen grab of our traffic monitoring software, within five minutes of each other, even at the ungodly hour of 3:45 in the morning, two new readers came to this story as a result of our request that concerned readers post a link to this story on Facebook.

These two early morning visitors from today, sandwiched top and bottom, are from different towns using clearly different Facebook accounts.

We are being told now by readers that they are not happy that Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his people seem to believe that because they have the might they have the right to censor all of the publications of a few of the large corporations that control all media in Ontario, and they are going to do what they can to spread the word to the millions of people connected to social media. Brown’s growing group of paid media manipulators can influence some of the media conglomerates where their supporters are no doubt big ticket advertisers. Meanwhile at others, like the Barrie Examiner where Brown has a "special" relationship, we cannot post anything without it being censored.

Patrick Brown and his minions cannot censor social media as the owners do not care about Ontario politics, and come April, before the debate and the vote, we will be utilizing those networks heavily to spread the truth to Ontario residents through video, and they will share.

March 17, 2015

Reader Requests Proof, and We Provide It

We had a reader write to us earlier today asking if we could prove that our Producer was the real deal. It seems that some of those supporting Barrie MP Patrick Brown are spreading more manure about us, as lies are apparently all they have left, so we pulled a video out of the archives and plonked it in the middle of the our Producer page.

We are not getting too fancy as we are scraping this website soon for the responsive design version, which is already catching up with us fast on the search engines.

The video is a little dated in places (like any shots of John when he still had hair ;-) but it was produced a couple of years ago for the branding business website and it does demonstrate the true history of our Producer's diversified career.

Unless of course those serving Brown are now going to claim we did it all with special effects, ala Avatar;-)

March 17, 2015

Just Too Easy

We went on a bit of a hunting trip tonight after our media monitoring software provided us with about thirty media sources from across Ontario where we could posts comments in mainstream media regarding the story about how Barrie MP Patrick Brown has been accused by Christine Elliott of short changing the Progressive Conservative party that he wants to lead.

You can practically hear Patrick Brown’s minions logging onto the Internet to find out where we posted so they can start censoring the truth from the party faithful who their leader is now accused of ripping off.

Well, much to our surprise, as our Producer typed “Patrick Brown accused of” into his PC and then hit the return key by accident there at number seven of page one on Google was our video showing how Patrick Brown threatened a constituent in Barrie with arrest and time in jail for having annoyed the man who would be Premier by asking why Brown had counselled a disgraced city councillor to commit electoral fraud.

Honestly, these days this stuff just writes itself ;-)

March 17, 2015

Patrick Brown Accused Of Stealing From His Own People

In ancient days a thief who stole from his own village was flogged, if he was lucky, and most likely stoned to death. Meanwhile, throughout history when a soldier abandoned his unit to ensure his own best interests he was classified as a deserter and was lucky to get off the front lines without becoming a statistic of “friendly fire”. However, when a silver spoon, self-absorbed narcissist who has been a career Conservative politician since college stands accused of stealing from the people he has sworn to serve, and God help us lead, the conman performs a tap-dance for the cameras and walks away feigning innocence.

There is something to be said for the good old days.

If you are not following the reference please visit the mainstream media story here and then come back to us. We feel no need to reiterate what has already been reported in mainstream media of every stripe, and as such we will not repeat the details of the allegations of inner-party embezzlement that have been alleged against Barrie MP Patrick Brown by long time Progressive Conservative Christine Elliott.

All we will say is that Barrie MP Patrick Brown seems to be up to his ears in entirely too much scrutiny, which is bad for him and good for us.

Click here for details

March 17, 2015

Testing The Failure Of Their Censorship

It would appear that last night we were visited by a person with an agenda from an IP address that was identified only as being in Canada (aka government) whose assignment was to test the Search Engine Optimization results of our story.

That person tried a wide variety of keyword mixtures to see how the key players in our story pan out on Google, with results coming back to us that would please most website owners.

Old techniques that were once used by the directors of Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, as confessed to by Mark Lang while under oath in the Ontario Court of Justice, simply don’t work anymore, and neither does bombing Google with a thousand new related sites, as is what happened when Brown signed up for the PC leadership race.

During the past couple of weeks, as we have updated our content and maintained our SEO, we have once again climbed the ladder to appear on page one for many searches pertaining to Barrie MP Patrick Brown.

The attached screen-grab shows the list of words used to find us. The top and bottom searches for “Patrick Brown Hazzard County” were not from the same IP address and do not appear to be associated with this story. We just included them to let people see that despite the campaign by Barrie MP Patrick Brown to censor this story the use of those four words to find this story is still working pretty darned well ;-)

March 17, 2015

Reader Draws Others To Patrick Brown’s Alternative Lifestyle

A new reader to Hazzard County is spreading the word about Patrick Brown’s lifestyle, and specifically pointing others to an article that questions if the MP for Barrie is indeed part of the closet Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual and Trans-gender community. We can tell this from our traffic analysis software, which shows that a lot of links have been sent linking others to the December 14, 2014 article entitled “Is MP Patrick Brown Protecting Darren Roskam Because of Blackmail?

We reiterate that we don’t care if Barrie MP Patrick Brown is gay or straight, but we think it is important that people know if such a secret can be used to blackmail this man who would be Premier of Ontario.

We have friends in the LGBT community and we have in fact donated services to PRIDE such as the recording of a Trans-gender equality flag raising at City Hall in Barrie. To us Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s gender preference is utterly irrelevant, but to many Conservatives it would be a huge issue of concern. That is evidently why somebody with a vested interest in this matter has sent out dozens or even hundreds of emails linking directly to that page. We do not know if the sender represents one of the other leadership candidates, or somebody from an opposing party, or simply a hard-core Christian who thinks that stuff is still important, and we will not speculate.

Gender preference is an obvious issue for many Conservatives, and by turning it into a component of the leadership race those opposing Barrie MP Patrick Brown can gain ground from the hard-core supporters who will bring others.

Click here for details

March 17, 2015

Your Right To Freedom of the Press In Canada

Patrick Brown’s ongoing censorship campaign is now reaching out to every conceivable form of print and electronic media, which shows us just how much of an effect the truth told here is having on his campaign. Mainstream media can be manipulated and outright censored as they depend one hundred percent on advertising revenue. That makes our country’s “independent” media vulnerable to influence by mega-wealthy corporate supporters with their own agendas who profit through association with the Conservative party in Ottawa. Clearly Prime Minister Shephen Harper wants his backbencher in control of Ontario, so all it takes to maintain control of our right to Freedom of the Press is the mere suggestion that one or two of those massive corporations might withdraw the millions of dollars they spend every year on advertising if the media organization does not toe their line.

Brown still has a very large problem, however, and no matter what pressure he tries to use it is not going to just go away, and neither are we.

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March 16, 2015

Grassroots Growing Rapidly

Yesterday, Sunday, March 15, 2015, our Producer and a supporter went to downtown Toronto, to the NDP rally where federal Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair made an impassioned speech about the goals of his people and his desire to repair what has gone so horribly wrong during the past nine years of dictatorship under Prime Minister Shephen Harper and the Reform / Conservative party.

While they were there our Producer and his supporter made a lot of new friends, many of whom have stopped by Hazzard County during the past 24 hours.

Not only have those people dropped by, but so have many of their friends, and theirs, and theirs, as the population of our little district of the internet has jumped dramatically since Friday, and from all sides of the country. Although many of the new visitors are from Ontario, it is clear that those with friends in the anti-Harper movement in the west and in the Maritimes have been posting on Facebook and emailing all across the country, spreading the word to hundreds and even thousands of concerned citizens who see Canada sliding away from democracy and towards something our grandfathers fought and died to protect us from.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown can try to censor all he wants, but when the truth is out there trying to silence it makes about as much sense as bailing water with a spaghetti strainer.

March 16, 2015

New Interest In Old Post

Somebody out there, likely within the camp of Christine Elliott or Monte McNaughton, or perhaps somebody from the opposition, is now pointing readers to an old story from March 6, 2013 entitled “Patrick Brown page jumps to #1 as Barrie residents smell burning pork”.

It's an oldie, but apparently a goodie.

In that post, more than any other, we had detailed the series of events leading to this story and the provable connections between Barrie MP Patrick Brown, Mark Lang, Martin Convery, and Darren Roskam; all of whom claim they do not know each other despite having been photographed together previous to those unsupportable assertions.

The linkages were drawn out in such a way that it left clear breadcrumbs as to events and associations between the parties that those with a desire to understand could follow.

That post also solidified the connections between Barrie MP Patrick Brown and Darren Roskam with evidence to show that the two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and vexatious litigant who rode Welfare to publish Conservative rhetoric is in truth a propagandist for the local Conservative representatives including Barrie MP Patrick Brown and former Ontario Progressive Conservative MPP Rod Jackson.

Now we have to wonder who might find that useful.

We say somebody is pointing to it because that post has been hit about two dozen times during the past few days, and always from emailed links; however, as of December 17, 2014 we had de-listed that post in preparation for deletion when upgrading to the responsive design website. That means nothing on this website other than the Latest News link below even connects to it.

So how did somebody find it, and what is so interesting about it that they had to tell two dozen friends?

Click here for details

March 16, 2015

Friend Forwards Photo From Tom Mulcair NDP Rally

Our Producer meeting with Tom Mulcair

Yesterday, Sunday, March 15, 2015, our Producer and a supporter visited the rally being held in downtown Toronto by NDP leader Tom Mulcair, the official leader of the Opposition in the House of Commons.

This fuzzy photo, was sent to us by a self-identified “fan” who recognized our Producer and took a snap with their cell phone at a very opportune moment. Although blurry, the picture shows our Producer standing just feet away from the federal NDP leader, to whom he forwarded a card with details of our documentary, asking his representatives to spread the word.

Then, with their main goal accomplished, our Producer and his supporter handed out more cards than they could count to the hundreds of NDP supporters who happily offered to pass on their story through Facebook and email.

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March 16, 2015

A Total Lack Of Supportable Rebuttals

It is a simple and irrefutable fact that since we started telling this story, three years and literally tens of thousands of unique readers ago, we have received NO genuine rebuttals from any involved party and not a single substantiated reason to stop reporting on this story from any person speaking as, for, or in support of Barrie MP Patrick Brown,or his friends Mark Lang and Martin Convery. In fact, the ONLY representative from the inner circle of those we are exposing who has protested is Darren Roskam; a two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and court branded vexatious litigant who has failed completely in four out of four attempts to sue our Producer and uninvolved people close to him.

Who but the guilty refuse to defend themselves, and what could hinder Patrick Brown, Mark Lang, and Martin Convery from challenging our evidence other than fear of being publicly humiliated by doing so?

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March 14, 2015

Some statistics about our AVERAGE reader:

  1. They spend 6.27 minutes reading our articles.
  2. They review 4.73 pages per visit.
  3. They return 8.46 times (since the first of the month to today's date).
  4. They come 53.14% of the time from a direct link, such as that found in an email.
  5. They come 33.68% of the time from current Conservative ridings.
  6. Those in Conservative ridings are followed 13.72% of the time within hours by several more people from their region.
  7. The identifiable mainstream media from across Canada currently make up 6.21% of our readership.

March 14, 2015

Mainstream Media Now Visiting Both Sides Of The Story

We are pretty confident in saying that those supporting Christine Elliott and/or Monte McNaughton are now seeding their contacts in the mainstream media with details of this story; as are their counterparts in the Liberal Party and the NDP. Our traffic analysis tools show us that interest is not only growing rapidly from both print and broadcast news sources, it is also expanding as those from the fifth estate are now conducting serious research as opposed to the simple drive-by sightseeing of the past.

No matter why or who, somebody with connections is telling the media to pay our story some respect.

Click here for details

March 13, 2015

You May Not See The Fin Yet . . .
But You Know The Teeth Are Just Under The Water

If this was a shark movie the director would about now be cuing the ominous music. You just know that during the pending debate on April 15, 2015 both Christine Elliott and Monte McNaughton are going to use this story and what they have already learned from our evidence to rip into Barrie MP Patrick Brown like it’s a feeding frenzy.

We might even arrange to be in the neighbourhood should the mainstream media want all of the details.

For three years Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his friends at Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine have hidden from this story, and our evidence, and our cameras, and any possibility of court action.

We think it about time for Ontario’s voters to know why.

March 13, 2015

One Time Annoyance Becomes A Serious Campaign Issue

Two weeks ago Barrie MP Patrick Brown was on top of the world, touting his own praises by bragging about the number of Progressive Conservative memberships his team had sold. Little did he know that so soon Christine Elliott and Monte McNaughton, or their people, would be spreading the truth of this story to the party faithful; those being the people Brown convinced to join but who still have the right to change their minds regarding who they support or simply not to bother voting at all.

Our readership is levelling off for now due to a lack of mainstream media reports; however those who are coming to us, in the hundreds, are reading more pages and cross referencing more of our evidence.

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March 12, 2015

Mystery Whitby Visitor Checks Out Our Credentials

At 8:26 this morning our new best friend was at it again, reaching out from Whitby, Ontario, the home base of PC leadership candidate Christine Elliott. However, this time the visitor was checking out our Producer’s commercial website, with specific interest in the facts about the business award that was named after his company and presented by him at the annual business awards ceremony co-presented by the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce and the City of Barrie.

That little piece of reality goes a long way to totally decimate the claims made by those who serve Barrie MP Patrick Brown who denounce our Producer, albeit in whispers, as some kind of conman or extortionist.

Click here for details

March 12, 2015

London Launches Low Level “H” Bomb Attack

Just this morning we published a short story about how somebody from Whitby, the home base of Christine Elliott, had come to Hazzard County no less than 16 times within a few hours, hitting and hitting again on the post from yesterday entitled “Holding Back the “H” Bomb”. Well, a few hours later, after we had posted an update entitled ““H” Bomb Hits Home” (see article below in Latest News column), we noticed another interesting hit; however, this time it was from London, Ontario, the home base of Monte McNaughton.

The interesting thing about that particular post is that it pre-empted a flurry of visits from all across Ontario, which lasted for hours, with hit after hit going to that one page.

Click here for details

March 12, 2015

“H” Bomb Hits Home

Yesterday we published a new article entitled “Holding Back The “H” Bomb” in which we noted the rise of interest in this story by mainstream media and also by competitors for the role of leader of the Progressive Conservative Party in Ontario and politicians from opposing parties.

Those with a desire to effectively use this story to their advantage are collecting the evidence and following the breadcrumbs to write a better story, or stage a more effective attack against Patrick Brown.

We also went into detail about how either Christine Elliott or Monte McNaughton or both can, and likely will use the evidence contained within this story at the most opportune moment, for the purpose of embarrassing or humiliating Barrie MP Patrick Brown during a debate or through a social media post or a broadcast email; or all of the above.

We think it is safe to say that the new article caused a significant stir.

We are bogged down today with corporate work so we cannot delve into this too deeply, other than to say that we were hit yesterday by almost every major news agency, whose reporters and researchers went directly to that page. We were also visited 16 separate times in one day by an anonymous Rogers account in Whitby, the home riding and base of operations for Christine Elliott. The screen-grab shows ten visits, but there were three more a few hours before the snapshot and another three shortly after.

We cannot say with certainty that the visitor was Christine Elliott or one of her team, but we have learned during the three years of reporting this story that there is no such thing as coincidence in Hazzard County.

That Whitby visitor hit our story a total of 16 times during one day, including ten visits to the “H” Bomb article alone. They also visited our home page, and the article about Barrie MP Patrick Brown running and hiding from our camera and evidence, and the main article about Barrie MP Patrick Brown.

They showed NO interest whatsoever in ANY other components of this story, and they were clearly focused 100% on getting the goods on Barrie MP Patrick Brown.

We hate to say we told you so, but in that article we did note how one or more of the other candidates would drop the “H” bomb on Brown when the time was right, and it would appear we know whose finger might be hovering over the button.

You can almost see poor Patrick riding that bomb to his own destruction,
just like like Major Kong in Dr. Strangelove ;-)

March 11, 2015

Holding Back The “H” Bomb

You can feel it coming, like the shark's attack; silently lurking under the waters waiting for the right moment. It will only take one well-timed reference to this story. It could come in the form of a well-researched article or televised report in mainstream media, or a single broadcast email by a competing candidate for leadership. It could be an attack by an opposing politician, or a comment or question made during a debate or press conference when something is needed to attack, humiliate, or embarrass Patrick Brown. Then, at that moment, every hard core Conservative will learn the truth about Barrie MP Patrick Brown; and don’t think somebody isn't planning to do it when the time is right ;-)

The timing of that exposure will be strategic, for the candidate or an opposition party or one of the politically slanted media; timed to do the most damage at the most opportune moment.

Click here for details

March 10, 2015

Media Seeding Techniques Prove Successful

A few days ago we posted a story about how we are now seeding mainstream media posts with comments in articles about the PC leadership race and Barrie MP Patrick Brown to direct people to this story. As can be seen here, that change of tactics, which was inspired by Darren Roskam, has resulted in a phenomenal response from Google where our references range throughout 1-10 when entering "Patrick Brown Hazzard County". The result of people finding us through this seeding of mainstream media has been an eightfold increase in our readership; now in the hundreds per day and thousands per week, increasing daily.

The change to warmer weather has resulted in less people sitting at their computers; however the Hazzard County website remains more popular than any commercial client website that our online team monitors.

The decision to assertively promote this story was a direct response to the decision by Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his team who are moving heaven and earth to censor our story in every way possible; deleting references made in Wikipedia, and the Barrie Examiner, while leaning on our media partners, and censoring posts on Facebook that should have been accessible to the Conservative party faithful who paid for their memberships.

As a result of this backspin to the censorship of Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his people, that phrase “Patrick Brown Hazzard County” is now drawing links from the mainstream media posts through Google.

Those references for now work only when typing in "Patrick Brown Hazzard County", and the first reference on the list is our story, but soon our posts of just the name “Patrick Brown” will point those with a right to know directly to our front door. Due to the introduction of our media monitoring software we will be quick on the mark to ensure that Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his people are denied the ability to censor this story and to prevent the voting citizens of Ontario from learning the truth about who Patrick Brown is and what he has done.

We are sure that three years ago Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his supporters were sure that our Producer would simply burn out and stop reporting on this story; however, after all that time we are stronger than ever and reaching more people every day.

March 10, 2015

Old Article Draws Renewed Attention

We have noticed over the past week that this old page entitled “Reader Email Says It All” (current page now updated), which had not been updated since July 4, 2013, is attracting a lot of attention and traffic. Although we could be wrong (and we can admit it) it seems likely that Christine Elliott or Monte McNaughton are sending the fence-sitters from the Progressive Conservative party to this page for a little enlightenment.

We only point to Elliott or McNaughton because this page had been disconnected from the rest of the content, pending deletion when we upgrade the website, meaning somebody did some digging to find it.

In retrospect, this page remains valuable to those opposed to Barrie MP Patrick Brown, as it clearly shows that since at least that time, 20 months ago, Darren Roskam, a two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and vexatious litigant, has been acting as a propaganda puppet for Barrie MP Patrick Brown. It also shows that the Conservative MP for Barrie was being updated regularly and openly by Darren Roskam whenever something nasty was sent to our Producer that the the self-admitted rider of Welfare was sure, oh just so totally sure, would be what it took to intimidate the internationally experienced journalist and documentary producer into giving up his desire to expose the truth.

After all, this page establishes clearly that Darren Roskam is nothing more than a propaganda puppet for Barrie MP Patrick Brown, and that the clearly sick man is being used by Brown and his supporters.

Click here for details

March 9, 2015

Media Monitoring Will Help Spread The Truth

The now hundreds of readers who review this story every day know that Barrie MP Patrick Brown and those who serve him are censoring the existence of this story from mainstream media, or they are certainly trying; an action that has many of our readers sharing the link to this story through social media, emails, texts, and conversation. Our simple message of “Google ‘Patrick Brown Hazzard County’” is catching on, and where Google and the other search engines used to attract the attention of dozens of people daily, seeding that sequence of words within the comments section of stories in mainstream media is drawing in hundreds of concerned voters every day, and they are sharing. It is also attracting attention from the media sources; a high number of which are now accessing this story several times daily, evidently trying to put together the pieces of what is turning into a very popular story.

Now, in order to ensure that more people learn of this story, and pass it on to their friends, family, and colleagues, we have initiated the use of media monitoring software to scour news sources for relevant stories into which we can add comments and increase our readership further.

Click here for details

March 8, 2015

Just Google “Patrick Brown Hazzard County”

Our often adhered to suggestion as made through various mainstream media posts to “Just Google ‘Patrick Brown Hazzard County’” is catching on as those four words in that sequence are now by far the most commonly used means by which people are finding this story; as we can tell through the use of our traffic analysis tools. More importantly, the ease of passing on that short phrase as relayed through social media, email and verbally at the water cooler or gym, is now drawing not only new readers by the thousands, but also mainstream media interest of every kind and stripe.

That attention is now sufficient to warrant us sending out press releases
directly to every significant mainstream media source in Canada.

Our sudden dramatic increase in readership and attention from mainstream media has not happened in spite of the relentless campaign of censorship undertaken by Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his helpers but because of it; as more people have become angered by our exposure of how this publicly financed career politician, who has never had a ‘real’ job and who hides behind propaganda published by a two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and court branded vexatious litigant, feels he has the right to stop all people, even those in the party he wants to lead, from learning the truth about his own past abuses of authority.

We have supported all of our claims with real evidence that everybody can see, and people are asking if we are also not hiding, why is Patrick Brown?

Click here for details

March 7, 2015

A Government Official Is Violating Your Right To Know

The on-going censorship campaign by Barrie MP Patrick Brown or those who serve him violates our collective right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press, which are guaranteed to all Canadians under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As if that is not enough, Barrie MP Patrick Brown is currently an active member of the federal Harper government who is sworn to uphold the principles and laws of our country and to serve its people.

Five Points Media is a provincially licensed media company no different that CTV or CBC.

They are both private corporations operating as media companies just like us, only older and bigger.

So, at this time, while we continue to work on the responsive design cell phone friendly version of this website, we will be stacking the stories pertaining to Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s censorship campaign here on a single page. By doing this we can show the pattern of censorship that has occurred in chronological order, and we will be assisting readers, journalists, students, opposing candidates, and politicians from every stripe who are now reading this story to follow the breadcrumbs with nothing more than a roll of their mouse.

Click here for details

March 6, 2015

Patrick Brown Is Special To The Barrie Examiner

We have to admit we could not believe the blatant censorship that occurred at the Barrie Examiner after one of our staff, using a nom de plume, added comments to a story about Barrie MP Patrick Brown that then magically disappeared due to a complaint. Then they reappeared after being vetted and cleared by staff at the Examiner, and then they were deleted again, but that time by some omnipotent “Guest” account whose owner apparently had the authority to censor whatever he or she did not like in the only daily newspaper available in Barrie aka Hazzard County. That unidentified 'Guest' editor also apparently had the right to leave ominous little threatening notes within the publication like:

"I am going to send Brown your personal details.
You are not fooling anybody.

Well today we found the answer as to why the Barrie Examiner showed such blatant bias in support of Barrie MP Patrick Brown as we found out he is not on the subject of blatantly slanted local news, Barrie MP Patrick Brown also apparently helps to write it.

Click here for details

March 6, 2015

Why Is Patrick Brown Afraid Of The Truth?

Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his people have for the past three years been whispering lies in the dark about our Producer, secretly telling unsupported stories about a conman and an extortionist while running and hiding from our growing pile of evidence.

Now, those same people are finding the truth about the man who Barrie MP Patrick Brown helped railroad through an abuse of our criminal justice system, and they are asking questions he does not want to answer.

So far during the past five days more than 40% of visitors have read and reviewed the facts, and seen the pictures that are included here for all to see. This evidence debunks all of the colourful stories told by spin-doctors working for Barrie MP Patrick Brown as the facts show how that “conman” was honoured just last year by the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce, whose president and board of directors named an award after his business that our Producer presented personally at an awards night hosted by the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce and the City of Barrie, which was attended by Barrie’s business community and its Mayor, Jeff Lehman. The second most popular page on our Producer’s commercial website this week was the one dedicated to the television program produced by Rogers Television about our Producer and our innovative business.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown might be able to fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.

While we proudly display who we are, a hardworking and legitimate business operated by media specialists, Barrie MP Patrick Brown has resorted to censorship of Wikipedia and the Barrie Examiner, and last night his people inhibited us from adding a post to his publicly accessible Facebook page that is supposed to be open to all.

We posted a question,
“Why are you restricting the party faithful from knowing about”

Our Producer made the post in his own name, which being Facebook included even a picture of him, yet nonetheless those serving as censors for Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s not only deleted the comment they banned him from posting anything else on the supposedly publicly accessible page.

Now that is democracy in action!

Why is Barrie MP Patrick Brown hiding and trying to censor the truth from the voters of Ontario when the “criminal” is posting his name to everything he does while openly inviting others to review our evidence?

March 6, 2015

A Message To Conservatives

Barrie MP Patrick Brown has serious skeletons in his closet that can be used against him by both his personal opponents and those who stand against the Conservative Party. It is also easily established by our ever increasing readership (see articles in the latest news column) that a lot of tax payers in Ontario care about what it is that Barrie MP Patrick Brown is so aggressively trying to censor from sources like Wikipedia and mainstream media (also see several articles below). It is also a fact that Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his minions have done everything they can from threats of violence to frivolous civil action to try to shut down this story, but every court has sided with us, and we will not be intimidated. It is Barrie MP Patrick Brown who is afraid of us, as is demonstrated by his run and hide tactics and his inability to stand up and face our evidence in a recorded interview or in a court of law.

Only those who have something to hide do so, and secrets in politics are a weakness to be exploited.

A few days ago our Producer emailed both Christine Elliott and Monte McNaughton offering our help . . .

Click here for details

March 6, 2015

Patrick Brown's Skeletons Pulled Out Of The Closet

It doesn’t matter if his enemies are other potential leaders for the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, or opposing politicians, or unions, or special interest groups with an axe to grind against the upstart wannabe leader Patrick Brown. They are all coming here in ever increasing numbers every day as the word is out now, finally, that we have the goods on the self-absorbed and totally services-for-sale backbencher who wants to be Premier of Ontario.

All it is going to take now is for mainstream media to review the content of this story, which they are clearly doing now in ever increasing numbers.

Evidently Barrie MP Patrick Brown thought his silver spoon would make him immune from the exposure caused by his behind-closed-doors dealings as MP of Barrie, Ontario aka Hazzard County. However, you would think he would have taken the hint as one after another of the friends he helped five years ago through an abuse the authority of our criminal justice system have been ultimately decimated as a result of public opinion as caused by this article.

It's like watching your buddies on the front line being taken out one after another by a sniper and you being too stupid to duck.

Meanwhile, Brown’s self-identified henchman and propaganda puppet Darren Roskam has been exposed through various legal actions to be not only a repeated liar and abuser of our civil court system, but also a bottom-feeder living amongst the lowest forms of life in our society who is now so desperate to attain some shred of public notoriety that he is actually suing the 74 year old mother of our Producer, who the self-admitted rider of Welfare admits he has never even met.

Did Barrie MP Patrick Brown really believe that his perception of being “the cream” would really permit him to rise so much above those he conspired with, or that he would float above the controversy of his own actions?

Mark Lang is no longer boasting about being the producer / director of television programming and publisher of SnowGoer Magazine. That evidently is in the past as by his own admission he has turned his back on the once mighty Digital Video Productions to eke out a living selling light bulbs to factories.

Meanwhile Martin Convery is said to be looking at early retirement as the business he built with Lang has crumbled and collapsed around them.

It took them 15 years to build that business but only three to lose it, as their clients drew weary of tall tales and sad stories that were used as excuses as to why Mark Lang and Martin Convery were so reluctant to file civil action against our Producer who they claimed was libelling them. Who enters into any contract with a company whose directors feel a beating with a baseball bat is justified when they simply refuse to honour their own word?

Mark Lang’s own testimony as made under oath in the Ontario Court of Justice, is as irreparably damaging to their reputations as it is to Barrie MP Patrick Brown.

Meanwhile, one time supporter and henchman Darren Roskam has failed repeatedly to convince any court that our Producer has EVER libelled him or anybody else; and the wannabe lawyer, publisher, and politician is now nothing more than a laughing stock of those who live in the town he wants to rule, as stories of love letters from Darren Roskam to our Producer and feces smeared revenge cards have made Darren Roskam the brunt of more jokes than he ever wants to hear.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s decision to hide is not so much a matter of choice as one of self-preservation as those he thought trusted him have now seen the truth in our telling of this story and the presentation of our irrefutable evidence.

March 5, 2015

Censorship Is One Sided

It took all of about ten seconds for Barrie MP Patrick Brown's cyber minions to delete our message of "Why are you restricting the party faithful from knowing about ?" from the comments section of Patrick Brown's propaganda Facebook page at

Please, go have a look.

Unlike Patrick Brown and his American supported minions, who blocked us from posting any more comments on his publicly accessible Facebook (doesn't that speak volumes) we are not even suggesting that you restrict your right to access or his; in fact we are happy to pave the road for you to view his side and for three years we have been asking Barrie MP Patrick Brown to explain his actions on camera or in a court of law.

Why is Patrick Brown so determined to hide the truth of his past abuses of authority, when our Producer, who Brown's friends claimed unsuccessfully is a criminal, is openly identifying himself and what he is doing?

March 5, 2015

Not Bending But Breaking The Needle

Most of our traffic comes at night, as those with an interest in this story can only access the details in a limited way or not at all while at work. Nonetheless, by 7:30pm on Thursday, March 5, 2015 we had completely decimated all previous records for both readership and page views as set only a few days ago.

We would like to take credit, but we honestly can’t.

It would be easy to say it is because of a new post on the Toronto Star about how the Barrie Examiner censored our right of access to mainstream media; however, we know that Christine Elliott and Monte McNaughton are spreading the word and links to our videos to whoever will listen as there is a clear pipeline of information from the most recent updates on this story to their respective ridings of Whitby and Lambton-Kent-Middlesex aka London. We frankly don’t care which of them wins, as long as it is not Barrie MP Patrick Brown.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown has an Achilles' heel and evidently his opponents are seeing the soft spot.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown is revealing himself to be an egomaniac who cannot stand ANYBODY speaking ill of him or questioning his accomplishments. This is best demonstrated by an article published by the CBC which notes in detail how Barrie MP Patrick Brown needs to have the ability to edit and delete commentary published about him by professional journalists, and how his office and supporters ensure that he has that ability.

These narcissistic tendencies are now working against Barrie MP Patrick Brown, as people don’t like to be denied the right to know facts that might affect their lives.

Nonetheless, Barrie MP Patrick Brown continues to use tactics of censorship, especially in his home riding, as is demonstrated by the decision today by the Barrie Examiner to follow along with B101 of Corus Entertainment, who have admitted they permitted Barrie MP Patrick Brown or one of his cronies to censor and edit what is said about him or made available to the public.

Thankfully the Toronto Star and several other publications will not let Barrie MP Patrick Brown tell them what they will publish, which is ensuring that our readership continues to grow as is appropriate for any democracy.

Our readership has now reached the point where the only people who can pull the plug on this story is us, which we have no reason to do, as concerned citizens across Canada are now posting our stories on social media and spreading the word through email (see article "Now This Is What We Are Talking About" below in the Latest News Column).

Thank God or Darwin (no offence; just covering our bases ;-) for those who have helped us spread the word.

March 5, 2015

Barrie Examiner Censors Comments Supporting This Story

The Barrie Examiner, the local paper for Barrie MP Patrick Brown, chose today to delete comments left by a member of our team posing as a reader of that newspaper who supports our story, and in doing so that newspaper now shares the stigma of B101; a radio station belonging to Corus Entertainment that we exposed a few weeks ago after management admitted they were folding to threats from outside influences that we believe are advertisers who can pull the strings of media in Barrie by threatening to withdraw their spots or ads if the independent news provider does not kowtow to their demands.

The Examiner all but apologized for taking the action, and they flip flopped back and forth on what to do, but in the end they folded to what was likely economic sanctions, and in doing so the Barrie Examiner became the newest hypocrites of our story.

This is the series of events:

Click here for details

March 5, 2015

Now This Is What We Are Talking About

For those who doubted our claims of public support, we direct you to the linked screen grab which shows a cross section of a short period of our readership earlier today. We have altered nothing other than to conceal the IP addresses of our readers in order to ensure their safety and to inhibit reprisal action against them.

We wouldn’t want anybody being added serendipitously to the new terrorists and not-friends-of-harper list.

As can be seen, our seeding of mainstream media and the sharing of this story via Facebook and other social media is in full swing; resulting in hundreds, and we do mean hundreds, of new readers finding this story every day.

This can be easily established by nothing more than checking the frequency of the visits shown.

We have not maintained the Hazzard County Facebook page for some time as we are moving this article to the 5 Points Media website (currently under construction) and frankly we do not have time to post stuff on two Facebook pages and this website and the responsive design cell phone version that will replace it. So, they are not coming to the website from our Facebook.

We have a business to run outside of this story, and as such our time is just as valuable as anybody else’s.

What this screen grab shows clearly is that normal citizens of our democracy are sharing this story, and finding it on mainstream media, and they are sharing the truth with their friends, family, and work colleagues through social media and emails, just like we asked them to (see below).

Thank you to all of those who are supporting our right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press that are Fundamental Freedoms granted to ALL Canadians under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Together we can stop Barrie MP Patrick Brown from censoring the truth of his own actions and maybe force him to face our cameras or our evidence in court as we have been demanding him to do for three years.

March 5, 2015

Public Now Providing Evidence

During the past few days we have received multiple links to videos and other evidence that show the true nature of Barrie MP Patrick Brown. One of them, which was posted publicly, was from a Toronto Star commenter who directed us to a video of Barrie MP Patrick Brown soliciting party memberships from new immigrants, which he seemed to be doing by promising them whatever they wanted to hear.

We thank all those who have helped us, and we are always open to receiving any other materials that we can use to continue telling this important story.

March 5, 2015

Public Now Spreading The Word

Our call has been heard, and the torch is now being carried by dozens of concerned citizens who are passing on the details of this story through email, social media, and water cooler conversations. We know this because through our traffic tracking system we can tell when a person from any specific area or business IP address visits, and then shortly after dozens more do likewise from the same region or office; often from places nowhere near large enough to warrant random traffic of that calibre.

Our Hazzard County website used to be one of the slowest we monitored, but now it is busier than every commercial website we analyse for a variety of clients; which range from doctors to huge manufacturers.

Our readership is more than tenfold of what it was two weeks ago, and the reason is our readers, who we are now relaying this story to others via social media and email after we attracted their interest through direct seeding of mainstream media articles about Brown’s campaign for leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party.

Whenever he speaks so do we.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his cronies tried to silence the truth by censoring Wikipedia, with the result being that people of all walks of life, race, creed, religion, and gender identity are now saying NO to being told what they have a right to know about. They are telling their friends, family, and others, who are then telling others through the single click of a mouse or a keyboard. Our social media campaign, working in conjunction with our newest videos and the responsive design cell phone friendly website, will do the rest.

Our page read count now exceeds triple digits before our Producer gets his first cup of coffee, which is pretty damned early, and we are now getting more hits before 6:00am than we used to get all day.

Mainstream media is also now taking a much bigger interest in our story, as during the past few days several of Canada’s biggest news services have been coming, and coming back, and coming back for more; hitting one article, cross referencing to another, and then back again.

That is not random hit and run, as we had seen in the past, but genuine interest generated by our increase in traffic and our posts in the comments section of mainstream media.

Some have accused this website of being a rant, which is a criticism that originates mostly from concerned Conservatives, and we admit that over a three year period it has become confusing in places, but we are now updating the responsive design version of this story and will be updating all of the major articles. Regardless, not only is our readership up by a factor of ten when discussing visits, our page count is also off the charts, as those with a desire to know the truth are review our materials, cross reference our links, and reading more pages.

Thank you to all of our readers who are spreading the truth of this story.

March 4, 2015

Mitt Romney Offers A Lesson To Patrick Brown

We started telling this story almost five years ago, and since then those supporting Barrie MP Patrick Brown, which include the all too often abusive officers of the Barrie Police Services, have tried everything from arrest and incarceration under false pretences, which a court ruled was a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to various forms of censorship, frivolous and easily defeated civil action, threats of violence through the use of baseball bats, as recorded during testimony in a court of law, and even a threat by a supporter who suggested he was going to burn our studio to the ground if we did not stop telling the truth.

Both the criminal and civil courts have sided consistently with us, and despite the huff, puff, and bluff of those serving Barrie MP Patrick Brown, we are still the only ones standing behind what we say.

We have no doubt that Barrie MP Patrick Brown knows the story of his right wing political counterpart to the south; one time Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. In that case, Romney shot himself in the foot by showing total contempt for 47% of the American population, and his comments were recorded by a lowly bartender during a fund-raiser.

That video, which went viral online and through mainstream media services of every stripe, essentially ended Romney’s campaign for the White House.

Click here for details

March 4, 2015

We are finding ourselves feeling nostalgic for the time when 100 page visits in a day was a huge deal.

Now that and more happens any day that ends with a “y”.

Thanks again to Darren Roskam for the great idea that has led to us reaching ten times as many people; who are now telling their friends; who are emailing their colleagues; who are posting links to our story on their Facebook that is followed and liked by their families and everybody they know.

All of whom are voters :)

March 4, 2015

Big Brother Is Back

Once again, this morning, we were visited repeatedly by the fine upstanding federal agents at the Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services; aka, Big Brother for the Harper Government. That Service is the online information gathering unit for various government services, which hunts out information on terrorists, threats to the country . . .

 . . . and anybody who dares speak out against any member of the Conservative Harper government.

The reason for their visit sits right in the middle of the screen grab we have provided, where you can see people are finding our story through Wikipedia which Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his cronies are now censoring (see articles below in this column).

So far Barrie MP Patrick Brown or his people have censored the truth at least five times.

This is certainly not the only link to us from that supposedly open sourced reference, but it is one of only a few that sneaked through today despite the all-consuming campaign by supporters of Barrie MP Patrick Brown who have pulled every possible trick to stop you from learning the truth.

We are not intimidated by repeat visits from government agencies nor by censorship undertaken by those who serve Barrie MP Patrick Brown, and we ask all readers to exercise their rights by telling others about this story via email and social media.

Make yourself heard while you can,
or accept that forever more you will always be ignored.

March 4, 2015

Goose-Stepping Censorship Continues - For Now

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms says that ALL Canadians have the right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press, but just try exercising it in our democracy under the Harper government. Since 9:00am this morning we have been censored no less than five times on the Wikipedia article (and see also below), and now we have been temporarily frozen out by complaints from a flood of unidentified hit and hide supporters of Barrie MP Patrick Brown who claim without substance that our posts, which did nothing but direct people to this article, are defamatory libel.

All you have to ask yourself is why is Barrie MP Patrick Brown spending so much time and effort trying to censor our ability to tell this story, when all he has to do is face our evidence on camera or in a court of law?

Fortunately our readers have heard our call and they are actively posting links on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, and they are emailing a link to this story to their friends, colleagues, and family members. Once again we are being flooded by direct traffic which is coming to us through targeted links and not via searches on Google or the other search engines.

We will not be silenced, and you as tax payers should not stand for being told what you are allowed to know by a government that is supposed to be answerable to us.

March 4, 2015

Censorship Is The First Step

The easiest and most effective means of fighting censorship, as we are now experiencing at Wikipedia (also see the update posted directly below), is to spread the word through means that cannot be controlled by those who want to silence the truth.

We are ALL guaranteed Freedom of Speech under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and NOBODY has the right to censor what you or we say; as long as you tell the truth, which we have done here.

We are not hiding, but Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his friends clearly are, and their answer to not wanting to face our evidence is to silence the story which is a direct attack on democracy.

Please, loyal readers, do your part now and post the details of this story on Facebook, promote it through Twitter, or email the link to your friends. You have a right to read this story if you want to, just like the German people had a right to read books until the Nazis started burning them all. Censorship is the first tool of any dictator or totalitarian government, and although we are not saying we are there, we hope, it is a slippery slope that must be addressed early, before it is too late.

Please spread the word of this story so we can all force Barrie MP Patrick Brown to stand up and discuss our allegations on camera or in a court of law, as he has run and hidden for far too long.

We don’t care if you are a supporter of Christine Elliott or Monte McNaughton, or if you are Liberal, NDP, or whatever party you might support. This story is about suppression of the truth as undertaken by corrupt politics and abuse of the authority of our criminal justice system.

None of us can afford to let it just fade into history.

March 4, 2015

Wikipedia Censored Again

It didn’t take long, as by 8:30 this morning our addition to the Wikipedia page about Barrie MP Patrick Brown had been once again censored. In the commentary the person who took it out, identified only as DMedd, noted “Removed prominently-displayed section of dubious slander written by an obvious crackpot” to which MattK noted about DMedd's new posts “The new paragraphs were blatantly pro-Brown and anti-Christine Elliott (this isn't even the Christine Elliott article)”.

Well, DMedd, who is the crackpot; the person with the evidence that your lord and master is afraid of, or your leader who is too intimidated by that evidence to stand up and refute what we are saying about him?

It is interesting how Conservatives like DMedd feel the need to throw slurs and to censor the truth as told by others. We did not delete any of his content nor make derogatory comments about him. We did not in any way interfere with his right to Freedom of Speech as is guaranteed to ALL Canadians under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Nonetheless, this right wing publisher of Patrick Brown propaganda evidently feels fully justified committing blatant censorship and slander.

That is hardly surprising as Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his buddies at Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, have felt no guilt while resorting to tactics like false arrest and imprisonment, slander, censorship, and even threatening our Producer with assault using baseball bats. Their goal has been singularly focused; to shut down this story by any means at their disposal. In fact, the only thing they haven't tried is to discuss their actions on camera, or in a court of law; either of which we openly welcome.

Our story has been online for more than three years and Barrie MP Patrick Brown has consistently run and hidden whenever he sees us coming with our evidence.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown also tried to abuse the authority of the Barrie Police Services to seize the video we recorded of him at a public event, and let’s not forget that we caught this man who would be king lying to school children and for no real reason. Meanwhile another respected citizen recorded Barrie MP Patrick Brown threatening to put him in jail for daring to ask questions about a City of Barrie electoral irregularity that his eminence did not want to answer.

It could not be more obvious who DMedd works for or why he removed our comments, as we can show that according to our traffic analysis tools he never even looked at the “crackpot’s” story.

We will continue to add that information to the publicly accessible and supposedly neutral Wikipedia, as we have already done this morning. Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his cronies might want this article to disappear, but clearly it is hurting his campaign, as is obvious from the effect it has had on the business owned by Mark Lang and Martin Convery, which had been the go-to business for video production service in Barrie for 15 years.

That title now belongs to the media company owned by the "crackpot"; a man who is garnering more public support every day and more readers to his story because he has shown he will not be intimidated or silenced by Patrick Brown or those who serve him.

March 4, 2015

Barrie MP Patrick Brown Censors Wikipedia

Yesterday, Tuesday, March 3, 2013, we added a paragraph to the Wikipedia page about Barrie MP Patrick Brown, as is our right under the Fundamental Freedoms of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press as protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Those rights also extend to the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, as it is in that country that Wikipedia is hosted.

Within hours of our submission Barrie MP Patrick Brown or one of his cronies had censored that entry by deleting all references to what we had added.

Click here for details

March 3, 2015

Thanks To Darren Roskam For Inspiring Our Record Numbers

As can be seen from the attached screen grab, captured at around 3:45 pm today, or about half way through our day, the high readership trend is continuing as we tap avenues to the public by seeding mainstream media reports about Barrie MP Patrick Brown with details of our story. Then, those with an interest pass on our story to their friends, colleagues, family, and any groups they belong to through social media, email, and plain old fashioned word of mouth.

We should have thought about this months ago, and we have Darren Roskam to thank for the idea that lead to our newfound national notoriety.

We can admit when we are wrong. For three years we counted on Google and the other search engines to spread our story to the people who have a right to know. Meanwhile, we should have been taking this story directly to them as we are doing now with phenomenal success.

Darren Roskam put us onto the idea when he made the mistake of sending vacuous drivel to members of the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce who had been nominated for business achievement awards.

Roskam failed to succeed with those members of the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce because he seems unable to communicate without oozing hatred, vitriol, and childish taunts onto whoever he tries to recruit to his side; the result of which caused those he contacted to support us. For example, in an affidavit written by Darren Roskam in support of his most recent frivolous lawsuit the two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and vexatious litigant included personal rants like “Exhibit L for loser” in reference to our Producer.

Roskam then went on to drone on with unsupported allegations of child abuse, brutality, elder abuse, and other groundless accusations that have no evidence of any kind to support them.

Such wild and unsupported allegations serve only as a means for this self-admitted rider of Welfare to vent his frustration that is caused by envy that is focused at the man he calls his “nemesis”; who has beaten Roskam repeatedly in court and has done better in every aspect of life than the poor, pathetic little wannabe will ever accomplish. Darren Roskam uses every trick in the book to try to impress others, claiming to be a publisher and a politician and some kind of legal expert, but in reality he has admitted that he is a disgrace even to his own family, and he confessed in court to "sponging off my family" (page 3, paragraph 4).

Nonetheless, we thank Darren Roskam for the idea of going directly to those with an interest in this story, which is working out very well for us as we do not rant, but effectively whet their appetites for more.

March 3, 2015

Poor Spelling Notwithstanding

Even horrid spelling offers no escape from scrutiny for Barrie MP Patrick Brown, as this morning one reader sought us out by typing “Patrik Brown hazerd county” into Google, and we still came up page one, numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9.

With spelling like that he must have gone to school during a time of Conservative cutbacks in public education ;-)

March 3, 2015

Exposed Libelist and Texan Investment Firm Check Out Hazzard County

We were visited yesterday, Monday, February 2, 2015, literally hundreds of times, as has occurred several times during the month of February. Given our newfound notoriety we cannot say we are surprised that our story was visited by both a libelist who tried and failed to break the ties between us and one of Canada’s largest media groups, and also various visitors from corporate America who seem to have a vested interest in whether Barrie MP Patrick Brown becomes one day Premier of Ontario. Those visitors, amongst a few hundred others, were drawn to this story like moths to a flame immediately after Barrie MP Patrick Brown announced his success in selling 40,000 memberships to the Ontario Progressive Conservatives.

That sale, which will likely to be revealed as questionable, certainly stirred the pot, but it is a long time until May, and our little video of Barrie MP Patrick Brown running and hiding from our evidence is soon to be released.

Click here for details

March 3, 2015

Majority Of Readers Want More Information

This morning, by 9:00am, two thirds of all visitors to the Hypocrisy in Hazzard County website also visited the website of our Producer’s commercial branding company. Those visitors specifically targeted our Producer’s credentials, the details of his charity work and the Community and Charity Message Board he built at his own expense to help benevolent organizations. Finally, they sought out specifics about the award that was presented last year by the Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce and the City of Barrie that was named after his business and presented by our Producer and the television program produced Rogers TV about his innovative enterprise.

That pattern shows serious interest in our story and a desire to understand if this story is true, and not just the empty accusations of the fictitious “conspiracy nut” that was manufactured by those we are exposing.

Our Producer has worked since 1988 in video production for news and documentaries, and he was the Deputy Editor of a national European newspaper that was owned by the Washington Times. Since then he has run three production companies and has produced documentaries about subjects ranging from Native land claims to the story of a 15 year old girl who swam Lake Ontario to raise money to support a five year old boy with Leukemia.

That is not the resume of a conspiracy nut or an extortionist, or any of the other fantasies concocted by Barrie MP Patrick Brown, Mark Lang, and Martin Convery, who will not stand up and tell their side.

We are hiding NOTHING about who we are or what we are doing, including our other business interests, our address, our phone number and all other contact information; however, sadly, it is now apparent that those serving Barrie MP Patrick Brown have sunk so low as to threaten financial sanctions against charities and benevolent organizations who dare to accept the selfless assistance offered by our Producer.

It isn’t taking much for people to figure out who is telling the truth and who is covering up the wrong that they did.

March 3, 2015

And Here They Come

Some might have used words like fluke and blip to describe our phenomenal rise in readership on Sunday, March 2, 2015, but then the very next day we did it again. We didn’t quite make the same numbers, but then on Monday people have to work and deal with school etc. We were less than 7% lower than Sunday, our busiest day ever.

Given that we now know how to seed the interest quite effectively through mainstream media comment pages we are sure to see this forming into a pattern rather than an anomaly.

The numbers this morning have started very strong, with as many people visiting this story by 7:00am today as we used to see all day. We expect that trend to maintain as we continue to work on the responsive design smart phone and tablet friendly version of this story that will allow commuters to read on their way to and from work. We had to put that project on the back burner for a while as our website design team was overwhelmed with a deadline driven commercial project. Be assured it is coming.

The funny part is that Barrie MP Patrick Brown is giving us the access as a result of his vaudeville stunts like drafting Wayne Gretzky and claiming questionable numbers regarding PC membership recruitment.

As can clearly be seen here, in this screen grab from our website traffic analysis tool, yesterday we came within a breath of matching Sunday’s previously unprecedented results, as those who came the first day spread the word on social media and on the comments pages of mainstream media like the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail.

We then nudged the process by posting our own comments on those widely read national papers and on Facebook.

We are also fairly confident in saying that although Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s stunts might fool the masses on a short-term basis, those opposing him, like those supporting Christine Elliott and Monte McNaughton, are now pointing the party faithful to Hazzard County so they can see for themselves who this man really is.

There are no friends in politics,
even when representing the same party.

The release of our video showing Barrie MP Patrick Brown running and hiding behind the pots and pans to avoid our evidence of his own wrongdoing will likely make it to air across Canada on both mainstream news and social media. The timing on that will be very important, and we welcome the input of anybody opposing Barrie MP Patrick Brown as to when they think is best.

After the release of that video by us, we will be happy to make the raw footage available to any media or political group that can use it to stop Brown's self-serving grab for personal power that he is undertaking while being paid to serve as our federal Member of Parliament in Barrie.

March 2, 2015

Mainstream Media Now Used To Promote Hazzard County

We predicted this would happen several months ago, due mostly to Barrie MP Patrick Brown’s campaign for leadership of the Ontario PCs and also the possibility of a federal election, and we are happy to see that the good people of our amazing democracy have not let us down. Yesterday, a Sunday, hundreds upon hundreds of new readers came to our story for the first time, all directed here by links on mainstream and social media as posted by free thinking citizens of this great democracy.

On February 18 we were swamped by hundreds coming from a single Facebook post, and then again on the 23rd due to a single comment made on the Toronto Star, and then again yesterday, which was our busiest day ever.

Click here for details

March 1, 2015

Post Script

Thanks to the feedback of a supporter and regular reader, we think we now have more to think about when considering the validity of the allegation that spawn our article entitled “Are Charities the Newest Victims Of Patrick Brown’s Censorship Campaign?”

Suddenly, and inexplicably, the ONLY charity that still seems eager to take advantage of our Community and Charity Message Board and utilize the offer of our Producer's promotional and media services is the one charity in Barrie that receives absolutely NO money from the federal government of Canada. As such, they cannot be corrupted by the influence of Barrie MP Patrick Brown or his cronies who serve him and the Harper government.

Is that not a just a little too obvious?

Click here for details

March 1, 2015

Are Charities the Newest Victims Of Patrick Brown’s Censorship Campaign?

Most people who have been following this story know that our Producer is a very strong and personally active advocate for helping charities of every kind. For those who don’t, you can see here that in addition to providing free media services to a wide range of philanthropic ventures and organizations, our Producer is also the only entrepreneur in the City of Barrie who has paid for the construction a custom charity sign that he donates the use of to all benevolent and not-for-profit community oriented groups. That sign, which can be seen daily by 20,000 drivers, pedestrians and users of public transportation, has been used during 2014 by at least twenty charities and benevolent groups to promote their fund-raisers and events, and to inspire public awareness and interest.

Sadly, according to one reliable source within that community, the word is out that if any charity or not-for-profit posts anything on that sign they will find themselves on the bottom of the list for federal support.

Click here for details

March 1, 2015

Midnight Spike

Our Producer was up late on Saturday night for an overseas video conference and was surprised to see that a flood of new visitors had hit this story since midnight, including double digit readership that was on the website at 2:30 am.

More than ninety percent of our traffic hits this story between noon and nine in the evening, Eastern Standard Time, so this was very unusual to say the least.

A quick look at our visitor analysis log showed that the visitors were coming in from all areas of Ontario, hitting mostly pages about Barrie MP Patrick Brown and the Barrie Police Services. Evidently somebody was stirring the pot in a major way, sending out links to a large group of people, as only about five percent of visitors were coming to us through search engines.

Somebody out there is emailing links directly to interested parties, who are passing on the news to friends and colleagues.

This many hits within such a short time in the middle of the night is any indication of new or renewed interest in this story and perhaps the introduction of a new ally.

If this is an indication of what is to come then all we can say is keep it coming.

February 28, 2015

Is Roskam Now Fawning Over A Male Police Officer?

We have to admit that we did consider the perverted angle when publishing yesterday’s article, Roskam Cyber-Creeps Cop, about how Barrie’s most famous defamatory libelist sent to our Producer several images of a young male constable of the Barrie Police Services as some vain twisted means of “intimidation”; however, a comment by a reader made us think.

Could Darren Roskam now be jumping once again in his well-established pattern of obsessive infatuation over straight men he can never have?

Click here for details

February 27, 2015

Roskam Cyber-Creeps Cop

Just when we think Darren Roskam can’t do anything weirder, creepier, or more unintelligent, he surprises even us. This morning our Producer woke up to find amongst his morning business emails a weird little note from Darren Roskam that contained a whole lot of pictures that would establish to any real law enforcement officer that the two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and vexatious litigant is now cyber stalking a police officer of the Barrie Police Services.

<Click here for our evidence>

Can anybody explain to us why this clearly dangerous and mentally ill social parasite is still walking the streets of our city, and why it is that Chief Kimberley Greenwood will not detain him for psych tests?

Click here for details

February 26, 2015

Darren’s Drivel Denotes Desperation

Darren Roskam, the two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and court branded vexatious litigant who serves as the only spokesman for Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his friends at Digital Video Productions and Snow Goer Magazine, is not the most reality-rooted individual, but his most recent abbreviated email, dated February 25, 2015, spoke volumes.

It was the cry of a little man who thought he was finally on the winning team, who would “utterly destroy” his “nemesis” but who has become the primary reason why those he serves have all crashed and burned.

Click here for details

February 26, 2015

A Few Stats About Our YouTube Videos

Several of these videos were updated, replacing the original version. These numbers only refer to the modified re-edit. It is also common knowledge that the YouTube counter misses a lot of hits, so these number should be used only as a reference to relative popularity as opposed to an indication of the actual number of viewers.

Another federal election is coming, and we are ready!

February 25, 2015

Google Meets Big Brother As Federal Agents Revisit Hazzard County

Well, it appears that the Harper government has nothing better to do with our tax dollars than repeatedly send federal agents to our website through the offices of the Government Telecommunications and Informatics Services. Yesterday we noticed their muddy footprints on our doorstep, once again, but this time they came via the link to our story in a comment about the Toronto Star article about Patrick Brown recruiting Wayne Gretzky.

We have nothing to hide!

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February 24, 2015

Somebody is Researching Mark Lang

Tonight somebody from Iroquois Falls, Ontario came to Hazzard County repeatedly looking for the truth about Mark Lang, the newly re-invented light bulb salesman who is now too embarrassed to identify himself as President / Producer at Digital Video Productions and Publisher of Snow Goer Magazine.

They visited several pages, including the one in which we detailed how Mark Lang intended to "resolve" the issue of his broken word by letting his adult sons beat our Producer with baseball bats.

Details of Mark Lang's disturbing violent plot are here.

We sincerely hope that this visitor was intent on finding the truth about this now exposed friend of Barrie MP Patrick Brown, who knowingly abused the authority of our criminal justice system and that of the Barrie Police Services in order to evade paying a paltry sum to our Producer for breaking his word.

Seriously, who would enter into any contract with somebody who would sink so low as to use such heinous violence just to avoid having to honour their own word?

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February 24, 2015

Patrick Brown Page Updated

The busiest page on this website, by far, is the one dedicated to Barrie MP Patrick Brown; so, today we started the update process. More will come soon.

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February 24, 2015

Patrick Brown Campaign is Dying as the Truth is Spread

During this past week we have seen two of the highest days for readership ever, and it is clear that the trend will likely continue and grow as more people who are interested in the Ontario PC leadership race learn of our story and share the truth about Barrie MP Patrick Brown through Facebook and other social media.

Our most recent spike, which represents our highest readership numbers EVER, came yesterday from a comment posted by a single person regarding an article in the Toronto Star.

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February 14, 2014

There Is Just Way Too Much American Interest

One of the trends we have noticed here recently is the number of American visitors coming to Hazzard County. At first we thought they had found us by mistake, such as somebody looking for details about the old TV show or somebody with a similar name, but that is simply not the case. Our new visitors, from all parts of our neighbour to the south, are perusing pages of every kind, and they are staying here for long periods of time. Perhaps more importantly, they are forwarding copied links to the newest pages to other Americans who are coming in directly from both hidden and public corporate connections, and not via Google or the other search engines.

Many of our new US readers are representatives of large American corporations who would benefit from doing business in Ontario on their own terms with Barrie MP Patrick Brown as the Premier.

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February 13, 2015

Non-Deniability Breeds Credibility with Majority

The truth is self-supporting and it does not need deception or evasion to bolster its validity. People in our high tech and media saturated society are fully able to tell when somebody is lying and somebody else is telling the truth. From an early age we learn that the guilty run and hide while the strong and honest stand their ground and fight for what they believe in. That simple philosophy of human nature has been ingrained into us all by books, movies, action hero cartoons, and every other media you can imagine since the day we were born. However, for some reason Barrie MP Patrick Brown and his cronies appear think this is an Orwellian novel, where the government can tell us black is white, and everything you see here is an illusion; just because they don't want you thinking about the truth.

Barrie MP Patrick Brown chooses to treat his constituents like idiots while we honour them as intelligent, which is why our readership is ever-increasing, and he is bringing up the rear in the Ontario PC leadership race.

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February 5, 2015

Was B101 Bought or Bullied?

Legal counsel at Corus Entertainment were informed yesterday that at least one ‘Director’ at B101 has apparently been coerced by propaganda and/or libel against our Producer, and that we had every intention of letting their listeners know just how easily this trusted bastion of ‘legitimate’ journalism is swayed to the whims of advertisers who support Barrie MP Patrick Brown and the Harper government.

We are also considering a complaint to the CRTC, as not only were their actions hypocritical, they were economically motivated for political purposes, and media in Canada are supposed to be politically neutral.

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January 27, 2015

Parliament Drops By Once Again

An unidentified visitor dropped into Hazzard County this morning from the Houses of Parliament in Ottawa. We can only assume the visitor was from an opposition party as the Conservatives are clearly being instructed not to visit this story unless they do so through a proxy server. That is why we suddenly started becoming popular in Brazil, Italy, and a bunch of countries we had to look up, because for such small populations that clearly had their own problems our story about small town Canada sure was drawing a lot of interest.

Proxy servers, like those used by visiting Conservatives, are computers set up by dubious individuals who want to make it possible for criminals and online perverts to surf the web with impunity.

There is little doubt now that those who we are exposing are getting the message that with time and consistency people will come to know the truth. This is best presented by the recent change of status by Mark Lang, who no longer identifies himself as President / Producer at Digital Video Productions and Publisher of Snow Goer Magazine, but has been forced to lower his status to that of light bulb salesman for a new aspiring business that he apparently hoped to open under the radar.

Sorry Mark, but you did wrong, and you have shown NO remorse for your actions, so we are going to ensure that anybody who is thinking about doing business with you knows who you really are.

We know that our determination to tell this story of abuse of authority has become a very real bone of contention for Barrie MP Patrick Brown, who according to recent polls is taking up the rear in the race for leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives. If Barrie MP Patrick Brown had done his job, instead of doing unethical favours for his political allies and then hiding from his actions, perhaps his political career would not be now such a source of interest and entertainment for those opposing him and he would not now be such a source of embarrassment to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

It is our intent to maintain and continue in the reporting of this story, either alone or with the help of a larger media company; stopping only after Darren Roskam is in jail and Barrie MP Patrick Brown is no longer paid to serve the public in ANY capacity.

January 27, 2015

Darren Roskam Now Whimpering For Mercy

On the weekend we received yet another lame email from Darren Roskam, the unofficial but only spokesman for Barrie MP Patrick Brown. However, his latest correspondence was completely devoid of the Welfare rider’s usual diatribe of senseless drivel and self-indulgent rhetoric. There were none of the usual oh-so-boring self-promoting rants and prognostications of our Producer’s pending peril. There was also no threats of lawsuits or demands of action. There was only one weak-ass line of text, begging very meekly “take down the libel”; which is a request that cannot be filled as two courts have agreed that none of those who we are exposing through our documentary have been able to show that any libel exists in this story. It is in fact Barrie MP Patrick Brown's strongest supporter and loudest advocate who bears the title of being a two times court labelled libelist (ruling 1) (ruling 2) and vexatious litigant.

Darren Roskam's latest email was not only subdued but downright submissive;
as if sent like a white flag posted in utter defeat.

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January 23, 2015

Mark Lang's Ultimate Disgrace

On Tuesday, January 20, 2015 our story was hit once again by the federal government of Canada, which is now becoming a common event as those in power have tried every agency possible as a means of trying to coerce us to stop reporting on the wrongdoings and ongoing cowardice of Barrie MP Patrick Brown; which are reflecting badly on Prime Minister Shephen Harper and the Conservative Party.

What got our attention was the identity tag on the agency which lead to our learning of Mark Lang's ultimate disgrace.

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January 21, 2015

Our Readers Say "Welcome Back"!!

We just proved the old adage that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” as our brief withdrawal and then return to reporting on this story caused a dramatic return of established readers who we had not seen for many weeks or months and an influx of new; making yesterday, Tuesday, January 20, 2015, the busiest day on this story in about a year.

We were getting to be like what the CN Tower is to Toronto residents, who have never gone up because it will always be there and they can see it later.

We have to admit we were getting tired of standing alone in the darkness with what felt like nothing more than a candle, but the recent interest expressed in this story by mainstream media and the sudden backlash to our announcement of passing the baton really got our motors running again.

Evidently you, our readers, want us to continue as we have in the past, but sadly for Barrie MP Patrick Brown, Mark Lang, Martin Convery, and Darren Roskam, those days are done.

We are still taking the lead in reporting this story, as we have consistently from the beginning, but we are going to work with those who expressed interest in this story, and we will be sending out Press Releases regarding any significant event to every major news service in Canada, and every large or small news outlet we can find in Ontario. We will also be working in collaboration with political groups, activists, and anybody and everybody else who might have a desire to spread the truth of this story.

It is no coincidence that our most frequent visitors come from the constituency bases of those who are competing with Barrie MP Patrick Brown for leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives.

We will also be posting here every week the email we send to Barrie MP Patrick Brown asking him for an interview on camera so he can face our evidence against him. We have already asked him four times in writing to speak with us on camera and to denounce our allegations against him, but he has refused to acknowledge our correspondence. He also ran away and hid in the kitchen when we confronted him with our evidence at a public event. We will also be carbon copying all of those emails to Prime Minister Shephen Harper, and to a selection of his political opponents, both federal and provincial, and to local, Toronto, and national media.

Let’s see how long Barrie MP Patrick Brown can ignore us with that many eyes on him.

January 20, 2015

Propaganda Weak and Pathetic

We don’t believe in coincidence, and with good reason. Yesterday morning, on the same day that we announced that we were returning to reporting on this story, we received a call from a Barrie radio station with whom our Producer had co-sponsored the Barrie’s Best Band Showdown charity fundraising event. The reason for the call was to question the authenticity of an unsupported allegation made in an email in which the complainant alleged without providing any collaboration that our Producer had reneged on the prizes awarded to three local bands.

The email was reported to have been sent to them by a man who had been emailing our Producer during the past week, goading him not to forward the story to a larger media group for national distribution.

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January 19, 2015

Well, if nothing else the suggestion of passing on this story to others (see article below) got a reaction, and it was considerable! As a result we have decided to continue telling this story from the front lines, as we have for three years, but we will be doing so now through a collaborative effort with other interested parties who want to spread the word about Barrie MP Patrick Brown and those few friends who he truly serves.

The biggest concern was that we had sold out to those we are reporting about, which has not and never would happen.

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January 5, 2015

Hazzard Real Estate Hits The Market?

We would like to thank all of our new and returning readers for their continued interest in this story. Your loyalty and enthusiastic desire to spread the truth of this transparent abuse of authority by local government officials and their minions within the Barrie Police Services has attracted the attention of mainstream media, politicians of every ilk, activist groups, and more of the general public . . .

. . . so much so that we are now considering a possible offer to buy us out.

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